Arturo Perez

If you say something that is of interest to someone, it surely engage a conversation with you, although you may not know you, presentareis I and hablareis of topics you have in common. If you have a company, for example, it is likely that late or early talk of it. If the people who you are listening to you are not interested in your conversation, you will simply not answer, but if anyone is interested probably will ask also for your work you can leverage to ask people about a particular subject, for example, see someone in your group with an iPhone, and ask if you know how to configure this or what function with this example we can see that a public event can open you many doors You can use it for whatever you want to promote your company, to discuss issues of interest to you, find information, meet people, and according to what interests you act in one way or another. Because Twitter passes something, once of you sign up, the first thing you do is find friends or acquaintances, then people who share topics of your interest, you follow them and everything that comment appears on your screen. If something of what they say you are interested respond you by pressing on the button answer, because if you do the online what’s happening, this person won’t see it, since you don’t even follow.

Your answer will see it your interlocutor in its wall, but also all his followers will see it this way you become known, and someone possibly answer something like what happens in a face-to-face conversation, don’t you think? In addition, when you decide to follow someone, this person gets a message in your e-mail telling you to follow him, and the natural reaction is to this person to click on the message to see who you are, you will look at your profile (which you’ve filled out at the time of sign up, indicating your information, your interests, etc.), and according to their interests, will decide to follow you or I do not think that Twitter is a platform that allows you to learn about and engage in conversation with people who neither you imaginary power do it. When I started with Twitter, looked for well-known people, people around me and with my interests and hobbies, and also decided to follow people I admire for their work, one of them is Arturo Perez-Reverte. I looked at his profile to assure me that he was actually (has a link to her website, in addition to having more than 60,000 followers). And one evening, which was my surprise to see that it was connected, speaking of topics today (the Government we have, exactly). I decided to respond on the issue that I was trying to, and we had a conversation. Something really difficult if it weren’t for Twitter, do you not believe?. In future posts we will see some tricks to enhance the use of Twitter. You already use Twitter? Why what you wear? Leave your comment original author and source of the article

Adopt Cats Cats

Generally, people prefer dogs as pets for their intelligence and obedience show joy at seeing us. Others mistakenly want "exotic" pets at home, except that it is often illegal, are introducing the animal in an environment that does not belong and can suffer trauma, stress and die easily. But not many think to adopt cats, because they are more "cool" and independent, but brings many benefits to adopt cats that people do not recognize. Obviously, for people who are allergic to anything is not recommended to adopt cats or dogs, but most people do not know that there is a breed of cat has no hair!, So it causes no harm to people allergic and want to have pets in addition to removing the worry of having to clean the furniture or clothes left by the animal hair. Adopt cats of this breed is highly recommended for those with young children at home. But, because the adoption, the answer is simple. People are idea that a dog on the street would starve in short order, but cats can fend for themselves in the city. For a cat who has lived in the street all his life is possible, but for those cats "home" who have owned and food always available, it would be like if a man left alone in the jungle.

Adopt cats is one way to help these animals who have been abandoned, the orphaned kittens or perhaps one who has lost and suffered an accident. Adopt cats that love is to give the kitten (or any animal) needs, after spending an "ordeal." It is so difficult that the adoption is first important to know where is going to adopting cats, that is, quality has, if possible seek recommendations from that place and always ask to see the facilities where they have them. Second, before adopting cats, you need to watch your character, personality is and what is the best it can adapt to possible new home. If you are a restless, mischievous cat is not recommended for apartments. There are others who do not tolerate children and others who are shy, then you need to know to give them their space and time to be prudent to accommodate all the smells and new objects. Adopt cats can be a great experience if you follow these rules and if fully informed. Another advantage is that adopting cats indicated a reduced expenditure of money or no money, but still have to take a thorough veterinary occasionally and apply all vaccines, as the most certain is that the cat before he lived in the street and you may have some bacteria or parasite.

After adopting cats, 1, 2, or 10, must be borne in mind that cats, by nature are independent, live alone and only found with other cats to breed. Therefore, if there are more cats in your neighborhood, be careful and do not leave much time outside, as at risk of being hurt, attacked or killed by another cat defending its territory. Adopt cats is the same as buying them or raising them. Not because I have lived on the street means that they can continue to survive there.