Continuing the review on the market of St. Petersburg designs of greenhouses, which began in previous releases, discuss the design features of frameworks and consider the various options. In our opinion, the best choice of material for a greenhouse frame is a metal profile. On its merits, we mentioned in earlier editions. Now take a closer look at the materials. One option the material or aluminum corner profile. The advantage is its ease and low corrosivity. Under normal conditions, the metal is covered with an oxide film, and practically does not react with other materials.

In addition, this material is easily has been processed, even with hand tools. Assembling the frame greenhouses made of aluminum produced at the bolted joints. However, during the operation greenhouses there is a need to make different fertilizers in the soil. Including chemicals containing ammonium salts. In this case, the protective coating frame can be broken, and then in a short time aluminum will literally crumble, which significantly worsen the rigidity of the frame, as well as can be lead to its destruction. Not in favor of this material is the fact that scrap aluminum has a high value on the market. Therefore, it is likely that one day in spring "happy" summer visitor finds plot only the broken parts of your favorite greenhouses, a skeleton is stolen what some ushlymi homeless. Would not wish this to anybody, but when choosing the material must be taken into account such problems.

The most common material used in the construction of suburban greenhouses is a steel profile. Compared with aluminum, he, of course, require additional anti-corrosion treatment, but much cheaper and allows the assembly to welding or sheet joints with locking fasteners with special screws. Important when choosing a material is the wall thickness of the steel profile and its cross section. Frequently used profile 20×20 mm for arcs and transverse bars, and for the frame base profile 40h20 mm. Even if you use the same profiles of greenhouses on the market value is significantly different from different manufacturers. Under equal other costs big role in the formation of prices for finished playing a greenhouse wall thickness profile. Of course, the thicker, the better. But we must be clear value for money when choosing a frame material. When operating the greenhouses in the climatic zone of the Leningrad Region with snow cover up to 1 m can be considered the best use of steel profiles with a wall thickness of not less than 1,5 mm. Calculations and practice show that such a greenhouse can withstand snow loads of up to 80 cm around the greenhouse. It should be noted which is largely resistant to the greenhouses snow loads depends on the design features of the framework. The next issue we consider the most common options frameworks of greenhouses.

Winter Garden

For rooms with large glazing area should be used heaters Thermoplus. They are placed over the window, and not under them, allowing their use in areas where children are present. These devices provide reliable protection from drafts. For the local heating ideal Elztrip ez 100 or cir. Country house for heating suburban homes better use instruments cir series and series Elztrip ez 100, but it is recommended to use them only as an additional source of heat, as devices can not operate in the absence of rights. This is due to the fact that the temperature of surface heating very high (700 C for a series of cir and 280 C for the Series Elztrip ez 100). These infrared heaters can be used on the terrace, in rooms with high ceilings.

Office Heaters Series Elztrip, Thermoplus or ceiling cassette hp will provide an economical and comfortable heating office buildings. Can be used as the sole source of heating. Industrial premises for such production facilities as shops and warehouses fit model with a high temperature heating surface cir or ir. They can be used for local heating of the workplace, for example, in an unheated shop for heating the workplace area of 5 m2 at a height of 3 meter device installation requires heater cir 12021. When design temperature outside -26 C ambient temperature is 15? C.

Comfortable state of human outer clothing guaranteed. ir heaters can be used as the sole source of heat for heating the entire room. Terrace in the country house, for example, for heating the outdoor terrace area of 12 m2 using 2 appliances ez 111. Autumn and spring can have dinner or lunch on the terrace without feeling discomfort. Winter Garden for heating large glazed loggias or balconies and transformed into a winter garden, you can use the ez series of devices at the rate of 300 watts per m2. Infrared heater replaces the sun to plants and they grow well even in winter. Industrial construction sites, shop with great ceiling height for such a space suit infrared heaters series of ir, mounted at a height of 4 m and above. Selection of infrared heaters – is not easy, we recommend to only in specialized institutions to calculate the necessary power and determine the type of device.

Wooden Houses

Conceiving the construction of suburban summer homes or cottages, many continue to prefer wooden houses. Wooden houses – is not only a tribute to tradition, it is a choice of durability, strength and aesthetics. Wooden houses attract weary of the hustle and bustle of the inhabitants of high-rise buildings for many reasons, one of which – the closeness to nature. Wood – an exceptional material that with proper treatment and can serve as horoshemuhode very long. Wooden houses due to good thermal insulation properties of the material are presented in the July heat, cool, and is surrounded by a warm winter. The air in the forest are full of flavor, it has healing properties – a tree allocates volatile to prevent colds and viral diseases.

Mistaken one who calls the wooden houses of old and dusty. It is necessary to look through the directory of houses, and you can make a different conclusion. New technologies in construction permit to build these palaces of wood! Wooden houses are built of different materials. Some prefer a log house, hewn by hand, someone they like the house made of logs. Recently more popular are home from a bar. In the construction used several types of timber – timber of natural moisture, profiled bar, and laminated veneer lumber. Brus natural moisture – is calibrated with a log square or rectangular cross-section.

Manufactured logs at the factory, at 4 Kant, or manually with a saw. The phrase "shaped beam" speaks for itself – items given to a certain profile. As the benefits of profiled bar indicates the minimum shrinkage and low heat loss. Glued laminated timber – a material is the most popular. Produce it were about 30 years ago. Such material is produced by bonding specially treated under the pressure of boards, slats. Glued laminated timber, compared with profiled dried better and gives a marginal shrinkage. Home from a bar – is at home with smooth walls that do not require additional finishing. In addition to these characteristics at home from a bar and retain the main advantages of wooden structures – they are environmentally friendly, have good insulation. Construction companies offer directory of houses, including including houses of timber. Wooden houses, types of which can be seen in the photograph, provide an opportunity to see their aesthetic appeal. If you compare home from a bar and house of logs, you can see benefits first. Home from a bar (shaped) are going faster than homes made of logs. Minor shrinkage (under3%) give a home from a bar, which almost immediately you can do finishing work, installing stairs, windows. Houses made of logs should give shrinkage – it takes almost a year. Another plus – the house of timber is moisture in the walls of these seldom cracks. Undoubtedly, the home of logs also have their advantages. It is believed that the house made of logs are extremely durable. Wooden houses, from whatever material they were made, this is an excellent choice. Live in them happily, comfortably and comfortable.