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Digital Time Code

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A powerful CPU Arm9 this video server generates a high quality image and transmits it over the network in real time with a resolution of 720×576 pixels and at 25 k / s, which conforms to Full D1 PAL. Depending on the bandwidth parameters of video from STS-IPT160 may vary, and the setting can be […]

Mortgage Agent

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As oborotosposobnosti a security bond is passed through the execution of another transfer labels (only the follow- state registration of the transfer). Mortgage makes the transfer of rights in pending legal relationships. Its convenience is also in the fact that she may be pledged. Nevertheless, the market mortgages in Russia did not formed. Of particular […]

MBS Bonds

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Mortgage participation certificates, unlike bonds, have no fixed income and the nominal value. Yield of these securities depends on how well the company, which trust mortgage, will collect payments on mortgage loans. Although, in the event of bankruptcy of the management company, the holders of certificates also are not in danger of losing money – […]