Accessibility of Rental Properties

In 2009, according to market participants, will be a year lease on the property market. The decline in household incomes and lack of access to mortgages, showed that buying a flat to very few people can afford, even though housing prices in recent months steadily decreases. Substitute for proper housing is in crisis rent, according to statistics real estate agency doki 1 to January 15, 2009 in Moscow rents for housing in the segment of one-bedroom apartments economy class fell by 6.4%, averaged 23.5 thousand rubles per month for an apartment on the outskirts of the city. Began falling rents in Moscow by the end of 2008, during this period came on the market economy-class apartments for 20-25 thousand rubles, become cheaper business class and elite segment of the lease. According to analytical data MIEL-Rent, "in December 2008 one-room apartments fell 7.99% to 5.73% two-bedroom, three-room at 4.24%. In the segment of business-class and luxury homes by the end of December 2008 the rent furnished apartments fell by 7.67%, two fell 9.43%, three-room – at 9.51%.

In December – January, demand for rental apartments dropped, the proposal is traditionally grown, but to New Year prompted business class apartments for the price pryadok lower than the average rental value of such apartments quickly found a tenant, despite a small demand. Maria (Director-General MIEL-Rent ") shared data -" In December 2008, the largest number of offers economy-class was recorded in the Southern Administrative District, an elite business class – in cao (CAO share in the structure of the sentence was about 50%). In January, demand for rental flats typically begins to grow, while this trend is not observed, so to make concrete predictions about the development of the rental market in 2009 are difficult. "Such a tendency observed in the rental market of commercial real estate, more and more companies prefer to lease offices in Moscow buying.

Germany Property

Real Estate Market Analysis in Germany for the first half of 2009 shows as before a big range of prices and price trends. A characteristic feature of the German market can be called its stability and the absence of large fluctuations in prices even in times of global financial crisis. This phenomenon is due to several factors which contributed to the successful combination of stability in prices. Firstly, many owners reined in their facilities to the end of the tumultuous time "and thereby weaken the glut. Second, the significantly reduced entry of new housing that has spurred prices in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne. Third, wealthy people saw the appeal of real estate to invest money in comparison with financial instruments and increased demand. Fourth, property prices in Germany before the crisis were not "overheated", as in some other countries.

Buying makes sense objects, which in the long term at least retain its value as a maximum increase it to 4 – 6% per year. It is this increase in cost of interest for the owner as offsets inflation and general rise in prices. The key to a successful purchase are also, as before the location in the metropolitan areas, proximity to downtown and transportation hubs, no noise and the presence of greenery, decent neighbors. Leader in price and speed of their Growth remains with the prices of Munich from 2500 to 4000 euros per square meter and the rate of appreciation of 5-8% per year, far behind Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne. Caution should be exercised when buying objects in the famous suburb Munich – Grunwald, the prices of older houses are often highly inflated, the prestige of the area falls. Even more caution should apply to proposals for the sale of eastern lands, very attractive prices turn around times extremely low quality of construction, infrastructure and stagnant socio-tense neighborhood.

Apartment Building

hoa to court, demanding to recognize the right of common shared ownership of the basement in an apartment house. The courts found the two bodies claim justified. The Presidium of the Russian Federation has sent the case to review and explained the following. Concluded that the statute of limitations for the claim should be calculated from the time of hoa wrong. Based on the legislation, ownership of common property multi-family home can only belong to the owners of premises in it, but not hoa as a legal entity. The partnership is involved in such matters as the legal representative of the owners. Accordingly, they should provide the hoa the right to appeal to the court with such a claim.

In addition, recognizing the controversial subject of common shared property, the courts proceeded from the results of construction and technical expertise. Meanwhile, the holding of such common property of homeowners does not occur on any part of the basement of an apartment house, but only on technical basements. In appointing the expertise needed to determine whether the controversial part of the basement of technical, requiring permanent public access to engineering equipment. The examination results must be evaluated on the basis of regulatory requirements for the definition of the utilities included in total assets home. Also, the courts had to check the arguments that the disputed premises is an object of independent functional use. In this case, the ownership of it recorded for the one of the owners, who owns and part of the premises in the house.

Turkey Property

Even in crisis the real estate in Turkey, an increasingly popular Russian buyer. The main reason for buying property in Turkey is, above all, relatively low price compared with the average and the price of Real estate in Moscow. Property in Turkey is in demand not only in Russian. Great interest is observed by the Irish, Germans and Danes. Until 2003, the Turkish property market was closed to foreign buyers. However, after the Turkish Government to reconsider this matter, and foreigners were able to acquire housing.

Now, for purchases, such as villas in Turkey, there are no obstacles, in addition to obtaining permission from the Ministry of Defence of the country, but this procedure is formal in nature. The very process of registration of documents for real estate in Turkey is very simple and short. Previously, registration of ownership took a period of 6 months to years now, this procedure is much simpler and Tapu can be obtained within three months. The process of buying and processing will be quite easier and faster if you apply to a qualified realtor. In Turkey, a simplified visa regime that will agree, very convenient.

And if you acquire property in Turkey, you will automatically receive a residence permit. The most popular place to buy property in Turkey is, of course, Mediterranean coast, so-called Turkish Riviera, which includes: , , Kemer, Side, Belek, Kalkan. Property is the leader among all other regions of interest for the Russians real estate purchase. Search property in Turkey it simple, as there are deals to suit every taste and pocket.

Property In Spain

Marbella (Marbella) – Resort, located 60 km from Malaga, considered the pearl of the Costa del Sol. This is the most luxurious and fashionable resort, not only in Spain but also throughout Europe, which affects the views of the beauty of its gardens and parks. Along the entire waterfront stretch of extraordinary beauty, sandy beaches, on the part of the city surrounded by palm trees. It was this beautiful city attracts many celebrities, aristocrats and influential businessmen, who buy luxury villa here. Among them: members of the royal family, the American television screen stars and even Arab sheiks. Marbella, like many resort towns of Spain is divided into two parts: the old town and modern city.

However, the architecture of modern buildings in Marbella is not violated, and, even, perfectly complemented the ensemble of the old part of town. Currently, real estate abroad, especially in Europe, attracting more and more the number of Russians. And it is not only excellent quality property abroad, a relatively inexpensive cost and excellent living conditions. Foreign real estate – it is also a profitable investment. In addition, by buying house in Spain on the coast, you can enjoy sea and sun with friends or relatives while on vacation or holiday weekend.

Undoubtedly, the choice of housing is not a role played by its geographical location. Spain, a country with mild climate and high living standards, has always attracted many tourists. A holiday in Spain – is a romantic and unforgettable impressions, but to live and play in Spain – a dream. Spain – is the country in which to invest money in overseas real estate, buy a second home abroad and to ensure a stable future. Buying a house in Spain, you get a chance to save to stay in this country. If you do not intend to live permanently in Spain, you can very beneficial to take an apartment or house, as the Spanish real estate is now very popular among the renters.