Luis Ascendino Dantas

They had been registered about 770 deaths alone in the year of 1910, and the illness, that already existed before, without representing a threat to the inhabitants, if it became a constant in the life of the population, arriving to vitimar people until in recent years of existence of city. Many mayors complained of the performance of the Light in the place, for this reason, therefore, the situation of the city if became each more precarious time. The city more than saw the half of its inhabitants to be reached for the illness. Many that had survived to the malaria had run away leaving its houses and lands stop backwards. For that they had been had remained the distrust not to survive to a manifestation of the illness and the tragic scenes, as the witnessed one for Luis Ascendino Dantas: ' ' (…) in one of the houses, a woman deceased had in its col a child who still suck, and its feet another one that chorava' ' . (FLAGLIARI; SAINTS, the 2000) epidemic of malaria was to main the responsible one for the considerable reduction of the population of Is Joo Landmarks.

The number of inhabitants that was around 18.000 in 1898 fell for 7.400 in 1922 arriving the 4,600 in the year of its destruction. The population, that if found the grace of the illness, practically was abandoned by the authorities, per almost two decades. For this reason, population sent letters asking for the presence of doctors and people who could help to skirt the calamity situation that they were living. Second, Agrippino Grieco and Luiz de Brief Souza, who had lived in this period, ' ' In the worse period of the epidemic, enormous ditches in the cemetary confided and much still alive people were for cambulhada hollow of with the deceaseds. In the outskirts dogs met devorando corpses and found up to one criancinha morta.' ' ((FLAGLIARI; SAINTS, the 2000) proper annexation of Are Joo Landmarks the River Clearly, made for decree 635, of 14 of December of 1938, have fort linking with performance of the Light in the region, therefore, the justification for the decay of the city and the impossibility of reerguer it, mainly passed for the interdependence between public health and economy.

Portuguese Preconception

However, it is important to remember that inside of the linguistic point of view it does not exist right or wrong, but variations that if constitute of systems adjusted as for the necessities of the falantes, leading in consideration its practical. The linguistic preconception is fruit of the social preconception, being exerted on that they suffer to more stigmata in the society the illiterate, the poor person, those that they do not have access to the escolarizao -, being then accused to speak made a mistake, of deturpar the language. According to Bagno Landmarks (2002), in Brazil one exists ' ' mythology of the preconception lingstico' ' , that it not only harms the educational formation, but social of the individual. Bagno evidences eight myths that, serve to make solid and to propagate the vision of that Brazil presents a linguistic unit and that the Brazilian for not knowing to say to the Portuguese cause correctly deformations in the language; in this context, the schools, that would have to be a way of quarrel on this reality and social insertion, become, in the truth, reproductive of the differences between classrooms, teaching the Portuguese not only as half to perfect the language, but mainly with intention to value the cultured norm that is represented by a minority, thus reproducing the social hierarchy. In such a way, if the language cannot estigmatizar, emitting to it a value judgment and using the linguistic differences as excuse for the discrimination. When the child adentra in the pertaining to school context, mainly if the same one comes of a discriminated community, it certainly will esbarrar in a total opposing reality its. Everything what it conquered until that moment will be left of side, even so the school still wants to continue with the empty speech of that it is leaving of the reality of the pupil.

Lie Surfista Writing

TRUTH OR LIE? I desire a happy Christmas pra all, am, a happy Christmas; I desire a happy Christmas pra all, am, a happy Christmas; Papa what you go to give to me, son until I say when the wage to you to increase; Papa who papo is this careta, had said for me that you if do not interfere; Because who goes to give the gift, of Christmas, it goes to be papa noel; That this my son, already is crescidinho well to know the truth of this baita sacanagem, does not exist papa noel, everything this is a brothel, we papas to spend more, with toys and desires of voes; Its liar, its pig, mind more thus, because it will not count more with me, I am not all annoying, to process I go you for this reason, is not plus my father until if kneel and asking for excuses, for this calumny. END TRAIN LANDMARKS PIU SURFISTA