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Interior Design

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As the embodiment of the project in a minimalist style to be perfect: smooth surface, the details accurate, concise form. In a minimalist interior are not applicable drawings, patterns and ornaments. There are no luxury items, carpets, lampshades, handmade items. Liven up the interior can be embossed with plaster on the walls. If the walls are covered with paintings, they must be in simple frames. Color solution usually restrained, it is based on black, white, beige, gray and brown tones. Modest nobility minimalist interior emphasizes artificial lighting with a different emission spectrum.

Suitable lighting in the form of prisms or matte balls. Frequently used light any elements of the interior: shelves, ceilings in the rooms and the kitchen floor. Today, there are also striking designs in the style of minimalism. Color solution is usually reserved, it is based on black, white, beige, gray and brown tones. Modest nobility minimalist interior emphasizes artificial lighting with a different emission spectrum. Suit Lamps in the form of prisms or matte balls. Frequently used light any elements of the interior: shelves, ceilings in the rooms and the kitchen floor. Today, there are also striking design solutions with style minimalism.

The important role played by the window. Ideally, it should be great on the wall. If the window is a nice view, the curtains are not needed. But in a city without a curtain will not do. With austere interior harmony Roman curtains, roll curtains, sliding Japanese, always plain, pastel tones. Furniture Inspired by minimalism, strict form, has a high quality finish. Used a lot of glass and silver metal: coffee tables and lamps in the living room door wall cabinets, table and chairs in the kitchen most often made from these materials. Furniture can be made invisible, merging with the general background, and can focus her attention. Because furniture a bit, some items may perform several functions: a bed is a place to store clothing, the arms of sofas play the role of tables. In minimalism transformers are often used: a table is hiding in the closet, the bed - At a podium, computer hidden from view, sliding door cupboard. In the kitchen to visually expand the space, you can use this technique: light furniture to match the walls and the lower cabinets cabinets dark color. Kitchen Headsets long, strictly rectangular shape. For the minimalist kitchen suitable built-in appliances with glossy, reflective surfaces. Cuisine in a minimalist style suitable for those who like to order a lot of space and air.

Russian Federation

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Of course, there are cases where self-survey should be performed - this is due to the need to accurately determine the area of the site and its boundaries on the ground, if there are differences with its neighbors and future sales will be in connection with this difficult. However, as a rule, this is not necessary, and you're wasting time and money on unnecessary procedures. If your goal - selling you owned the land, and the documents are not yet ready for the transaction, the buyer often has no time and desire to wait, and as a result, chooses another option. This is what happens in the event that no offer him some security clearance facility in the property. How to do it most wisely? To do this, there exists a form as a preliminary contract of sale. What is its essence? When a buyer is found, a notary office or a law firm, in accordance with Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is a preliminary contract of sale area, which does not require state registration.

In addition to the contract price of the property are prescribed conditions of its purchase, the term of registration of necessary documents and responsibilities of the parties, in case one of them from engaging in transactions in the future. Based on this contract, the buyer usually makes a down payment to the seller and shall pay all costs of bringing the documents to the seller's state fit for the transaction. If the seller refuses to fulfill the conditions of the contract, the buyer can claim in court its execution.

Construction Boom

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Once a country like a single huge housing construction project, has turned suddenly into the country the mass of unfinished housing projects. Pattern there is a very lamentable: Frozen buildings; empty, put in service, residential apartment buildings, the housing market virtually ceased to exist: a proposal - there is, and demand - not. Construction in progress - is "like an eyesore." Potential buyers as "the devil Frankincense is now afraid of new buildings, mistrust of the population to grow them. With the new buildings no one wants to be the case, although prices for "primary" housing have dropped significantly. Builders are trying hard to implement or by any means, just built their homes. The sole purpose: to return, at least partially invested in the construction money.

On profit builders did not even think. Investors are also concerned that can not be realized due to costs constructed housing that did. Invested in housing, investors actually "burned". All of this negative situation can lead to the fact that after two or three years, new buildings for sale will generally not as "Secondary" housing for all who need not be satisfied. That would have the majority of Ukrainians live in rented accommodation as abroad.

Oddly, but out of this situation is not yet clear. Some say that the market Housing will revive, but only a few years. Others are predicting that the housing market, "kicked the bucket" and is unlikely to be revived ever since state of the economy is deteriorating day by day. Note: currently, average cost per square meter "secondary" housing exceeds the cost of one square meter of the "primary" - 300-600 UAH

Housing Prices

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Particularly relevant this statement was in response to the crisis in the global securities market, the consequences of which affected the Russian stock exchanges. Many investors who invest in stocks and bonds, drew attention to other ways of preserving and increasing their capital. For real estate, as one of the sites for investment, are increasingly interested. That, in turn, causes an increase in demand for housing. However, the situation can hardly be regarded as a reason that caused the rise in property prices. The recent growth in home prices is due, rather than difficulties of the Russian stock market and significant expansion of mortgage lending. What impact will the cost per square meter price increase of basic building materials? On the one hand, the rise in cement and other materials used in high-rise construction, which inevitably raises the bar for the cost of urban housing. On the other - the trend is forcing builders to access ", use less expensive timber frame housing technology.

Soon, the volume of housing supply will increase due to market for major projects quarterly construction. The city implemented several projects on integrated development of areas where it is planned to build millions of square meters of housing. Significantly raise the offer. Its role in curbing prices may play out in the St. Petersburg market of major developers in Moscow. Their projects have already implemented such construction giants like "Glavmostroy and SU-155. Likely to follow their example, and other major capital holdings, who have to compete with local construction companies.

Spain Real Estate

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Why buy property in Spain it is? Schengen multivisa foreign owner of Spanish property is entitled to receive for himself and all his family members annual Schengen multivisa. Mortgage loans without a problem in Spain, foreigners are no problems and unnecessary paperwork to get a mortgage. Furthermore, credit conditions are extremely attractive in themselves. For example, the interest rate of 6 - 6.5% loan term to 30 years. Of course, provided and the option of early redemption.

Cheap property in Spain is relatively low compared to European prices. At the same time they are in long term steadily growing. This is especially advantageous for investors who are considering buying property in Spain, as a profitable long-term investment. A temporary drop in prices, such as now, can extract benefit from short-term investment in Spanish property. In addition, a property in Spain it is easy to rent.

And this may be a good additional source of your income. loyalty to the foreigners want note that the Spaniards - very friendly, hospitable nation. They are friendly towards the Ukrainians and people from other former Soviet republics. Such an attitude is an act of gratitude for the salvation of Spanish children from the Nazis in 1936-39. A great place to stay! Prefer to relax in the summer? The hotel offers a host of luxury sandy and pebbly beaches. Love the winter holidays? You are waiting for the well-known ski resorts - such as the Sierra Nevada. Gourmets will appreciate Spanish cuisine - in every region of the special, and one of the world's finest wines - red, dry, nutmeg and sherry.

Tyumen Real Estate

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Which house to choose? The most frequent question from those who choose not to miscalculate the housing. It is no coincidence, because in recent years, new buildings are erected Tyumen two most common ways. The first type are the new buildings Tyumen panel form, the second - new Tyumen built monolithic frame method. To date, a way to build any new buildings in Tyumen care of each potential buyer. Monolithic frame method of construction of new buildings in Tyumen has come to us not so long ago, but already firmly established position in the market of construction projects. Powerful argument in favor of monolithic housing construction is-life, it is not less than 150 years, a good seismic resistance. Free planning - also a very significant advantage, because you can combine rooms and apartments, not only horizontally but also vertically.

Apartments in monolithic homes have a large area. Given the lack of interior partitions, the owner can design your own apartment. But this increases the cost of repairs. Monolithic frame method of building a house allows architects show imagination, to depart from the pattern of typical built-up of the last century and create a truly original form and style to the modern buildings in Tyumen. Of the shortcomings of a monolithic type of houses can be distinguished: high cost of housing, some disadvantage is the lack of barriers and that the house be erected for a long time. Panel method of construction of new buildings in Tyumen is relatively cheaper than its monolithic frame counterparts because their parts are manufactured in the factory and on site only collect, as a designer. Therefore, the prefabricated houses were built and will build a very long time. For prefabricated houses typical small area of apartments, low price and sufficiently functional layout.

Vast experience in the collection of panel houses and fast time speak for themselves. Despite the wide range of housing in the regional center and a variety of social and financial categories potential buyers, most huge amount of investors are still people with limited funds. It is for them to set up new buildings in Tyumen, panel type, with each year are gaining growing in popularity. But do not forget about the shortcomings of prefabricated houses, and they are for some very weighty, namely: the low level of sound insulation, the difficulty of redevelopment, ugly appearance vid. in new buildings in Tyumen collected from finished concrete panels, in the performance of a project, mission design ideas easy to implement. In any case, any new building in Tyumen choose monolithic frame, or panel, the choice is the consumer, more importantly, to a new house you lived comfortably and safely.

Russian Federation Internet

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With the expansion of the Internet and the friendly nature of its accessibility emerged a set of real possibilities. However, not only thanks to the Internet itself to a large extent simply was our real life because it does not unimportant role in this play different web portals, specifically who and worldwide Internet network. To date, absolutely whatever our countryman, let us say that interested in a property of Smolensk, by visiting the original Web site that has the ability to facilitate in fact all of the personal difficulties arising from the purchase, sale or rental purposes. You can tell because in the version where interested in what you want a property in Smolensk, for instance with regard to pick up a living space or to offer offices, simply follow the services of a thematic website. At that time, formed an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of proposals, and actually if it is necessary to write your own.

This announcement will be the announcement of the sale of individual apartments, or the appearance of desire to purchase a commercial property in the city center. In general, as the reality of this type of way to solve their own problem situations, is more effective than a variety of other methods. The vast majority of our compatriots were able to clearly ascertained that at present a proposal for a truly relevant, specifically in the media, say to example in newspapers, nearly impossible to find. This is explained in general is very elementary, because of the time for the ads, specifically to the date of the regular newspaper specifically to the person, proceeding quite large amount of time. As a result, during this period of precious time can be very much changed, and the ad is in practice not relevant. Quite the opposite principle operated bulletin board Smolensk placed at the thematic website on the Internet.

The amount of time the formation of an advertisement on a web portal requires a small numerical quantity of precious time, and in addition not be difficulties in general, even a student, because you should only enter data into an existing form. In the end, after the ad will be created, it automatically will become prominent in full for all guests of this bulletin board. This reduces waste their time, money and effort is not purely just everyone hosting some sort of advertisement for the sale, but also in directly to the one who looks for something. Most likely a mistake will not explicitly mention that the Smolensk bulletin board will be required not only to those who are interested in this or that property, because categories of ads offered a decent numerical quantity. With absolute certainty it must be said, given the number of partitions in fact completely covers the life of all people in the region of the Russian Federation. Today in the life actually due to this online portal, you can allow, in principle, any existing dilemmas, say for example, to buy or sell a car, find a job, or to procure the necessary spare part on your computer. This may implement the minimum free time with perfect result. In addition, it should be noted that the exercise is now fully possible in general, any time, due to the fact that the Web site is working round the clock and every day.

Secrets Of Renting An Apartment

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In Kiev, a monthly rent somewhere in 100,000 apartments. Yet many owners of flats in need of knowledge of even elementary knowledge of Realtors. It is desirable to know the skills interior design of housing. Consider these nuances, and so the interior rental apartments must be practical, durable and quite expensive. Do not forget that in addition to your home, at least there are a thousand other such as that offered in lease.

Their owners want to earn, and therefore offer tenants something more than the apartment walls, windows, etc. That's why you must have a clear idea of the real estate market. At the same living space as a finishing floor, walls and ceiling, some furniture, household appliances offer the owners of similar apartments? How much can I receive each month for an apartment in a condition in which the apartment is located. You are satisfied with this amount of money? What short-term outlook for this segment of the rental apartments? All this information can be obtained, briefly, by phone, call the real estate agency. Benefits, which are at your living space should be visible and especially appreciated by those people who are potential tenants of apartments in this segment.

Assume for the apartments of the middle class can be set even air-conditioning, refreshing air. Tenant may, for various circumstances, want to leave the apartment before you stated that the housing demands a good repair. Procedure is completed rental housing, even ahead of schedule, should be written in the lease agreement is extremely close. Must be stated that an employer may not live past month on account of security deposit made by them under a contract of employment, that the insurance fee must be returned if no damage to property, not caused by normal wear and tear. The whole procedure of separation shall be described in the agreement sequence. Be careful when passing in the recruitment of your living space. Know that the future employer will be important information from gather that you are all about.


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Well, who these days is not dreaming of a separate cottage? Only one who has it in fact exists. And in a situation, if you exist in a small apartment, in addition, more and removable, the dream of his own house will torment you for a long time. In particularly on the house, with appendices land segment, which you will do everything that comes to mind, cultivate any plant - and all manner of other people's eyes do not become distracted. Indeed territory, will be the For example, land in Tyumen, valued enough, though sometimes including non-monetary, but in psychological terms. If you present a separate part, you have essentially the owner lives. Of course, buying a separate land - is in any case not an easy task.

It is clear that you want to save a certain amount of money. Also need to pick a site to collect paper, build a cottage on the land - and not bankrupt in the process. At this time, all in fact easy. You will need the services of a truly great company, for which the sale of land in Tyumen - just one area of professional activity. Wizard will advise you on any question of purchase of the site and building a cottage.

In addition, you can recommend a planned housing estate, which is perfect for a cottage of your dreams. Modern investment company will be right next to you from the moment of registration of your drawing hypothetical cottage and up to completion of construction activities. You do not begin to worry about registering documents and, more importantly, will always be absolutely sure that everything will go as needed. Of course, maybe you already have a comfortable home. In this case, land in Tyumen will become a profitable place for investment. Bought piece of land and renting it later in the lease, you can pay back all deposits for a very short time. Or you can refine the site to build a cottage there, and then sell all created for decently higher price than acquired themselves. In times of global crisis area - this is something significant, something that is still in the price. Especially when the end a global crisis, property prices will rush up, as well as increase consumer demand. Here in this case, you will be able to fairly consider bills and enjoy the reality. Your monetary stability in your hands. And if today you will be able to invest finances wisely, then the warrant and happy future for their children and granddaughter. And besides, will be able to exert little effort in the process, if the pass service professionals experienced company. Do not waste wasted my free time and nerve cells. Purchasing sites with assistance from knowledgeable people, create your own happy future.

Cyclical Real Estate Market

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Five years ago, was considered an elite renovated former communal entrance with a fully settled. Three years ago, the elite of this house was considered only after the reconstruction. It is now being built not just a luxury home, luxury quarters. Luxury real estate market is not standing still. He, like any living organism that is subject to change. Experts believe that over the past five years, the market went into its development, a long way. Stop the development is not expected.

TendentsiiNa real estate market among the new trends Nikolai Lavrov, the deputy director of the Academy of Sciences 'Bekar' highlights coming in 2007 in St. Petersburg the change: the direction is already known in Moscow, the redemption of the old mansions in the city center and the renovation of a new luxury housing. Update occurs on the old layout, the replacement of ladders for workers in modern elevators. 'Such a reverent attitude to the old days - no restrictions Committee on Monuments and requirements of the new bourgeoisie. The mansion is built on a 2.1 family with isolated inputs. Such mansions reduced development companies - under the order of the investor or the city. These items are selling well.

However, in St. Petersburg this trend will grow only slightly, because we have enough small merchants' mansions. In St. Petersburg, it can transform itself and become a sales floors in old buildings' - sure Nikolai Lavrov. Another trend in the market - the club house. This practice is now gradually spreading in Moscow: the house at 8 - 10 apartments, the area in which repurchased more than one person at each round of communication.