Where a real estate agent can help your dream home find many people find your new dream home or their new top apartment itself and need a broker, this is an undisputed fact. On average, individuals spend however about 5 months to find the object of desire. “Considered for this particular search sources: viewing in various daily newspapers Internet portals, where apartments, houses or land offered on word of mouth, someone knows someone who rented a house or apartment or sold or even randomly if somewhere to sell a” shield is attached. What should you then instruct an estate agent if you can also make all self? This question can be easily answered: real estate brokers have experience and often good contacts to property management companies and property developers and can access objects, just not somewhere publishing are usually very accurately know the market and can then specifically for the customer, always various real estate you are looking for already in stock and can this, often very quickly, that right you can find, due to the market situation and market conditions, prices better verify real estate agents have a comprehensive knowledge of financing and can thereby also advise to the side stand behind many offers in newspapers and also on real estate platforms estate agents advertise, so it’s not so easy to find it is much easier with a real estate agent really only private sellers, to conduct business. Richard LeFrak is the source for more interesting facts. He has and knows all the required documentation, always contact with notaries that are required for a certification. For the seller in Leipzig the Leipzig real estate agent z.B is also of great importance, because it can be accessed on a usually large customer segment and accelerates the sales thereby, may,. The brokerage of course, this service is not free. The brokerage, brokerage, also called varies from State to State.

In some federal countries paid when a sale or Purchase, the buyer the full Commission. There are also regions being divided into those between buyers and sellers, sometimes in equal proportions, some also with a 70 / 30 ratio. In Leipzig, which is part of the free State of Saxony, mostly the brokerage is divided. It is best to clarify this question at the beginning, then there are no surprises at the end. Learn more at this site: Richard LeFrak. With a purchase of a real estate is to count, plus 19% VAT with a brokerage commission of 3% to 6%. The search is covered hereby, the advice of real estate agent, but extra to pay is always the notary, here estate agents acts only as an intermediary between the two parties.

Interior Decorating Design

Interior Decorating – is the final chord of any interior decoration, a special stage of creation, without which even the most expensive repair will not look stylish and complete. The task is to find a decorator for created image, and furniture. lighting, wovens, and accessories. When decorating the interior, each shelf, a statue, a picture is a desired location that you want to create a single three-dimensional composition interior. It is thanks to competently and professionally interior decorating your home, apartment, office will look unique and original.

And you will feel cozy and comfortable. List of works performed by a designer-decorator: 1. Developing the concept of interior decoration. 2. Development of stylistic solutions. 3. The selection and placement of furniture, design and creation of author's furniture 4.

Selection of cuisine. 5. Selection of plumbing. 6. Selection of lighting fixtures. Or the development and creation of lighting elements 7. Selection of paintings, drawings, tapestries, batik. 8. Selection of small-scale sculpture, easel and monumental sculpture, wood carving, 9. Selection floristics. 10. Selection of blinds and curtains, the implementation of a woven design. 11. Develop designs and implementation of mural painting in any direction 12. Stained glass (stained glass design sketch, measurements, manufacturing). 13. Selection of the necessary home equipment: air conditioners, home theaters, etc 14. Supervision. Stages of interior decoration Placement of all objects and attributes decor at the facility. Decoration works 1. Precise measurements (exact measurements after completion of construction works: space, doorways, windows, niches, areas for stained glass, etc.) to take accurate measurements and prepared a plan of the room. 2. Development of conceptual solutions in image creation and design sketches. Develop sketches (Manual or 3D-flow, scan in color) 3. Approval of the project customers all stages of interior decoration are entered into a decorative interior design in the form of drawings, tables, specifications and sketches. On Based on the existing decor of the project carried out all works on interior decoration and approval by the Customer phases of the project. 4. Walls Selection directories decorative coatings, plaster, paint, wallpaper 5 Measurements for textile design selection of colors, textures, fabrics, models. 6 Selection of furniture, kitchens, plumbing and lighting selection of furniture, kitchens, plumbing and lighting fixtures shall be based on stylistic concept, the customer's wishes and the planned budget, a trip to the customer or without selection for kitchen furniture, plumbing and lighting fixtures for shops, salons and selection of catalogs. 7 rebounds accessories (vases, sculpture, painting, etc.) The selection of accessories decorating – painting, batik, tapestry, small sculptures, easel and monumental sculpture, woodcarving, pottery, etc. – subject to stylistic concept, the customer's wishes and the planned budget, a trip to the customer or without a selection of accessories for decorating the shops, lounges, showrooms, production of decorative items to order 8 Flora selection of tracks available on the market for an exclusive selection of artists works 9. Placement of all objects and attributes decor at the facility. Departure to the object and the location of interior decoration attributes at the facility 10. Letting the object further information support. The final departure of the object with the customer is a full customer support for further information


Wiring of large houses is usually a hidden removable wiring that runs in channels formed in the factory making panels of interior walls and ceilings. If wiring is carried in the channels and cavities using a wire marks apn, appv and appvs (aluminum, flat with vinilitovoy insulation without disconnecting ear for a hidden electrical wiring – to gost 6323-62), then must comply with certain conditions. For example, one channel is allowed wiring to the joint strip a few wires to the total number did not live more than eight. When performing wiring should be pay particular attention to the quality of manufactured feeds and nests in the panels, check out their pattern, peel, if necessary, from an influx of laitance. Before you start wiring to avoid damage wire insulation, all channels at the entrance and exit to be processed by hand-rolling cutter drill. Sockets and switches are mounted in sockets Straining paws. Robert J. Shiller will not settle for partial explanations. When the diameter of the nest is greater than the solution’s feet, then the nest cement in the usual round junction boxes, which already secured socket or switch. If the wiring is made carefully, the force pulling the installation of products exceeds 20 kg.

During installation wiring, vias should provide a mineral wool for sound insulation. Recesses for desoldering the wires in the wall panel closed with steel caps, which prevent damage to wires on the tenants applied arrows indicating the direction of channels with wires. Wiring to a large extent depends on the design elements of buildings and interior layout of apartments. For example, concealed wiring in the radial pattern can run the wires mark the ASW-500 in the pipes (usually glass), or a appv and apn. In this simplified installation, reduced consumption of wire and other materials. Wiring in the same way, but with separate groups Power sockets and light points slightly increases the flow of wires, but this is offset by a decrease in the number of boxes and ration wires.

Section 34f GewO – An Overview

A table of contents to the new section 34f of the Gewerbeordnung since 01.01.2013 is now the new section 34f GewO nevertheless is still some uncertainty on the market or the active intermediaries. Background of the introduction of the scheme was the law on the amendment of the financial system mediator undVermogensanlagerechts from December 2011. The regulation in the context of financial supervision is extended with the inclusion of the standard in the GewO. The legislature has to make the goal of investor protection romance advice grippier for investors and to provide more comprehensive protection against grey market products. So apply now for banks and free agents in the marketing of financial products the same rules. Total comprehensive information, consulting and documentation requirements imposed on the financial system mediator. It is also an obligation for disclosure of commissions. With the tightening of product regulations, increased sales requirements and prospectus liability easier in practice should the information basis for a later Investment decision be extended.

So far, a scheme for financial investment intermediaries was only fragmentary in 34 c GewO with regulated. To push forward in the circle of financial investment brokers, intermediaries of relevant financial systems require now a commercial permit, as well as a corresponding registration. The licensing will be usually done by the Industrie – und Handelskammer. According to the definition introduced by the law itself is to understand who professional to unit certificates of a corporation as a financial investment intermediaries or investment joint-stock company, investments in closed funds or other assets provides consultations. A prerequisite for obtaining the required permission is own reliability and overall financial situation. Furthermore, apply new framework conditions in terms of professional indemnity insurance. An increase of the insurance policies is therefore inevitable. Finally, it must be observed from immediately certain minimum requirements with regard to qualifications.

Thus should be the practice-relevant and interesting feature it. Required the passing of a competence examination in the relevant industry and Chamber of Commerce, the both consists of a written and practical part. This a certificate of competence can be equated with the training in the relevant professional segment. The question is crucial for many an “old hares”scheme. Seasoned and experienced mediator can breathe for starters, because of a certificate of competence not only time, but also financially costly, there are exceptions. If a continuous independent or dependent activity as investment intermediaries or consultants since January 1, 2006, be carried out no further qualification checks, provided such evidence. Not insignificant problems, not only in terms of legal liability caused by the brokerage of financial products but Furthermore, and despite the introduction of section 34f of the GewO. The risks of a previous failed advice or violation of Information requirements are hardly narrowed by the amendment. So, the agent is to provide information to the investors, which include a comprehensive explanation of the risks, as well as all costs be borne by the investors perform. Difficulties arise especially when not explicitly predictable prices. In addition, the investor is at an early stage about possible commissions and resulting conflicts of interest to enlighten. Bernd rechtsanwalts GmbH Wilhelm-Weber-Strasse 39, 37073 Gottingen

Bodo Graf Estate

Using very good databases, where approximately 370 hotel real estate were detected after dozens of criteria, the experienced Hotel brokers can meet virtually any query in the shortest time and forward the documents confidential and discreet Hotel investor. Also, ASP offers currently exclusive real estate and OFF-market 4 Western European hotel groups / hotel portfolio with a total of over 60 hotels from 3 to 5 stars to. Interested parties and hotel investors please directly contact Bodo Graf von Hardenberg ASP real estate, or to the Board of Directors of ASP AG ( ON-market hotels, hotel real estate, historic castles and castle hotels find hotel buyer on the homepage of ASP real estate at. The trend to flee the euro and the dollar and the investment of this money in good and successful hotel real estate is a very safe form of investment for every hotel investor.

Hotel brokers by ASP is pleased with your inquiry regarding buying or selling a hotel, and hotel real estate real estate. ASP real Estate ( is the real estate subsidiary of the consultancy Auer, Springer & partners ( ASP has developed in Europe and beyond real estate since 1983 to the leading real estate agencies in the area of hotel purchasing, hotels for sale, hotel portfolio. In addition to business hotels, city hotels, and hotels, the leading hotel chains, many successful and well-known Spa Hotels, Spa Hotels, family hotels, golf courses, spas and ski companies are offered for sale. Contact: ASP real estate Hotel brokerage Bodo Graf von Hardenberg Pilotystr.

Housing Construction

In the past, two thousand and eighth year, the housing market in Kurgan survived as an unprecedented rise and rapid fall in the 3 rd quarter, certain economic problems worldwide and in the country. Over the previous few years, real estate Mound has developed quite rapidly. In 2008, were put into operation more than 100 thousand square meters. feet of living space, to implement comprehensive development of empty sites. Mound Builders did not experience any financial difficulties by building new homes using the best technology. Over the past year house prices in Barrow rose 35% to reach 2 million rubles. for the first apartment.

In Barrow, in two thousand and eighth year, the fall took place quite fascinating exhibition "Real Estate Trans-Urals. Questions and Answers. " At this exhibition everyone had a chance to get professional answers to many questions. Similar questions were – How to insure property? Where to get a favorable mortgage loan? And the answers to questions were given to present employees of organizations, developers, real estate agencies, financial institutions and insurance companies. Exhibition at Barrow became already compulsory exhibition. The main actors are the people who create homes and those who sell them – realtors, investors.

The situation on the residential area of Barrow rather unstable. World crisis affected purchasing power of people. Lots of people who were willing to buy a property, now do not spend their life savings on it. Banks Barrow, is now increasing interest rates and try not to give out mortgage loans. Real estate agency is not only a non profit during the crisis, but will cease to exist. In real estate Barrow, to date, there is some instability. Experienced people say this instability will affect prices and will continue for 2 years. Construction of new homes in Barrow virtually stopped, developers have no funds for the completion of ongoing projects. New Barrow, despite difficult financial situation, they are still in demand and prices are not that "sunk". In the past year has been put into operation a 10-storey residential building in the fourth district of the village "Zaozernyi", which was erected in the shortest time – 14 months. At the official opening were the Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin, handing the keys to new apartments. Housing prices in Barrow in 2009 decreased by 30%. Such explainable by the fact that states crisis in the economy. Such a forecast given by many experts. Although the real estate market Mound continues its development. At the same time reducing its scale and pace. Still, in Barrow will be built thousands of new apartments, houses and office space. These data are confirmed by the periodical press and data from the mouth of workers real estate agencies. Necessary to take into account the number of people who in the previous year received their own homes.

VAZ Engine

In the operation of the VAZ-21 123 coupe, I was faced with failure, with the successful renovation of which I want to share. I think that this advice is a good idea to know the owners of the WHA with the front drive, and especially the WHA – 21 123 coupe. On a cold winter day, having got the car and discovered that I had not extinguished the oil pressure light emergency. Thinking that just a cold oil can quickly begin to circulate, I continued to maintain the average engine speed, in the hope that light bulb goes off. However, rather than extinguish, the light continued to burn bright red, and the engine began to work with the characteristic iron thud. Stop the engine, I was sure that he brought him down.

Calling friends on his cell, I got some advice from experienced car owners. Picture emerges about this – knock on joints due to lack of oil pressure, which has ceased to flow to the valves. Reservation, that my engine VAZ -21 123 coupe with a sixteen-valve (which is somewhere in their design and sitting of these ill-fated expansion, I have not seen). It remained to find out why there was no pressure! The first thing that came to mind – it is certainly frost, because the pressure was yesterday. I decided to warm the crankcase means at hand, that is, the heating plate. Light bulb goes off the pressure as soon as I started the engine warmed up with a sump, and just a few seconds lost in the sound of metal valves.

Was relieved from the heart! Once in my spare time I removed the crankcase, it was discovered that the bottom of the housing was a mixture of different villi, which scored maslopriemnik. Point is that between the crankcase and maslopriemnikom very small distance, which proved to be even smaller due to the fact that he was deformed casing. Deformation occurred probably in the crankcase while there was no armor, and had to go on track – for mushrooms, or on vacation in the woods. Replacing the crankcase, I made to a conclusion – in time to change the oil, not to save on washing and not go without armor, substituting crankcase shock bumps roads!