Cottage Settlement For Large Families

Each year, the Moscow city government allocates new sites for new construction properties. High-rise buildings are being erected. On the outskirts of Moscow, there were whole neighborhoods. Firms that operate in the real estate market constantly updating their offers. Every year, prices for Moscow real estate values. And every year, the hope of improving their housing conditions for the majority of Muscovites is becoming increasingly utopian. But not all that bad.

Thousands of families in recent years have received their new apartments. In 2007, city authorities have begun to address the issue of improving the living conditions of families caring for five or more children. By the end of the year already 219 families have received new apartments in new buildings. 2008 declared 'Year of the Family ". In this regard, the Moscow government decided to erect one in the city – two-storey cottages for families caring for one or more children. Already identified a site for construction of new homes.

They are located in several territorial constituencies. This administrative districts: Northwest, North – East, East and Zelenograd. As well as South-West administrative district, the village Zakhar'in, located in the district South Butovo. Decided to create a gated development in an area of 2.5 hectares will be built and comfortable two-storey houses, designed for two families. The cottage has two separate inputs. One underground floor and two residential floors above ground. For each family provides a garage and a plot of 0.3-0.4 ha. The total area of the house with a garage, but excluding the technical facilities, is about 180 sq.m. Until the end of 2008 will be put into operation 193 cottages. That will provide all families with children of five or more people in need of better housing conditions.

Moscow Room Rental

Is that great or rent rooms in Moscow? Recently, the price of the average small apartment in Moscow rose to the level of rent an apartment in Europe. Someone who is easy? – The reader will ask. But let understand the components of the high prices. Compare the cost of housing in Europe or America completely pointless – it is cheaper from it will not, and can ruin the mood. Because of the bubble blown away and the secondary primary real estate demand has fallen for the purchase, but also proposals for the lease have not increased one iota, resulting in a more or less to find suitable housing (not to mention the convenience of the tenants in terms of transport interchanges, infrastructure development) is practically impossible. That is, find an apartment in a couple of kilometers from the metro, in a residential area can be run down, but the cost of living increases well. Today the cost of renting a room from 10 000 rubles 26 000 rubles from the apartment, depending on the area of the apartment price changes, but we're talking about the middle.

How many homeowners make? Thus, the cost of utilities by an average of one room in a communal is 600 rubles, 40 rubles light, the phone around $ 100. On, already 750 rubles. If the market value of the room in a communal sleeping area in Izmailovo 68 000 thousand dollars and the depreciation of housing 100% at 30 years old (it is clear that arithmetic is approximate) leaves 4,900 rubles.