Social Panorama

President Barack Obama, "will have an impact on Latin America, some concern, as the Buy America "or shop in the United States. The UN agency acknowledged in its 2008 Social Panorama 2003-2007 had the greatest increase in per capita GDP since the seventies, to three percent annually. But this result began to decline in 2008 due to the escalation of the international financial crisis. " It is noted also a very important aspect to consider, as it is, the effects of the reduction of foreign currency sent by Latin American immigrants living in the U.S. and Europe, a situation that could worsen if there is a mass return them to their countries origin, it would render such remittances and their benefits and raise unemployment.

Indeed, it is stated that in its Social Panorama 2008, ECLAC estimated that "up to 2007 Latin America was on track to meet the first goal of the Millennium Development Goals", namely "to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people. " But now you are exporting a crisis that virtually cancels their already limited previous balances and darkens its future prospects, due to a crisis of global magnitude triggered through the default of subprime loans (subprime), which only affected in United States 20 percent of the mortgage market. Given this reality it is said, that "regional integration is both time the only defensive strategy and the only development strategy that we can hold onto the American in the early 21st century, "according to Dr.

North Sardinia

It’s such cities as Genoa (one and a half hours by car from Milan and two hours to Nice and Cannes), Livorno (ten minutes by car to Pisa and about an hour to Florence), Piombino, (half an hour by car to Rome), Naples, Marseilles, and in half an hour you can cross to Corsica, where again on the ferry to get to Toulon. Having bought a house in the north of Sardinia, you have the opportunity to travel around Europe for a dime. North Sardinia offers an unlimited choice of real estate. Here you can purchase an apartment with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen in an area with good infrastructure close to the sea for a price that is approximately the price of a one-room small apartment in the suburbs. If you are interested in a luxury villa in Sardinia spectacular views of the sea, you will have to fork out, but you will never regret this purchase.

At your disposal will be the unforgettable sea views, food, restaurants, bars, discos, beaches, etc., that makes the north of Sardinia is so attractive to the world’s elite. If you are familiar with Sardinia and local customs, speak Italian, have the time, means, and a visa for multiple visits to Sardinia to view real estate, maintenance, and processing the transaction, then appeal to the local real estate agency in Sardinia without intermediaries, of course, will be for you an optimal solution to the issue of buying a home in circumstances that do not allow you to directly contact the real estate agency in Sardinia? The first thing that comes to mind – it certainly appeal to the next big real estate agency in the community. Such decision will save you time. But besides the undeniable positive points in this situation there are several reasons why we would not advise you to do this: Your choices are seriously limited. Agencies properties that are in any city of Russia or the cis countries and have offices in Sardinia (but are not present here) are available for only those properties that are profitable for them to sell in order to optimize profits.

You can not control the situation on the ground. Transparency of transactions, and hence the formation of prices remain for you in the shade, although you and provide all the information you need in the iris. You pay for services not Only a real estate agent in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in our vast country, but also a real estate agent in Sardinia, and not at European prices, but at prices that caused the real estate market in Russia and cis countries. In this case, both sides, as you know, interested to sell more expensive. Given the fact that the price level and inflation in Russia for European and what can I say, the world’s standards sky high, it becomes apparent that the overpayment by purchasing real estate in Sardinia, in this case will be quite heavy! What’s the solution in such a situation can be found, if you count their money and want more productively spend their valuable time? The best solution – contact a representative in Sardinia, to whom you can trust!

State University Valley Money

System, what it is? If you wait a ready concept are deceived, thus with the proper name system you deceive in them. Ha! Confused to understand such ambiguidade, I know, am complicated, know why? because we live speaking that the guilt is of the system. the human beings since of its primdios search to hide themselves behind excuses, the system that we nor know what he is, let us be certain we are only plus an excuse any. But which the relation between ' ' sistema' the false joys, in the truth this task will be well easy, but before we go to know the joy concept according to dictionary Jnior of the Portuguese Language having as its idealizer Geraldo Matos, it I defined in them that joy is the state of a person who if feels well and has will to laugh: contentment, sastifao. Everything is guilt of the system: the violence, hunger, misery me the education and even though the corrupt politicians, translating other words everything that happens of wrong in the society ' ' the guilt is of sistema' '.

A good feeding, one education of quality an excellent housing, some cars in the garage, house of field, a good work, ' ' much dinheiro' ' , for many this is the joy definition. Money, grana, money this is the real relation of the system with false the joy, everything that we judge bad in the society we come of the money lack, then does not exist concept for system, and yes, a distoo of names ' ' system is a pretty and classic name to desiguinar them it to me money lack and the curses that the same backwards, then stop to say that ' ' the system we are ns' ' reason you are becoming insane. It stops of living the false joys, takes off of its subconscious mind that to be happy is to have a good car, a beautiful house and much money, everything this is only complement of a life passenger, and you that encapaz for the little is found that has, stops to lament for what it does not have and to live this false joy saying that always it is lacking some thing to it, placing the guilt in the system (money lack) Geraldo matos in them I defined joy well is I was felt in half well as many probeautiful is to laugh at the things and to more still laugh at the difficulties, is to content and to sastifazer itself of small the thing that the life offers: a beautiful day rain, stroll in family, to leave with the friends, to love, to smile, to pardon …….. This is the true happiness. Jenys Caldas Academic Aguiar Oak of the Course of Letters for the State University of the Academic Maranho of the Course of Pedagogia For the State University Valley of the Acara