Russian Builders

Consider, for example, the situation in St. Petersburg. Among the objects of which construction had to "freeze" due to budget cuts city officials, there are several nurseries in different parts of the city and two infectious disease hospitals. At the same time entering a football stadium for the "Zenith", which agreed on the financing of municipal government and "Gazprom" has remained unchanged – in 2010. Sadly, the spectacle for us to still remain in first place … VK: Does the federal level, dedicated support of the construction industry due to the crisis? EK: I think that the government should use two main mechanisms to support the construction industry – is the accelerated provision of housing people in need of better housing, and an increase in consumer demand for apartments and houses, including a mortgage.

VK: Can the government support under construction commercial real estate? EK: Potential support only socially significant objects. With respect to commercial real estate – is an open question … VK: How is the purchase of shares in construction projects, financial investors? EK: As a rule, investors are parties interested in financial results, as well as end users. For some, the determining factor is the commercial motive for the other – the consumer. Participants shared construction with the developer enter into an agreement on investing, under which the investor is funding the construction of the property or part thereof (eg, apartments), a builder carrying out construction work.

When completed in accordance with obligations under the agreement signed title to the object of investment proceeds to shareholders. According to experts, a contingent of investors in recent years has changed somewhat. If 2-3 years ago, they were represented by a small group of highly profitable business, now to the investment activity gradually connects the middle class. However, the massive entry of private prevents investors a high level of risk of such a scheme of cooperation. The fact is that during the construction process may be changes due to the price per square meter, a decrease or increase area of the object relative to a specific funding agreement, as well as the period of performance. VK: You know, buying property in a crisis, become a victim of any fraud? How to protect yourself from them? EK: The man has always been characteristic of greed through the assignment of foreign finance. It would be naive to believe that today the situation is different. Today's real estate market – it is truly a vast field for of various frauds and scams. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, should remember the following rules: First, never give to the originals, only copies. If the company insists on the originals – this should be alerted immediately. Second, do not sign any papers as long as the meaning of each sentence will not be fully understood. Deciding to seek the services of one or another real-estate company Pay special attention to the presence of her license, diplomas, testimonials and other necessary documents. Also, do not be redundant view so-called "black lists" on the Internet. These are special sites on which provides information on companies found guilty of fraud. If you contact the agency by the buyer immediately demand money without providing any guarantees – fraud is more than possible, and the best way to avoid fraud when buying a property will be consulting a professional lawyer. ————————————————– ————————– * The Association of Russian Builders