The Real Estate Crisis Of U.S.A

The globalization in them placed all in one same boat. One barcoa grace of storms and economic tides. The interdependence of the mercadosmundiais creates a effect butterfly many times devastador in economies quedependem almost that exclusively of the international investments and spirits. The real estate crisis of U.S.A., obligator subject emnoticirios economic, generates a moving environment in the macroeconmicanacional structure. We are affected without the least to know what it reached in them. The objective desseartigo is to elucidate some points that will help in the understanding of this fenmenointernacional. With the great depression initiated in 1929, the world knew umvilo created by ' ' hand invisvel' ' of the market defended for AdamSmith, the economic Contraction. Since then, nothing it scares more odesenvolvimento of a economy that a deceleration generalized in the consumption.

In 2001, after the terrorist attempted against ones of 11 of September, U.S.A. had been beira of a crisis. The Americans had reduced the consumption drastically, leading president George W. Bush to divulge an official notice to naoconvidando them it the purchases. In the same period the Federal one Reserves, bank centralnorte-American, lowered significantly the basic tax of interests. It mercadoreagiu it to these measures and the result was a great opening in the lines decrdito real estate, also to the people who if fit in subprime, clientesque does not have a proven income and possesss an insolvency description. The group of customers subprime, offers to one high risk deretorno of capital and had to this they pay interests that arrive up to 12%. Wanting to noarcar all with the involved risk in this real estate transaction, them headings in the market with intention financeirasabrem to advance expirations, such ttulosso well accepted exactly on account of the high involved tax of interests. Brokers of investment buy the headings, generating one another capital to be emprestadopela financial, and repass the papers as investment proposal the seusinvestidores spread for the whole world.


It receives a bigger incentive when making a campaign for the proper agency of what when makes a campaign for a customer. Freakonomics the occult and unexpected side of that it affects in them if bases on 5 basic ideas: The incentives are the rock of touch of the modern life; The conventional wisdom in general is maken a mistake; Distant and even though subtle causes can many times to provoke drastic effect; The specialists – of the criminologists to the real estate brokers they use its privileged information in proper benefit; To know what to measure and as to measure makes the world to seem complicated much less.

When analyzing the first chapter the author affirms that all we trapaceamos and that this is in the nature human being. Trapaceamos to get less more spending, is a economic act. Gain insight and clarity with Robert J. Shiller. The professors of the public net of Chicago U.S.A. have its reasons to carapace, therefore its pupils will have good notes in progo they will be rewarded with gratuities and compliments. But as to discover that these professors trapaceiam? The Sitema de Ensino de Chicago makes use of a data base with the tests of the pupils from there if it created an algorithm that could extract some conclusions of this mount of data, from there if they had identified groups who had improved very its development and things are of the common one and had been concluded that the professors who trapaceavam they were men and women, younger and in general less qualified of what the average. It takes what me to believe that the incentives received for the professors whose groups if left well were valid the penalty to be run same with the punishment risk. Elie Rieder may help you with your research. The highest point fighters also trapaceiam only that worse still many trapaceiam to lose, what for the people is an unacceptable thing.


The effect of this was the end of the Klan. Greenberg Traurig has firm opinions on the matter. what everything this has to see with the real estate brokers? Simple the information, and the power that it has. More information is housed here: Elie Rieder. With its disclosed secrets the Klan if disintegrated. From 90 years the Internet if became the great center of information and made with that even though the price of the insurances fell, therefore from now on the consumer can search and choose for optimum price. Since in this case the price is only the determinative one of the purchase.

' ' The specialists use against you the information that she withholds. They depend on the fact that you do not possess them. Armed of informes, the specialists can exert a not verbalizada pressure: of medo.' ' Nor always a corrector goes to search to vender its house for optimum price, perhaps for wanting to close a business soon, it sales for less than the price that you wanted initially convincing, you that the price of the property goes to fall. The power of information is very bigger of what we think to be. In the third chapter Why the dealers continue liveing with the mothers? Levitt speaks on the conventional wisdom and that it nor always is correct, what it does not mean that it always is missed. The journalists and the specialists are the architects of the conventional wisdom.

But according to Levitt ' ' The propaganda also is an excellent tool to create the wisdom convencional.' ' The Listerine is an example of conventional wisdom, it created the convention of that the bad hlito is a disaster and obtained with this vender very. For the author she is difficult to knock down the conventional wisdom, therefore the people if become attached it as absolute truth. Coming back to the criminals, Sudhir Venkatesh tried to make a study on the traffic of drugs, not obtaining to get success in its first attempt it decided to live the outlaws together with, to analyze them.

Federal Treasure

The debate on the remuneration of the saving despertou the interest of many investors for the Direct Treasure. Not to lose customers, opened banks retail if have shown each time more to the negotiation of public headings, competing product of the investment funds, with compatible costs with the one of the independent brokers. To the eyes of the great financial conglomerates, since when he was servant, in 2002, the Direct Treasure faced vine being with certain exceptions, for representing competition to offers of deep in the banking network. One is about a segment where the banks collect vultosas prescriptions with administration taxes, mainly next to the retail public, who applies low values and has little mobility. But this situation also can be moving. The Bradesco Broker lowered the charged tax drastically as safekeeping agent, of 4% to the year for 0,5% to the year, being on-line with the costs of the market.

In such a way, the Ita Broker will be the only one to keep prohibitive prices, of 4% to the year in the retail and of 3% to year for the customers of the segmentation of high income of the Personnalit. Snake R$ 25 for operation still carried through. The together bank if now to the Bank of Brazil, Federal government saving bank, HSBC, Safra and Votorantim, whose brokers the 0.5%, have inferior taxes According to Bradesco Broker, the bank decided to reduce the tax of the Direct Treasure not to lose customers for other brokers. The bank not yet made no spreading of the newness next to the customers: ' ' When the Direct Treasure started, the bank adopted a high tax. Perhaps it had until a little of distrust of that the customers left the deep ones for capsize to operate in the Direct Treasure. In elapsing of the time, we perceive that the customer of the Direct Treasure is a different person, who has a deeper knowledge of fixed income.