Labour Inspectorates

Labour inspections have ceased to be a mere process of on-site verification of the fulfilment of the payment of salaries and benefits socaires for directional its objective verification of the facts (to the way in which benefits of workers are executed). Trend: Discusses relevant issues in terms of provenance or no employment contracts, denaturation of brokering and outsourcing, and the application of the principle of primacy of the reality in the case of contracts for services locution.In addition to verification of compliance with rules on safety and health at work. Frequent problems lack of information of how it develops an inspection, how should the employer act without that this becomes an obstruction.Example the non-attendance of the employer to a subpoena for a subpoena.Obstruction to the task of inspection when the employer does not leave to declare a worker. That must make the employer?A labour inspection must always be reported, except in certain cases justifying them, not be true as it may affect the process of the inspection itself. Verification can be done in the workplace, on the premises of the Ministry of labour. The employer in summary, should allow the entrance of the inspector (previously identified as such) and provide the information that is required. That verified?They are three aspects that are verified 1.-hiring hm2.-payment of salaries and benefits socialesLa electronic worksheet is the primary source of information on the level of compliance with labour and social standards and tributarias.3.-formal obligations (example: health and safety standards).

If found missing in employer, are you hara a requirement (deadline that remedying these breaches). Failure to comply with this procedure will initiate the sanctioning procedure that can end in administrative fine more requirement that comply with infraccionadas standards. And your company successfully passed an inspection?Who knows the three designated labour aspects should let us be prepared but.Frequently is that the reason for the infraciciones is not always because the employer does not want to comply with the laws, in many cases situations such as: 1.-how to interpret the Easier2.-ignorance of the way calculo3.-a bad labour consultancy. The audit laboralUsted must be prepared, an x-ray of how are things you would help. For that there are labor audits, which are designed to correct the omissions and/or misinterpretations of the provisions at stake.

Bread and Wine

The bread and the wine served only as a symbol of the delivery of my body and my blood. Not ye make it a ceremony, but always having me present, in all your feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. Also when you take the gifts of life, which God gives you in the lap of mother earth, please present the eternal, grateful, and be also present my redemptive Act. And if you do it with a sincere heart, not just your earthly body will receive the spiritual substance, spiritual life, but also your soul; therefore in everything that nature gives man, is life, God, the spiritual substance, the force but before these words, do not we should perhaps ask ourselves what we then called Corpus Cristi day celebrate? Not is this a festive date rather than reused the name of Christ to give force to an institution that crumbles full of scandals and that practice idolatry of external forms without transmitting the true religion internal, which not? need neither brokers nor ostentatious cathedrals? It is understandable that many people who have based his life on this belief and ceremonial external, reject the words quoted above, it is not easy to question what we’ve believed blindly, perhaps just by fidelity to tradition. However, the truth is, we want it OK or not, and the road to the real internal fullness follows traces of truth, which frees the divine inner being within us all. The effort to look for it is worth!


Basically, the reunification of debts is a refinancing and consists in grouping all credits (personal, mortgage or card) in a new mortgage loan for a longer term, so that reduces the monthly fee to pay. The reunification of debts appears as a solution for those who have multiple loans and credits, by offering a reduction in the monthly quota of up to 50%, but the final debt increases due to the numerous expenses and commissions generated by the operation. Requirements to ensure that a Bank approved a reunification of debts several conditions must be met: the client must have a dwelling, with or without loads, to be used as a guarantee of the new mortgage loan. The total capital of the new mortgage may not exceed 80% of the appraised value of the floor (the financial institution shall request an up-to-date appraisal). The monthly fee of the new mortgage may not exceed 35% of net monthly income of the family unit. Processing to manage one reunification of debts we have two options: via an institution of reunification of debts: these companies perform all actions on behalf of the interested party, are negotiating with different financial institutions and proposed operation, which usually consist of cancel all credits and hire a new mortgage for higher capital and lead, which shall cover the outstanding capital more commissions and expenses as the reunification of debts assumed. The intermediary charges their brokerage a Commission of between 3% and 7% of the amount to refinance.

These companies, like loans faster, serve more hard-pressed customers, in exchange for high commissions. Directly with financial institutions: in not very severe cases, the consumer can manage himself the reunification of debt negotiating with your bank or other financial institutions, and can thus save the intermediary Commission. Advantages we see the main advantages of the reunification of debts: after a reunification of debts the monthly fee to pay is lower. The reunification of debts allows access to the best offers on the market, not limited to a single bank. It reduces the effective interest rate. You can access the reunification of debts although he is included in lists of delinquency. Quickly. Confidentiality.

Disadvantages the reunification of debts has many drawbacks: increase the repayment term, so it will be paid for longer. Generates numerous expenses and commissions (cancellation of the initial loans, formalization of the new mortgage, the intermediary Commission) for what debts are increased. Reunification of debts entities aren’t banks nor financial, so it is not subject to the control of the Bank of Spain and lack a legal framework that regulates them. This motivates that often act with lack of transparency and implement abusive fees, resulting in its confusing and even misleading services to consumers. It promotes family over-indebtedness by providing a false impression of economic relief.