Digital Time Code

A powerful CPU Arm9 this video server generates a high quality image and transmits it over the network in real time with a resolution of 720×576 pixels and at 25 k / s, which conforms to Full D1 PAL. Depending on the bandwidth parameters of video from STS-IPT160 may vary, and the setting can be done automatically or manually. STS-IPT160 can connect simultaneously to the LAN and WAN networks over a two-port Ethernet 10/100Base-T. To send video computer operator at the monitoring system is recommended to use a network LAN, which has a large bandwidth. For remote viewing of video server remote users should be use the network WAN. At the same server protocol support PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) provides a minimal delay, high speed data transfer and allows you to connect the video server to the network via a cable modem or ADSL-line. For connecting to equipment monitoring system that a single-channel video server has a composite video camera surveillance and a video output, through which STS-IPT can connect to the DVR or monitor. In If you use the dome telemetry signals are transmitted through RS-485 ports, RS-422 or RS-232, and two RJ45 connector server is connected to the network LAN / WAN.

STS-IPT160 quick to respond to alarm events, and uses several mechanisms reactions to them. Upon receiving an alert from one of the security sensors or integrated motion detector video server can send pre-and posttrevozhnye frames specified in the FTP-server, and also include external actuators (the external source of lighting, siren, etc.) through its TTL alarm outputs. For the real-time video server supports network mechanism QoS (Quality of Service), which adapts the video stream from the STS-IPT160 under bandwidth depending on the configuration settings of video. High-speed video transmission over the network video server supports by using the mechanism streaming SoC with features 802.1pQ, which allows you to transmit video packets faster packet TCP / UDP. Guarantee the authenticity of recorded video to export to video "Watermarks." For the video server uses the Digital Time Code, which leaves all frames of watermarks, which can determine the exact date and time when the frame was received. The package includes STS-IPT160 free software IP Control Center or NVR 2.0 to create surveillance systems to 16/32 channel.

This software supports simultaneous viewing from the server to "live" video on all channels with simultaneous audio soundtrack as well as recording and playback of audio and video in MPEG-4. New video series servers STS-IPT160 have already arrived in the Russian market and their retail price, recommended by the manufacturer, is 495 USD, including VAT. For more information on the new video server, as well as 2 – and 4-channel server Smartec contact by email or by phone (495) 787-3342 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems", which is the exclusive distributor of equipment Smartec in Russia and CIS countries, or in regional offices, "Armo" and dealers of Smartec. Under Smartec brand name a full line of equipment to create classic and IP-based surveillance of any shape and complexity. The product line includes analog cameras (black and white, color and "day-night), IP-cameras, varifocal lenses dome cameras, DVRs, LCD-monitors, video servers, camera housings, brackets and video transmission device via fiber optic lines.

Mortgage Agent

As oborotosposobnosti a security bond is passed through the execution of another transfer labels (only the follow- state registration of the transfer). Mortgage makes the transfer of rights in pending legal relationships. Its convenience is also in the fact that she may be pledged. Nevertheless, the market mortgages in Russia did not formed. Of particular interest to the participants of the stock market cause other instruments – mortgage bonds and mortgage participation certificates. Mortgage-backed bonds are one of the reliable tool attachments funds because they give their holders the right to obtain satisfaction from the value of mortgage collateral prior to other creditors – depositors, holders of promissory notes, savings and certificates of deposit.

Mortgage-backed bonds provide a fixed income, which the owner of the securities will receive no less than once a year. Execution by the Issuer of its obligations to repay the bonds and interest payments secured by a pledge of mortgage collateral. Issue mortgage-backed bonds are only lending institutions and mortgage agents. Mortgage Agent – a new participant in the securities market, which builds its exclusively on the acquisition of claims on loans secured by mortgages or mortgages that may be received by him under the contract of sale, exchange, assignment, a transaction on the alienation of the property, including those related to payment of the share capital mortgage agent of the property, and as a result of universal succession. Bank refinancing through the mechanism of issuance of mortgage bonds under bail bonds is as follows: commercial bank concludes with the legal and (or) physical persons credit agreements secured by real estate with registration of the mortgage, the mortgage agency produce a foreclosure from the bank by issuing bonds that are placed on the stock market, funds received from placing bonds on the stock market, returned to the lender, the state guarantees payments on the bonds.