Austria Real Estate

But the main interest of the buyers of real estate in Austria are not only and not so much the ski slopes: a much more prestigious and interesting sites on the lake, from which you can quickly get up to a few tracks at once. Call the real estate market in the area ski resorts could be active: there is very little construction of new facilities and very slowly resold to those already built. For example, in most resort towns of Tyrol (including Kitzbuhel in the sensational) for sale in the year exhibited only about 20-30 objects, or even less. Some are sold over the years. 5.1.

What prices (outside of and before) on your property? Upper limit, as always, does not exist. Prices for conventional homes are highly dependent on the location and distance from the ski slopes and the house itself, but start to pick up something can be from 150 thousand Euro. For this money you can buy a small house in Austria in the vicinity of Salzburg. 5.3. Are there any restrictions on the purchase by foreigners, and, if so, what are they? And they keep the market from the rapid growth and large amounts of transactions.

Buy real estate by foreigners in the resort areas of Austria is not easy, and in some places and not at all: to buy in the Tyrol and Carinthia could only Austrians who have lived in the region for more than 10 years, or a legal person with a predominance Austrian capital. Path exists, but a costly and do the annual maintenance is enough overhead, ie do all of this to purchase an inexpensive object – quite impractical and expensive hotels are preferred – then sought and Austrian authorities. 5.4. Where is best place to buy real estate on which items when you buy should pay special attention to customers? There is no single board can not be given here. It all depends on the purpose of buyer, but given the specificity of the Austrian market, usually among those goals is not speculation. The Russians are popular in Vienna apartments and houses in its immediate surroundings and, of course, ski resorts here in the main buying houses and villas. Company EstateService

Dontesk City Center

Recently, however, in regions of rapidly began to appear really professional sites such as' Europe 'and' Mall Mid-Fontanskaya 'in Odessa, SEC' Duffy 'SEC' bridge 'and' Europa Center 'in Dnipropetrovsk,' Caravan 'in Kharkov, SC "Donetsk City Center', 'Metro' (Lviv, Odessa, Kiev, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov, Lugansk) and others in the rental rates regional shopping centers are not very different from Kiev, because the cost of building the shopping center are about the same everywhere and are $ 0.7-1 thousand per square meter. The average rate in regional trade complexes – $ 20-100 per sqm per month. In recent years, rental rates show an upward trend. Increase in average base rental rates in the first half of 2006, in shopping centers by 10% compared to December year. In areas of high demand for certain items had increased prices by 15%. The main reason for growth was still limited supply of quality retail space in shopping centers and the most important shopping corridors.

Rental rates vary depending on the location of the shopping center, company profile, the amount of rentable area. Maximum rents are paid operators gift and accessory product group ($ 60-65 in 2004 – $ 90-100 in 2005), the minimum rental rates are established for anchor tenants and entertainment sector, supermarkets ($ 12-13 in 2004 – $ 20-21 in 2005). As a result, the maximum level of rent rates have long been overtaken Kiev other East European capitals – Warsaw, Budapest and Prague. Paradoxically, however, higher rental rates does not reduce the payback period of real estate projects, on the contrary, today there is a tendency to increase.