Compare Wire CIP

Many people wonder why the self-supporting wire cip came to replace the speaker wire that is used for many decades in our country. I will cite several arguments in favor of sit. Characteristics of the wires and sip as (comparison): Criteria sit as Application for transfer and distribution of electric energy in air power and lighting networks of up to 20 kV. Intended for overhead power lines and to enter into homes and other buildings. Transmission of electric energy in the air networks of land of any climatic regions with temperate and cold climates. The design consists of four twisted insulated wires, the one for each of the three phases. The fourth phase wires running simultaneously as the rotor and serves as a zero-worker, or combined conduit. Aluminum wire aluminum wire with steel core – the round. Short circuits due to weather conditions do not let the possibility of new connection fees without disconnecting from the power previously mounted yes no yes no Fire unauthorized connection consumers have so little high electrical injuries Aesthetics yes no complexity of electrical work do not let the low cost of installation of the high possibility of mounting on the facade of buildings in urban conditions, so there is no lack of insulators and traverse yes no losses associated with high leakage current low reactance lines lower the high costs of operation low-high cost of installation average high Technical Data bare wires of type A, ac and self-supporting insulated wire-type sts. Electrical resistance of the cross section of 1 km of wire direct current at 20 C, om, no more: A phase ac sit sit lived carrier core 16 1.8007 1.7817 1.910 25 1.1498 1.1521 1.200 1.380 35 0.8347 0.7774 0.868 0.986 50 0.5784 0.5951 0.641 0.720 70 0.4131 0.4218 0.443 0.493 95 0.3114 0.3007 0.363 120 0.2459 0 , 2440 .253 As you can see the wires cip almost all indicators exceed the speaker wire. Therefore recommended for use.

Winter Garden

For rooms with large glazing area should be used heaters Thermoplus. They are placed over the window, and not under them, allowing their use in areas where children are present. These devices provide reliable protection from drafts. For the local heating ideal Elztrip ez 100 or cir. Country house for heating suburban homes better use instruments cir series and series Elztrip ez 100, but it is recommended to use them only as an additional source of heat, as devices can not operate in the absence of rights. This is due to the fact that the temperature of surface heating very high (700 C for a series of cir and 280 C for the Series Elztrip ez 100). These infrared heaters can be used on the terrace, in rooms with high ceilings.

Office Heaters Series Elztrip, Thermoplus or ceiling cassette hp will provide an economical and comfortable heating office buildings. Can be used as the sole source of heating. Industrial premises for such production facilities as shops and warehouses fit model with a high temperature heating surface cir or ir. They can be used for local heating of the workplace, for example, in an unheated shop for heating the workplace area of 5 m2 at a height of 3 meter device installation requires heater cir 12021. When design temperature outside -26 C ambient temperature is 15? C.

Comfortable state of human outer clothing guaranteed. ir heaters can be used as the sole source of heat for heating the entire room. Terrace in the country house, for example, for heating the outdoor terrace area of 12 m2 using 2 appliances ez 111. Autumn and spring can have dinner or lunch on the terrace without feeling discomfort. Winter Garden for heating large glazed loggias or balconies and transformed into a winter garden, you can use the ez series of devices at the rate of 300 watts per m2. Infrared heater replaces the sun to plants and they grow well even in winter. Industrial construction sites, shop with great ceiling height for such a space suit infrared heaters series of ir, mounted at a height of 4 m and above. Selection of infrared heaters – is not easy, we recommend to only in specialized institutions to calculate the necessary power and determine the type of device.