Contracting Party

Through the electronic register all incoming and outgoing documentation is recorded, returning a proof of submission to the company. The service must provide, in addition, a system of digital lacrado which ensures that the virtual envelopes be opened at the right time and not before, which implies the incorporation of functionality in the management module internal to the electronic opening of virtual envelopes. Finally, the electronic tendering service It should also offer the possibility of signing the contracts from the Internet. Tenders, service destined to the consultation of records in which a company will be bidding, prior authentication of the same. Notifications, through a system of electronic notifications, every company that is subscribed to this service, may receive all their notifications in electronic, safe and truthful way. Receipt of e-Bills: should der a portal intended for the reception of electronic invoices, in different formats, among them the format factura-e (which will be required by the public administration in our country as of November 1, 2010). Received invoices should be directly incorporated into the dossier that correspond and sent to an approval process that will receive the approvals by financial policy-makers.

More general services that should offer an e-procurement solution include: electronic publications service, which send ads and spreads to the State Contracting platform automatically and/or the Contracting Party profile of administration in particular. Electronic notifications service, which could use the platform of post and Telegraph for the management of notifications, but also should be a service open to integration with other platforms. Validation service electronic signature, integrating with the platform @firma. Service of notices and alerts, will calculate the time limits determined in the recruitment process and will automatically generate reminders and alerts for both brokers and companies. Although there is still a long way to go, we are not so far to go. The Spanish public administration has demonstrated in recent years, the interest and effort employed to modernize their organisational processes, promote new technologies and continue moving towards the optimum point in the search for the eGovernment.

Location and Capital

-The second is that when you locate already o companies with open Office, call by phone and ask for information, when you do the first thing you have to ask is what kind of interest charged on a loan of private capital. A good company answered you shall immediately, giving you several options (Please note to advise you well cited him to see his case in particular), and tell you by phone what interest rate charge you. Other companies will answer you that they do not inform by phone and if you want more information you approach to the Office, I just trusted the company’s intermediary saying yes the interest they charge you by phone, if they do it is because they have nothing to hide from the others yourself, you might find a nasty surprise, I say more, good brokers have their rates on its website, among other things by the new law which was released in March 2009, there is a great protection to the consumer in these types of products, requires any financial intermediary to publish the actual costs of a financing transaction. -Third once located one or more of the companies that meet the above requirements, take appointment and find out about each and every one of the conditions of the loan, to part of the interest are the fees and expenses that you will be charged by financial operation. Depending on the company may vary the rates, also has to take into account the difficulty of its operation, i.e. they will not charge the same for giving him only a loan of money in your account that give you a loan to cancel and deal with its asnef, however, or to suspend an auction. According to the difficulty and the work after the signature of your credit they charge you more or less fees, although all have a minimal cost.

Judge AMAF

by illegally providing the past advisory services January 15 AMAF required you formally to make it cease offering facilities of the College, and directly as such institution, legal, fiscal, accounting, employment consulting and mediation services in sale of pharmacies, charging for it, as if it were a private company as a corporation of public law competes regardless of the rules of the market and in a position of advantage and disloyalty against the pharmacy consultantslawyers as well as fiscal, employment and accounting advisors also uses assessments of their own collegiate as well as other public resources to cover such activities the Office of lawyers Dutilh, recognized specialists in competition law, on behalf of the Madrid Association of pharmacy advisors (AMAF) has charged the work of sue the official College of pharmacists of Madrid. The reason?: the activities of legal consultancy, advice, tax and accounting, management as well as numerous activities clearly business and professional not a corporation of public law and the College being conducted at its facilities. All of them aside from their statutes and with implied overspending. The Madrid Association of pharmacy advisors (AMAF) has decided Act Defense and representation of pharmacists who, in turn, are clients of the main advisors of pharmacy of Madrid, to the knowledge of the activity of interference in free market carried out by the College of pharmacists of Madrid, in its seat, on the sidelines, despite the appearance, the functions currently assigned to fulfill its functionality with respect to their collegiate, as States Fernando Gonzalez Albertos, President and spokesman of AMAF. Judge and part denunciation which evident concurrent activity that enters this institution and AMAF asked to stop performing on January 15. Consulting tax and accounting and brokerage in the sale of the College of pharmacists of Madrid pharmacies bursts into the market from a clear position of privilege, because, apart from its strategic location that keeps in permanent contact with all colleges in Madrid between competencies originating in the College of pharmacists is the procedure and the decision on certain basic and necessary records for the management of pharmacies, as you cards membership, validation of deeds of sale for transmissions etc., – turns him into judge and party, says the President of AMAF.

Success in Sales

The key to our success in sales and management of residential and commercial buildings, has been give peace of mind and confidence to owners since we investigated in a deep way the future prospect, (honourableness and solvency), and thus to be 100% secure, conduct our business for 50 years. Helenico Theatre, handed over the medals for outstanding values merit Mexican intellectuals that every year takes place. The 21 of September of 1993, Lupita Arizcorreta receives a medal for his outstanding work as an entrepreneur, from the hands of Dinna Shouner, President of the Association of women intellectuals and business. It would work it of Televisa Srita. Amalita Gomez Cepeda, who currently serves as President of coordination, congratulated Lupita Arizcorreta and terraces, who received the Medal of merit of the third age, the female youth association, by your Curriculum vitae so interesting that, in the Academy and in the world of real estate, it has deserved the first and foremost, and succeeded in its 35-year exchanges and international distinctions in their businesses of real estate, as professional advisor and administrator, journalist and editor.

He has founded several companies of real estate and all with success. In 1960 he founded the first stock exchange real estate. It has highlighted as a brilliant journalist and editor for 14 years, from their own magazines in English and Spanish, and international specialized in real estate, than by brokerage issues and property management stopped making this valuable publication.