Dutch Painting

One of the activities of our company is a decorative painting of walls and ceilings. Artists of our firm raspishut elements of the interior of your apartment, country house, public space, bring your ideas or offer their own stories. The theme of artistic murals can be a variety of visual images, from realistic images to classic paintings of Italian or Dutch stories, photos or collage of pictures. In the painting of walls and ceilings are a great success and decorative ornaments, paintings, framing the volume elements of the classical architecture. Murals can be applied to an already finished room because the process does not produce dust and dirt.

The mural is resistant to moisture and light. The image can be applied to practically all types of wall surfaces and have any dimensions. In the wall murals can be used not only traditional oil and tempera paints, but also modern acrylic and other compounds with the addition of mother of pearl, Fluorescent. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Greenberg Traurig. For classical murals widely used technique of "aging of" surfaces and equipment wall paintings "obmanok" – clever imitations of realistic images. Murals can not only decorate the space, but also design it visually change the shape and size. Want to hide the protrusion, push the window, raise the ceiling to extend the room? All this can be done without resorting to redevelop, just a brush and paints.

The talent and professionalism of the master will make disappear the wall, and in its place a window overlooking the the sea surface, alpine meadows, streets of Paris or the mountains. Ceiling heights in vzmetnetsya azure sky, and a bulky protrusion will air figured whatnot. Only the skill of the artist will make a picturesque image as realistic as possible. Therefore, when choosing a performer in this technique is especially important to pay attention to the experience and realized the studio. Painted walls should be perfectly inscribed in the interior of the premises, and exterior painting should be done taking into account the architecture of the building. A grave error that painting the walls and ceilings applied only to a classic design, dispelled many successful works in other styles. Modern high-tech, strict minimalism, art-deco styled, colorful eclectic organic accommodate artistic painting the walls. Our designers can offer various options for color, plot and process original solutions for your project. The combination of artistic painting walls and ceilings with other elements of decor – decorative plaster, stucco, decorative panels, exclusive furniture – would help create harmonious with stylish design. Our creative team are masters of various disciplines. We can organize the entire process from design to project all the design works. Art education, experience work and talent of our designers, artists, decorators confirmed by dozens of successful operations. Any kind of work we are beginning an acquaintance with the interior, we find out its purpose, features, customer requirements, planning premises. Then, the designer offers ideas and creates thumbnails. Following the approval of the selected thumbnail, begins execution of cardboard is on the wall where customers can see a picture of the future composition of wall paintings. After approval cardboard pattern is transferred to the wall and begin to master the execution of the paintings in color. Paintings by a qualified master. An important role in getting the desired result is correct preparation wall surfaces and the use of high-quality, proven materials. In our work we use only safe and durable materials, having all the necessary certificates. Fiction wall-paintings, executed with talent and skill, will give any room a unique harmony and mood.


If not yet you have plans for your free days in this winter, in this article we propose different tracks to you from ski in the Pyrenees. In Spain has many and well-known tracks of ski, like track of ski of the Pyrenees Aragonese, Jaca, where you will be able to enjoy so much the ski as of the great Cultural Patrimony composes that it, like the City council of Jaca, where you will be able to visit its great cover of plateresco style. Rent apartments in Jaca, also you will enjoy its spectacular churches, the points of contact of the pilgrims that year after year realise the Way of Santiago, the San Miguel Bridge pertaining to century XV, its majestic considered Cathedral one of monuments of more important Romanesque style of the art in Spain, etc. The two great tracks of ski of Jaca are Astn and Candanch, with a distance of 33km one of the other. Astn is in a location privileged in a cross-sectional valley the Pyrenean axis, reason why it is protected of the wind currents. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Savignan has to say. Also it has slopes covers with natural grass, which increases the security of snow from the start of season. Their tracks are: 5 green, 16 blue, 23 red and 10 blacks.

On the other hand, Candanch is located in the birth of the Aragon river and next to the Port of the Somport, border with France. One is the older ski resort of Spain. It has 10 tracks verdas, 12 blue, 19 red ones, 12 blacks and 5 of basic ski. But what you look for is to ski outside Spain, we very far propose a very good alternative to you for not irte, and is Andorra that has 2 great known tracks of ski like Vallnord and Grandvalira. Thanks to rent in Andorra you will be able to enjoy these precious tracks of ski. Vallnord is a station mainly of alpine ski, is the result of the fusion of the old ski resorts of Pale Mountain Park and Ordino-Arcals. It has 7 tracks black, 27 red, 22 blue, 10 green and 6 tracks of slalom.

The sectors of Pale do not have direct connection with the sector of Ordino by circuit of ski nor by telecabina or cableway, whereas both first they are united via cableway. The option of rent in Andorra it also enjoys Grandvalira, a ski resort mainly of alpine ski also, and is greatest of Andorra. It has access from 6 different cities: Encamp, Canillo, the Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Roig and Pas of the House. It has 19 blue green tracks 39, 30 red and 24 blacks. In addition, it owns 4 snowpark, 3 zones adapted to the Freestyle and a track of basic ski. As you observe, it is not necessary to go very far to enjoy the snow, the Pyrenees offer everything to you what you look for at the time of practicing these sports and activities related to the snow.


Ever happened that you’re with a really beautiful woman and you want to tell her that she is beautiful but you don’t want to sound trite as all others who have told him the same thing, i.e. really want to do a before and an after that phrase; But even though you efforts don’t you think something that can fulfill that role. Well I present some phrases that have worked and mad women again or will at least make them laugh and you can use them to start something, after capturing the idea you can devise your own sentences. Do I not conquered, I do that they are held before me Casanova only need to have courage, strength without self confidence is useless Casanova I was gay before conocerte anonymous are occupied today at 3 in the morning? Hey anonymous! Do something you forget! and when she ask what? respond you: me! My name is Bond. James Bond! I am new to the city. Could you give me some addresses as your apartment? Don’t move, so I can link you! Wow! You have to put something else later, but simple it can be fun to throw.

Well I will be honest, none of these phrases to conquer will really work, they work only if then clearly shows that you were joking & you use your confidence in yourself to start a real conversation, or if you manage to start something different. For example, after saying a of these phrases mean something as: handsome than all the men who have Treaty of flirt you tonight have said something and thereafter give him something no one else has given you. What works when you are going to talk about are these basic points: originality: to always hear the same tired them and bores them, you’ll only be one more if you use the same. Freshness: don’t miss the freshness of your words always using the same phrases even if they are your own and original, if you always use the same phrases will be noticed in your tone of voice. Confidence in what you’re saying: If you don’t trust what you’re saying she It will not do so, and from the beginning already not you can advance much. Analyze it to know what to tell you: example of how not to do it: cute shoes and she responds: are sandals!.

Just pay attention to how you saw, how it moves, what sight and pays attention to her body language. Keep a fun tone even when you’re seriously: you’re basically a gallant and a ligator, trusts that, post your jokes or your ideas for making her laugh but that leaves you natural, why you’re serious or at least does not expose a stupid smile to every thing you say. If you know how to apply these points you can say whatever you want and it will work better than any of the other phrases to conquer corny that I presented before. If you want to read more about this topic, visit my blog with posts varied on how to seduce women: click here original author and source of the article.

Looking For Hotel In Mendoza

The province of Mendoza has a network of hotel infrastructure in constant growth and expansion. A network that includes all styles and profiles of travelers needs. As good land of diversity, with sights to the length and breadth of its entire territory, Mendoza offers the visitor, through their accommodation, the necessary comfort for an unforgettable stay. Without a doubt, there is a hotel in Mendoza to please the wishes and needs of every visitor. San Rafael, for example, offers traditional, such as departments or central hotels accommodations, and others in tune with its spectacular natural scenery.

Thus, those who wish to spend your stay next to the dam of El Nihuil dam or Lake Valle Grande, with its varied offer of sport activities and tourism adventure, can opt to campsites, cabins or aparts. Malargue proudly wears its Crown Jewel: the valle de Las Lenas. One of the most important ski centers in the country, famous for the variety and quality of its tracks, the valle de Las Lenas attracts to athletes and fans from all over the world. Your hotel offer, in keeping with the importance of the place, love for quality, originality and luxury. Already traditional place, its hotels with names of signs of the Zodiac has deservedly what what each hotel in Mendoza sucks: satisfied visitors who return again and again. But accommodation in Las Lenas options are not exhausted at the traditional hotel in Mendoza City. This incredible province always holds a surprise. In this case, in the form of the imposing Villa Capricorn, apartment complex Canadian style located in the heart of the Valley.

With direct access to all tracks, Villa Capricorn invites to live a unique experience of luxury and comfort, that combines the privacy of an apartment with the services of best hotel category. Mendoza Capital has a selection of so broad that it is possible to find there from economic hostels to luxury hotels five star hotels. Find hotel in Mendoza Capital ideally is inclined to those located in residential neighborhoods, but few minutes from downtown, as it is the case with Executive Hotel Park Suites. This luxurious four stars, located so close to the bustling activity of the Centre as the rugged beauty of parque San Martin, ranks every day as one of the main references in Mendoza City luxury accommodation. Original author and source of the article.

Digital Time Code

A powerful CPU Arm9 this video server generates a high quality image and transmits it over the network in real time with a resolution of 720×576 pixels and at 25 k / s, which conforms to Full D1 PAL. Depending on the bandwidth parameters of video from STS-IPT160 may vary, and the setting can be done automatically or manually. STS-IPT160 can connect simultaneously to the LAN and WAN networks over a two-port Ethernet 10/100Base-T. To send video computer operator at the monitoring system is recommended to use a network LAN, which has a large bandwidth. For remote viewing of video server remote users should be use the network WAN. At the same server protocol support PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) provides a minimal delay, high speed data transfer and allows you to connect the video server to the network via a cable modem or ADSL-line. For connecting to equipment monitoring system that a single-channel video server has a composite video camera surveillance and a video output, through which STS-IPT can connect to the DVR or monitor. In If you use the dome telemetry signals are transmitted through RS-485 ports, RS-422 or RS-232, and two RJ45 connector server is connected to the network LAN / WAN.

STS-IPT160 quick to respond to alarm events, and uses several mechanisms reactions to them. Upon receiving an alert from one of the security sensors or integrated motion detector video server can send pre-and posttrevozhnye frames specified in the FTP-server, and also include external actuators (the external source of lighting, siren, etc.) through its TTL alarm outputs. For the real-time video server supports network mechanism QoS (Quality of Service), which adapts the video stream from the STS-IPT160 under bandwidth depending on the configuration settings of video. High-speed video transmission over the network video server supports by using the mechanism streaming SoC with features 802.1pQ, which allows you to transmit video packets faster packet TCP / UDP. Guarantee the authenticity of recorded video to export to video "Watermarks." For the video server uses the Digital Time Code, which leaves all frames of watermarks, which can determine the exact date and time when the frame was received. The package includes STS-IPT160 free software IP Control Center or NVR 2.0 to create surveillance systems to 16/32 channel.

This software supports simultaneous viewing from the server to "live" video on all channels with simultaneous audio soundtrack as well as recording and playback of audio and video in MPEG-4. New video series servers STS-IPT160 have already arrived in the Russian market and their retail price, recommended by the manufacturer, is 495 USD, including VAT. For more information on the new video server, as well as 2 – and 4-channel server Smartec contact by email or by phone (495) 787-3342 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems", which is the exclusive distributor of equipment Smartec in Russia and CIS countries, or in regional offices, "Armo" and dealers of Smartec. Under Smartec brand name a full line of equipment to create classic and IP-based surveillance of any shape and complexity. The product line includes analog cameras (black and white, color and "day-night), IP-cameras, varifocal lenses dome cameras, DVRs, LCD-monitors, video servers, camera housings, brackets and video transmission device via fiber optic lines.

Monica Herranz Insulating

Insulating mineral wool increase sales and break the trend of the sector according to data of AFELMA (Association of Spanish manufacturers of mineral wool insulation) in 2010 turnover of insulating mineral wool (rock wool and glass wool) stood at 143 million euros, which represents an increase of 1.15% over the previous year. AFELMA estimated the volume sold of mineral wool insulation is approaching the 2.11 million cubic meters. The bases of this slight improvement found in thermal insulation, improving the sound quality and the need for protection against fire, highly valued, especially by the industry and services. In short, the versatility of the insulating mineral wool (the fulfillment of all the construction requirements with the same insulating product) is a highly valued quality, as in the rest of Europe, because that increases the profitability and satisfaction of professionals and users. The slight increase in turnover can mean, for the first time since 2007 (last year in the) that recorded growths in the residential construction sector and the market of insulating) a change of trend that should be confirmed in the coming years. In any case, the versatility of mineral wool plays a decisive role in the increase of turnover of the same, especially if we consider that in 2010 the number of completed housing experienced a fall close to 35% and the reform of buildings decreased by 14% and that the market of insulating materials as a whole fell nearly 10 %, according to various sources. AFELMA forecasts for 2011 point to a market in which new residential construction will continue in descent, conditioning, therefore recovery; in fact the housing starts in 2010 fell around 20 percent on the previous year. The revision of the DB HE1 (thermal section of the technical building code) which must be concluded this year, should be used to increase energy savings in the buildings that are constructed and is rehabilitated.

For this purpose, it is necessary to incorporate standards that we approximate proportionally to the countries of our environment (a properly insulated home consumes 50% less), which have much lower than Spain percentages of energy dependence. This is more necessary even in a few moments in which can be seen clearly that the most optimistic calculations about the oil price on which was based the previous HE1 DB (64$) have been clearly outdated. AFELMA studies for the revision of the DB HE1 placed on price of a barrel of oil around $105. The other key to the improvement of the sector is the design of a powerful plan of rehabilitation of buildings that includes low interest loans to subsidize the improvement of energy efficiency. For more information: Monica Herranz.

Sochi Ticket

I love the airplane. Two hours – and you are near the sea. Trains, even speed, reaching 26 hours, tedious leisure. And the tickets are in high season is not easy to get. And they cost just three hundred rubles cheaper than plane tickets. The trains hot. Here, Greenberg Traurig expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Air conditioners in the branded trains, of course. But in my latest trip to the car was packed with kids whose mother so worried about their health that they asked the conductor does not include air-conditioners. John Savignano can provide more clarity in the matter.

We were in a compartment four adults and we were exhausted. Compartment door had to be kept closed: open your – rush cute baby to play hide and seek or war. If such a war does not frighten you and you decide to go by train, try to do not go that Sochi for the day. Train ticket Moscow – Adler “in the coupe is worth approximately 1.500 rubles. At the stations the train brings cheap fruit and cakes. Lovers of exotic (or savings) can ride the bus: 32 hours in transit, in stuffiness, on Russian roads. A little more than a thousand rubles for a ticket.

And I repeat, I still prefer the aircraft. View of the sea from a height every time makes me excited. I would just for the spectacle was flying. Planes are now filled by two thirds. I’m in my row was one, dined sumptuously on two tables at once. Accommodation All my flown torn to pieces and taxi drivers predlagateli housing.

Powder Fire Extinguishers

To put out small fires gases, flammable liquids, electrical equipment with voltage up to 1kV, metals and alloys typically used powder fire extinguishers. Powder extinguishers are not designed to quenching substances which burn without oxygen may (for example alkali and alkaline earth metals). The effect of extinguishing powder is based on the isolation of the source of combustion and preventing access of oxygen to the fire, as well as Inhibition of combustion (ie slowing him). In fact, the same principle as a carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. See Nobel Laureate in Economics for more details and insights. The main difference is that the powder does not carry electric current, and hence such extinguishers You can extinguish electrical (as opposed to carbon dioxide).

The principle of operation is based on the extinguisher powder fire extinguishing powder (with open valve closure) with compressed gas in cylinder. Greenberg Traurig can provide more clarity in the matter. By way of displacement charge fire extinguishers can be divided into zakachnye and gas-generating. In zakachnyh extinguishers displacement charge proshodit by working gas in the tank under pressure. In gas-generating extinguishers vytesenenie charge is due to chemical reaction and separation of working gas from gas-generating element. The working gas is typically used dioxide carbon (CO2). Fire extinguishers can be operated with different types of powder. Depending on the type of powder fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish a particular class of fire. As a rule, the following types of powder: IF A, B, C, E DPM-3 B, C, E PCCs B, C, D, E Pirant A, B, C, E * Currently, there are a lot of powder.

Figure. The design of a powder extinguisher. 1 – Gun 2 – lever, 3 – arm, 4 – Seal 5 – siphon tube, 6 – container, 7 – needle, 8 – housing, 9 – check. In our country, powder fire extinguishers are a series of OP (manual and portable fire extinguishers), as well as various options extinguisher, automatic powder fire extinguishers (powder fire ins.) Operation dry powder fire extinguishers with dry powder to be applied the following measures: 1) Check the pressure of working gas – at least 1 time per year, and 2) Check the status of fire extinguishing powder – at least 1 time in 5 years, 3) Re-examination of a fire extinguisher – at least 1 time in 5 years. History of dry powder fire extinguishers first hand domestic powder fire extinguishers were made in the early 30s. They were not widespread because of low efficiency. The quality of the powder was very low. Fire extinguishers, actuated by the method of shaking. In the late 60s produced a fire extinguisher OP-1 ‘satellite’.

National Art Gallery

You have already decided that spend their summer holidays at sea in the Crimea, but have not decided exactly where the peninsula you will relax!? I invite you to visit a wonderful place for summer holiday township Seaside. urban settlement Seaside is a member of Feodosia and is located 14 km from the city to the northeast on the Black Sea coast. Currently, settlement Primorsky lonely, but I have earned the resort. Duration of sunshine in the summer of 1865 about hours, hot and dry climate. The bathing season runs from May 25 to October 10. Housing prices in Seaside lower than in Feodosiya, Lviv, Kharkov, Ordzhonikidze, etal. At the Seaside sandy beaches (Seaside – perhaps the only place in the Crimea with beaches).

But there is also a pebble beaches (the central promenade). The village has a pier where boats are suitable. You can spend 5 hours in an unforgettable Boat trips on the boat to the extinct volcano Kara-Dag from landing in the resort village Koktebel, or just ride on the Feodosiya Gulf. For those wishing to see the sights and monuments Crimea arranged special bus tours. By shuttle bus from the town of Seaside to go to Feodosia approximately 25-30 minutes As you know, Feodosiya has a huge resort and tourist-excursion capability. In the city and its surroundings are focused most interesting natural, historical, architectural and cultural monuments of different epochs's best-known example: a fountain 'Good Genius', The Church of Saint Sergius (Sarkis Surb) monument to Ivan Aivazovsky, National Art Gallery.

Aivazovsky, Ivan Aivazovsky's grave, the Fountain of Ivan Aivazovsky, Konstantin Tower, the Tower of Christ (The Tower of Crisco), Dock Tower, Genoese fortress, the Tower of Clement VI (Pope), Vvedenskaya Church, Mosque Mufti-Jami, temple Panteleimon Church, the Tower of Giovanni di Skaffa (Round), the Tower of St. Thomas, the church of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, Church of the Icon of Kazan Mother of God, Theodosia museum, a literary memorial museum of Alexander Green, the Church of St. Catherine, Feodosia Museum of Money, Giving 'Milos' Villas 'Villa' Villa Stamboli, Holiday 'Victoria', rock the Golden Gate, Karadag scientific plant them. TI Vyazemsky Waterpark in Koktebel Karadag (Black Mountain), a monument to soldiers of the Kerch-Feodosia amphibious operations, a monument of the holy Apostle Andrew.


For example, would be built panels for prefabricated houses with an improved thermal insulation which is usually applied in the majority of the work. Prefabricated components would be built with the same quality materials that in the works or even superior quality, since the components and production process would be subject to greater control in the plant (environmental conditions, quality controls) in addition, the materials would be less exposed to inclement weather, since the mounting is carried out in a short period of time and they would not be exposed to inclement weather during months. They also possess greater strength to resist during transport and Assembly. For all these reasons would also more resilient after its construction. Prefabrication of constructive elements could pave the way towards the creation of buildings that were easier to disassemble or deconstruct when they reach the end of their useful life, so materials elsewhere. Greater control over the processes and materials, both in the management of waste generated (easiest upstairs at work) as in the Elimination of toxic products would also be possible. Other advantages that point would be that, in some cases, prefab houses could be completely disassembled and carried other chosen location, if residents so decided. With regard to aesthetics, the final result would not allow differentiate the prefabricated houses of those built on the ground.

It is believed that for many people it might be a way to get a House from which they currently call for design of more affordably. This is one of the key arguments that usually wields: some materials, saving time of execution and workmanship resulting in a cost savings. However, given the characteristics of the type of town planning and construction in our country, these advantages are reduced to some degree, because many of them are associated with prefab family house. Prefabricated houses are much more widespread in other countries whose urbanism is more diffuse, because its application in the urban environment: housing is more limited. But the theoretical environmental benefits of construction with prefabricated currently have defenders everywhere and deserve deeper reflection. Modular homes buy prefabricated house