The Client

At the heart of FREYLER philosophy is always communicating with the clients and its employees. The needs-based basic evaluation is integral to the FREYLER building concepts. ProLogis is likely to agree. In talks and workshops, it is clarified what is to make the new building. Company characteristics to which there are, how to run worker processes from, what space is required, ecological aspects are as important, what budget shall provide, how much time is available and with which growth is to be expected in the future. This open and honest inventory is the basis for every successful building. “And so our specialists can one thing above all: listen to”, stresses Markus Dosch. These findings follow almost logically the architecture, the technical equipment, the choice of materials and the colour scheme. So are building, where employees and management, customers, the community and the region can identify with.

Also with the legitimate fears of the owner of the company, which can access the building usually no experience, FREYLER dealt consistently. Vadim Belyaev shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Whether site search or financing advice, whether the client can reliable calculation or on-schedule completion rely on FREYLER. Standards are clarified, alternative solutions are shown and discussed. Over the whole process from planning to the delivery, the client has a single point of contact, while the specialists of FREYLER multidisciplinary working group, which also the FREYLER Metallbau steel construction and the FREYLER, in the background. All modern in design and construction to the available ways: CAD and AVA programs, computer simulations, CNC steel production as well as a comprehensive it project management. The Client but has the translator who benefits, costs and limitations of different solutions so telling him that he can decide and feel it in his project Companion. The mix of communication, creativity and safety, which features the FREYLER system, also the middle-class opens the way to buildings that make visible, tangible, and experience the spirit of the company. Such buildings will increase the brand value and competitiveness. Small and medium-sized enterprises should make this claim: the family, the staff, the city and the location Germany are worth. A quick overview of the FREYLER group get on.

State Government

The dream house is mostly in smaller towns and rural town & country house: clear lower real estate prices than in cities with similar good infrastructure Behringen, 25 November 2013 – 80 percent of tenants in Germany looking round for nothing more than a home. But many don’t dare to realize their dreams. According to the current housing dream study 2013 “especially in some places sharply higher real estate prices and a low range of affordable land, especially in the big cities discourage people interested in building your own four walls. Town & country home, Germany’s leading provider in solid building, advises mainly families with average incomes to abandon inner-city top-layer and instead to take advantage of the many benefits of a home in medium-sized and small cities as well as in rural areas. The fear of their own courage impressively documented the living dream study 2013 “, which the IMWF Institute of management and economic research on behalf of the mortgage broker INTERHYP created and recently published. Then, 51 percent fear the nearly 1,800 respondents construction prospects difficulties in financing.

Nearly 40 percent believe that they will not find their dream home. In particular tenants in the cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, as well as in the corresponding metropolitan areas have reservations over the construction of a home. There real estate prices, not only for apartments, but also for houses and for detached homes have risen rapidly in recent years. For families with average incomes it is practically impossible to realize their dream of the own four walls”, Jurgen Dawo, founder of town & country finds House. Unlike in more rural regions and also in the medium-sized towns in the catchment areas around the cities. There usually no flatter land shortage”, Jurgen Dawo know.

On the contrary, especially smaller Local authorities make increased efforts, to devote to unneeded land to build housing on it.” Obvious reason: Smaller cities and communities are interested in the influx of especially young families, because this not least increased their share of the tax assignments by the respective State Government. Mature and above all affordable land is comparatively easy to find outside of major cities. It is worth to say demand for the real estate office of the respective municipality. Since may, the municipality plans the sale of land to own budget discharge. Also churches and foundations often have huge landholdings. These areas are not though usually for sale. But they are still useful for the client, because they are exploited on the way of the heritage building. The acquisition of a plot of land in the context of an auction is a not everyday way. Special publications provide an overview, where land under the hammer. A second source of information is the local District Court, where everyone can see a list of the upcoming auction dates. According to statistical findings by town & country house is the construction of a free-standing home in rural areas for 250,000 to 280,000 Euro possible including real estate and acquisition costs. In large cities, and especially in major cities the same home due to high land prices and, depending on the location in the top would cost twice as much. But the dream house outside of big cities is not only due to the low acquisition costs, which often allow the construction of the own four walls to rent similar conditions,”town & country founder emphasizes Jurgen Dawo. Emotionally, rural regions offer many advantages, because especially the children with more freedom, but as well protected as in the city could grow up.

The Boiler

A brand new product for our market – this is the boiler running on wood pellets (pellets). Although information is available about these boilers is relatively long, we can say that in Russia they are almost not represented. The reason, perhaps, the relatively high price of the boiler or the absence of the fuel widely available. However, the Boilers have a number of of advantages over conventional boilers for solid fuels. First, they are environmentally friendly because the production of pellets do not use chemical additives. Second, the calorific value of pellets is higher than usual timber (capacity pellet boilers ATMOS up to 92%.).

Third, pellet boilers operate in a fully automated mode. Fourth, the pellets are easy to store (requires less space), and transport. They are less prone to spontaneous combustion, biologically inactive – do not contain dust and spores that can cause allergic reactions. Pellet boiler ATMOS is designed as follows. In the body of the boiler built a special burner, in which the bunker with the screw enter boot pellets. The bunker is located next to the boiler or in an adjacent room and can be any size. Upon receiving the command 'strata', ie if necessary, heat, turn the screw, which pours pellets into the burner nozzle.

Pellets ignited by a glowing coil and when they are sufficiently combustion, the burner automatically selects the set output of which is as long as all system is heated. Thereafter, the burner is turned off and the pellets remaining in the nozzle, burning down. The operation of the burner is made by electronic control. Loading of fuel, cleaning the burner and ash removal are carried out once 1 – 14 days, depending on the quality of pellets. Pellet boilers ATMOS designed so that, if necessary, you can remove the pellet burner and replace it with a lid and heat an ordinary timber. And finally, the boiler ATMOS, which currently has no analogues on Russian heating market – a combined model boiler ATMOS DC (L). The boiler can work with wood, pellet, gas and liquid fuel. And perhaps alternate fuels without conversion of the boiler, depending on whether the burner is installed on it, pellet, gas or fuel oil: wood and wood pellets, wood, natural gas, wood and liquid fuels. The boiler is designed as housing with three cameras, one above the other. In the two upper chambers are burning wood pyrolysis. In the third – the bottom, lined with ceramic burner fits the selected type. Both systems are separated from each other by a water jacket and so have almost no influence on each other, so boiler achieves high (92%) efficiency of the combustion of certain fuels. At the moment the boilers ATMOS DC (L) is available in four sizes in Depending on the power – 15 to 35 kW. To protect from overheating all ATMOS boilers are available with cooling circuit. See photos of boilers Atmos>>

Creative And Real Estate

Seems to stand out: the creative as an architect of the future must be adapted if the market for all workers is too small, you could try, for example, to enlarge the pie to be distributed. This means that an architect envisions not only as a designer and Developer’s representative, but as an expert around the property. As for builders of good design is actually a matter of course, the communication Furthermore should include also aspects such as dates, cost, freedom of lack of, quality, legal and financial security. People such as Richard LeFrak would likely agree. The architecture market in Germany is the largest in Europe, but very structured form, i.e. larger offices make with more than 10 employees just a proportion of approximately 4% in this market, only 15% of the offices generate a turnover of more than 250,000 euros per year. See Stephen M. Ross for more details and insights. But one-third of all offices under 50,000 euros is with their annual turnover.

This small-scale structure causes a structural weakness of the profit. Despite the strong cyclicality Industry is this been overstaffed by the pure number of creative and has to contend with a well concealed unemployment. The efficiency of personal use is not always the best due to the fragmented structure and is not improved by sometimes-to-be-determined lack of business know-how and monitoring. Market surveys have shown that tended to architectural firms are more successful, the they are bigger and the older, i.e. the longer they are on the market. For the small office, the higher the proportion of employees without project link and it is more people who used differing or contrary to their qualifications. Also, the architects seem successful to act if they have a focus in the new building or HOAI regulated services. In the creative economy, we have to do it not with a single industry homogeneous in.

CF. Becker, Jorg: Cultural and creative economy in the network of the locational factors, ISBN 9783839116357 the architecture market is fairly structured, cf. Becker, Jorg: Real estate management in the site possibility space, ISBN 9783839123065 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

Bungalow House

You want to start with the question of stand timber or stone on stone? Also prefabricated houses can be massive, such as all solid wall elements of expanded clay, all this is possible. The solid house construction is widespread in Germany, this is much less prevalent in other countries. Given the fact that construction solid much more demand, the problem of the construction is finally a question of the price for the resale of the House. 5. Energy saving technology: that these days contemporary matter save energy is one other point that planning should be considered in the context of the construction of the House. South-facing roof sides act very good; in the installation of solar systems Window systems are able, the interiors of the House as well to warm that, even in the cold season South.

6 Architectural style of the building: what a house one each like planning, there are peculiarities, a House of the exterior from which a whole certain shape can give. For example, the estimated Mediterranean style often storeyed is created, with second floor back attached to the Interior, Mediterranean balcony, sand-coloured walls u.v.m… Bizzi & Partners: the source for more info. Growing up or the Bauhaus-style buildings, often strictly geometric facades design, often including several natural stone facade building material, with noteworthy large metal Windows and flat roofs. Or even buildings in South of German style, etcetera. 7 Static or equilibrium theory: The balance doctrine or statics is of course also a limiting size for the planning.

The loads must be transferred from the upper part of the House on the lower part of the House to the bottom by means of so-called load-bearing walls. However, assuming that tolerate the customer additional costs considerably, are structural development opportunities, and you can create the client outside of a building. 8 Design of layout: the layout is on the Needs of the clients align on the subject to the size of the House – and she is a matter of time preference of course also. Partitions of the living quarters, how widespread they were 60 years ago, are not widespread today. Mostly, living room is now searched for a very spacious dining and that often has a direct connection to the kitchen area, in addition to the outdoor terrace.A toilet in the lower floor as a practical plus in addition to the large bathroom is also common. Who gives a layout planning in order, will need to schedule first these central aspects, which in any case are the first most basic topics of planning, and in addition very difficult weighing the value of ultimately built residential house. A variety of individual plans must associate. For example, the details of the design of the rooms, which are determined by these fundamental and falling early in view of the positions of the House planning.

Dutch Painting

One of the activities of our company is a decorative painting of walls and ceilings. Artists of our firm raspishut elements of the interior of your apartment, country house, public space, bring your ideas or offer their own stories. The theme of artistic murals can be a variety of visual images, from realistic images to classic paintings of Italian or Dutch stories, photos or collage of pictures. In the painting of walls and ceilings are a great success and decorative ornaments, paintings, framing the volume elements of the classical architecture. Murals can be applied to an already finished room because the process does not produce dust and dirt.

The mural is resistant to moisture and light. The image can be applied to practically all types of wall surfaces and have any dimensions. In the wall murals can be used not only traditional oil and tempera paints, but also modern acrylic and other compounds with the addition of mother of pearl, Fluorescent. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Greenberg Traurig. For classical murals widely used technique of "aging of" surfaces and equipment wall paintings "obmanok" – clever imitations of realistic images. Murals can not only decorate the space, but also design it visually change the shape and size. Want to hide the protrusion, push the window, raise the ceiling to extend the room? All this can be done without resorting to redevelop, just a brush and paints.

The talent and professionalism of the master will make disappear the wall, and in its place a window overlooking the the sea surface, alpine meadows, streets of Paris or the mountains. Ceiling heights in vzmetnetsya azure sky, and a bulky protrusion will air figured whatnot. Only the skill of the artist will make a picturesque image as realistic as possible. Therefore, when choosing a performer in this technique is especially important to pay attention to the experience and realized the studio. Painted walls should be perfectly inscribed in the interior of the premises, and exterior painting should be done taking into account the architecture of the building. A grave error that painting the walls and ceilings applied only to a classic design, dispelled many successful works in other styles. Modern high-tech, strict minimalism, art-deco styled, colorful eclectic organic accommodate artistic painting the walls. Our designers can offer various options for color, plot and process original solutions for your project. The combination of artistic painting walls and ceilings with other elements of decor – decorative plaster, stucco, decorative panels, exclusive furniture – would help create harmonious with stylish design. Our creative team are masters of various disciplines. We can organize the entire process from design to project all the design works. Art education, experience work and talent of our designers, artists, decorators confirmed by dozens of successful operations. Any kind of work we are beginning an acquaintance with the interior, we find out its purpose, features, customer requirements, planning premises. Then, the designer offers ideas and creates thumbnails. Following the approval of the selected thumbnail, begins execution of cardboard is on the wall where customers can see a picture of the future composition of wall paintings. After approval cardboard pattern is transferred to the wall and begin to master the execution of the paintings in color. Paintings by a qualified master. An important role in getting the desired result is correct preparation wall surfaces and the use of high-quality, proven materials. In our work we use only safe and durable materials, having all the necessary certificates. Fiction wall-paintings, executed with talent and skill, will give any room a unique harmony and mood.