Spanish Association

Monday, February 23, 2009 the Spanish Association of lawyers URBANISTS increased during 2008 by 67% compared to the previous year, consultations and procedures on leases and housing-related affairs. Thus has expressed it the Secretary General of the Association Mrs. Maria the Kings wheel Serrano’s after the conclusion of carried out comparative statistics for the year 2007 and 2008. An evident growth in the number of individuals who attended the Association to be advised and if necessary request a lawyer for actions related to the matter of leases and problems associated with housing occurred during the previous year. Many owners consulted because they wanted to rent its empty homes but they were afraid. They showed their misgivings since the law of urban leases law 29/1994 of 29 November does not protect them and pampers them in excess, since it forces them to agree a lifespan that stretches over time up to 5 years, as set forth in article 9 of the LAU. Post which although it agreed a lower time, contract is necessarily extended to the owner by annual instalments if asi wants the tenant.

And should the lessor communicate one month prior to the completion of the contract his desire not to extend it, since otherwise the contract will be extended by annual instalments up to 3 years more, provided that cannot unilaterally desist the tenant. M Asthton Kouzbari insists that this is the case. Still another possibility offered by law make a contract of lease of season, wherever your destination is different to the meet the permanent need for housing which establishes the art. 2 of the LAU. And can for example be a different housing, leases leasing, foreign students who come to pursue their studies of 1 year, a master, or companies that leased a House for a Manager. This type of contract, on the contrary, is not extended by deadlines, but that they have a duration determined.

The Media

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