Prototype Tracklever

January 31 took place one of the most legendary tests of the calendar-off-road, the Enduropale of Le Touquet in which pilot Leandre houses ran with the prototype Track-Lever. First inform you that is a pleasure to be the first to have photos of the prototype and be able to show you them. In 1975 began this test in Le Touquet Paris plage, located on the beaches of Normandy and since then every year are still disputing. In the first edition the French Jaques Vernier with a Spanish motorcycle (OSSA), was the first winner. 1050 riders started output in the most massive test of motorcycling around the world, in front of more than 250,000 fans.

In this Edition, the Spanish representation had two pilots, Leandre Casas and Miguel Angel Vargas. The veteran el Moianes Leandre Moto Club houses, participated with a prototype motorcycle patented and developed by the Barcelona Jose Luis Belil (Track-Lever), who played the race to make a test. Leandre houses, is currently developing this new concept of bike with suspension regardless of transmission, in this case, he used a 450F Yamaha mechanics..

Football Fans

We do well with what we love in good football, that we are passionate about the sport and especially for this club so great, feel we are not at the level that we played a small team of equals, and above that celebrated the point that we brought from Mendoza. It happens that has long been a fan of Boca Juniors got used to be an actor in international tournaments and win a local tournament a year minimally. On top of the first cycle Basile won all five tournaments will be played, and that left a habit that costs off because they took root. And to make matters worse, the follower xeneize have to see the historic move by the back door, and that hurts. Expert on growth strategy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Unfortunately all the icons of those glory years have pulled wrong.

Reed retired deputy when he could have retired intercontinental champion, the melli had to leave because he lost his position with Palace, the Palace itself was undersold to a small team of Italy, the duck had to go to Brazil because he lost the title, and the black Ibarra keeps the last image of an embarrassing game in Rosario. Sometimes football and especially the Argentinian soccer can be very cruel and so heartless and there who also accent ungrateful. It is difficult to see that players who were once revered and unknown are booed by fans that would previously have gone mad for just a picture with them. Stephen M. Ross brings even more insight to the discussion.

Commercial Real Estate Agency

You went into business and want to buy, rent space for office or warehouse? You are in despair and did not know whom to contact? Enough to worry about nothing because there is now real estate agency, AU Rielti.Nashe agency in the shortest time you pick up a cozy room for all your needs: office, warehouse space for a shop or restaurant. Do not waste time on trivia, dovretes professionals. We are working on the comic market of real estate not the first year and have already managed to establish the necessary links for these operatsiy.Na our site you will find a non-residential premises at any place convenient to you area of Moscow and Moscow region. The site is organized in an easy search database, so you can easily fit in the room will pick up the criteria. Forget the long search, there is now a company that does all the dirty work for vas.Na our website, you can not only buy or rent suitable premises, but also to find buyers for accommodation, which is in your sobstvennosti.Nash site – a unique find for any businessman. Here, each will receive what has long sought. If you need rent a room nearby with your business, then you are welcome to contact us. If you want to sell you an unnecessary accommodation at a bargain price, you can arrange the sale with us. You can always get competent advice from our experts who know the commercial real estate all the necessary aspects.

False Message

For several days has been circulating in the Dominican Republic an e-mail purportedly sent by the Attorney General of the Republic into alleged warning stickers were being sold and / or giving in schools and colleges in the country, which are allegedly impregnated drug lysergic acid diethylamide, better known by its initials in English as LSD, so we proceeded to investigate this matter and determined that it is a false warning about the possibility that young children may absorb harmful substances (LSD), through contact with pictures and tattoo stickers. Those who have been investigated since the 90s this type of message, ensure that at the time (almost twenty years later) has not been proven that there has been no case of children who received any dose of any drug, through decals or the drug-treated tattoos. From what if there is evidence that in 1992, began to operate through photocopies of an English version of this type of messages, letterhead Danbury Hospital in the U.S. A second version of it, spread in 1998. Get more background information with materials from Stephen M. Ross. This version was almost a verbatim copy of the distributed (in English), and pretended to be offered by the same hospital, photocopies of a flier with the headline "Parents strongly cautioned" .. Precisely as of June 11, 1998, said hospital official realized that the warning was false, alerted by the large number of phone calls and consultations. Another message called with the same text, this time in Spanish, dated in Madrid on April 2, 2001, very similar to the other, supposedly out of Social Pediatrics Unit, Hospital Universitario Nino Jesus, was put into circulation in Spain, also being distributed through photocopying and fax, as it was not so common email. .

Houses American

Wooden houses and prefabricated houses: A natural choice of live, maderLa comfort interiors, quality of life and the return to nature are major concerns for those who acquire a detached house. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nobel Laureate in Economics by clicking through. Many are now the response to these concerns in a prefabricated wooden house. Ecology and respect for the environment concern today to the majority of citizens. Among all building materials, wood is the only renewable and natural. The transformation process of the wood for use in the construction is simple and requires very little energy when compared with methods of obtaining other materials. Forests are the lungs of the Earth. The lung from which depends the life of all of us.

The fruit of a well-kept forest is wood, the most ecological of all materials. The wooden house is a House that breathes. The wood absorbs and expels moisture thus regularizing of the indoor environment. It helps prevent ailments from rheumatism and problems respiratory, by stabilizing humidity, filter and purify the air. The wood natural bioelectric field provides also a State of equilibrium in the human body. Wood constructions and interior of wood, by themselves act as insulation, unlike what happens with other materials. The possibility of increasing these values more easily making traditional systems, and with less loss of usable area, the wood is a material widely used in countries in extreme climates. We have the prefabricated option, being able to combine both, we refer to walls of plasterboard with thermal and acoustic insulation.

The acoustic properties of the wooden house are optimal for them. The wood absorbs waves it receives. The wooden house is a silent House, which reduces the stress of its inhabitants. And contrary to what many people believe, the wood is a good building material. There are also those who consider that the wooden structures only last a few decades: this is very far from the reality. Numerous structures of wood from other centuries are preserved in the beautiful Spanish cottages. And wood is also one of the few materials that age naturally. The extensive use of wood in the world proves that the numerous advantages of wood widely surpass the disadvantages.

Russian Housing

Most of the inhabitants of the Russian "" confident that the only hope for improving living conditions for them is resettlement. For apartment owners in panel five-storey building of the first series, these expectations are not without meaning, however, cause for optimism is not at all. Completely demolished, "" yet no one is going. Moreover, they began to repair under the federal program overhaul, the Fund's reform of public utilities. Many homeowners do not show her proper interest, because they believe that the case be limited to regular painting walls and replacing the canopies above the entrances.

However, this opinion is erroneous. Nowadays people in "" has a real chance to radically improve their living conditions, will not moving. And pay for it will only a few thousand. What is an overhaul According to Federal Law 185-FZ of regulatory programs overhaul, if necessary, can be done full reconstruction of residential buildings, which includes repair of all intra-house engineering systems, repair or replacement of elevator equipment, repair roofs and basements space, insulation and replacement of the facades. It should be noted that overseas the practice has been used for quite some time and quite successfully. Especially large-scale projects to upgrade entire blocks of old housing panel (By the way, mostly five-story building, too) have been implemented in the former East Germany after German unification. As a result, managed to avoid the demolition of reinforced concrete "barracks" and turn them into a modern and comfortable building. Incidentally, the list of repairs from the Germans was almost the same as that provided by the law 185-FL: repair-house communications (water, sewerage, heating, electricity), repair or replacement of elevators, roofs, facades, insulation and renovation of cellars.

The Agency

A private trader usually takes a commission less than the agency and, thus, creates a serious competition. Often in private real estate brokers are people who have worked long enough on the real estate market in the agency and decided to leave on their own bread. Many of these high-level professionals. You may want to visit The Related Companies to increase your knowledge. Less work with such people is that if you “set up” or “Throw” the agency, then you will be able to resolve the issues through the courts, as your relationship with the agency spelled out on paper (contracts), and from private owners usually agree verbally, and to prove in court your message across much more difficult. We summarize. If you feel the strength you have time and desire, then you can start looking for yourself. In an extreme case, if something does not work, then turn to the realtors never late. If you understand that without the realtors can not do, then Try to find a specialist for advice.

Otherwise it may so happen that most of the work instead hired a realtor you will do, and yes even for their money. Believe me, I came across this quite often. When you register relations, it does not matter whether the agency or private owner, to enter into contracts for services. Prescribe all the details of the parties, as well as the entire scope of work, which must comply with the realtor. If you are denied custody of such contract, referring to the approved standard form, in which everything is very blurry, muddy and unclear, it is best to refuse such an agency. After the execution of works is an act of the work performed and give your quality characteristics. Try to postpone the payment of the contract at the last moment, as well as to prescribe that in case of unsatisfactory work performance, some amount should be returned to you. If you have any questions, write to me at, and I’ll try to answer you and tell how best to proceed. In an extreme case, redirect your mail (required with your consent) to one of its partners.

QUO VADIS House Allocation Lot Drawing?

Only the big hype, then the crash and now? The history of the House raffle: End of 2008 / beginning of 2009 the family of Daniel with its house raffle has caused a huge media buzz in the media forest. With the imported from England idea to meet that man is giving away his home under a predetermined number of participants the real estate crisis. Where the search has become tedious for a buyer with enough capital or credit associated with the desire to acquire a specific object, was the sale of lots for very little money to a variety of participants. The community of Los buyer so is the equivalent of real estate plus raffle expenses – and the lot will then decide who should appreciate the price. Click Richard LeFrak to learn more. Not a bad price, is up 7-digit area but a property with a value of 6 while the costs (and thus the risk for the participants) 100 remained! This in conjunction with odds that are thousands of times better than so far unprecedented all created an attractive overall package, no comparison to shy away from needed.

The enthusiasm of the media via the first House raffle in German-speaking countries was correspondingly large, the draw itself in a few settled weeks and a lucky winner could enjoy a million mansion that he was free from encumbrances granted in return for 99. The \”gold rush\”: The real estate crisis, triggered by unrestrained zockenden bankers, had met not only the family Daniel, but there were thousands real estate owners who suddenly supposedly safe \”investment property\” could no longer sell. What could be more logical than to take the idea from Carinthia and copy? You needed tinkering but only a Web page or tinker, publish in the Internet, the media and that provide the required awareness then also free of charge – and once you have the price you wanted to have for its object.

Holiday Rentals

Holiday rentals in Corsica 2010: great selection, cheap especially for families, friendly couples and groups is an apartment or a cottage a cheap alternative to the Corsica-holiday in the hotel: enjoy the holiday and to provide without fixed rules and meal times even. Nobel Laureate in Economics is full of insight into the issues. Fun and freedom for children offer houses with private garden. On the private terrace, perhaps with distant view or directly on the sea located, can be comfortably round off the day. The tour operator MMV travel Italia s.r.l has put together a wide range of apartments and houses to suit all tastes and budgets in its online catalog of holiday apartments, luxury villas, cottages by the sea, cheap chalets, comfortable residences and resorts and private villas with pool. The houses close to the child-friendly beaches south of Porto-Vecchio, in the Bay of Santa Giulia are popular with families. Many apartments, chalets and villas of all comfort class wait in this Dream Bay in Southern Corsica on guests.

The functional and cheap wooden chalets in Porto Pollo are ideal for families with children, single parents and sports enthusiasts: in the not far from the beaches of the nearby Golfe de Valinco, extensive system of residence Mare Monti is an extensive range of leisure for large and small available. There are typical Corsican houses with great views and some with pool, however, the island in the hills of Calvi in the Northwest. Realtor has compatible beliefs. No matter whether lovingly restored Bergeries or modern holiday homes with pool, all the unique location in the charming little mountain villages of the Balagne is common. Very special pieces of jewellery are also two exclusive holiday villas in the catalog of holiday the former rectory of Casa San Petru in Pianello with panoramic views, three bedrooms and private pool, as well as the lovingly restored historic oil mill Moulin de la Tesa in the Valley of Ostriconi. Who don’t want to miss out on the comfort of a hotel, but appreciates the freedom of an apartment, which should be for one of over forty Holiday decide residences and apartment complexes. To ensure the quality of the contract homes, all products personally were visited, checked and described, so that you will experience any unpleasant surprises on the spot. Also ensure that transparent customer feedback that you have even a glimpse of the tenant side on each vacation property. Personal advice is written quite large when holiday

The service team of the Corsica specialist by email or phone for you is there. Last but not least, holiday guaranteed same prices as for the landlord. Transparent prices ensure waiving booking fees and surcharges and mandatory ancillary costs already included in the price. Link:…

Government District

Berlin boom to visit Berlin, November 17, 2010. “” “All speak of the real estate boom in Berlin, now he can be experienced: the project developer and investor partnership Diamona & Harnisch has on Sunday his model homes Choriner farms” in middle, Fichtenberg Carre “in Steglitz and diplomat Park” opened in Tiergarten Park for the public and for the first time offered a glimpse of its exclusive new building projects in a prime location. “Already on the first day, many prospective customers took the opportunity: our prospective customers come from around the world to make an image of the vibrant Berlin and its residential offerings on-site and what they look like”, so Alexander Harnisch, Managing Director of Diamona & Harnisch. In the show flat at the Diplomatenpark, prospective customers can experience the new exclusive Berlin luxury, so appreciate the buyers from around the world. Gain insight and clarity with Richard LeFrak. Consisting of 10 townhouses residence directly on the large animal cooking with Porter in the entrance area and swimming pool on the roof is located in the middle of the diplomatic and Government District of the capital. The wood-floored two rooms of the apartment on the 1st floor are spacious and offer 110 square meters of housing. Of course, also a private garage and a 15-square-metre and Southeast-facing balcony belong to the luxuriously furnished home. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nobel Laureate in Economics is the place to go.

Sale price in the Diplomatenpark is 5,300 to 12,500 euros per square meter. The model apartment from Monday is open to the public until Sunday between 14:00 and 17:00. Far away the foreign embassies, but surrounded by the dynamic creative upheavals in mid the Choriner farms are located. Here, a 92 square-foot model apartment with 4 rooms with oak wood floors expected the interested parties. The apartment is equipped with large Windows and high doors and an eight-square-foot terrace. And also private underground parking facilities. The Choriner courts consist of a total of approximately 130 apartments and homes, two houses and eight Commercial units, which spread over a total of nine buildings.