The Praise

That is why you have been very well. Compliments must be honest because, otherwise, they will lose credibility and they convey the idea that me flatter to get something out of me. In addition, good ratings should specify as much as possible: your drawing has much strength and colors are very well combined. Thus, the child will wonder what else can learn for further improving reminds us, Richard E. Farson contends that the views we have about the value of praise are erroneous and, at the same time proposes the following ideas: praise not only has a doubtful and limited value as a motivator, but it, also, may cause a sensation of fear. Rather than serve as a bridge between people, it can serve to distance them. Rather than serving to give security to a person extolling its merits and its value, it may be a means of establishing the superiority of which makes the praise unconsciously.

Instead of being the path that allows a further contact, it may be the way to crimp it. Rather than raise the creativity, it is possible to block it we add, that when praises to someone, your reply more power tends to be a certain cancellation of what was said: already will be less. Everything has been a question of luck. They are phrases that enclose a defensive reaction, an effort to succeed in a difficult situation. Many people feel uncomfortable with a compliment. Praise hides a valuation, and be measured is a threat, because there is the risk of being judged negatively. When a person values to another, you intend to, somehow, to go in a particular direction, change it. The fear of change is deeply rooted in the psyche. On the other hand it is uncomfortable that someone is constantly judging us or measuring us. Often the praise comes from a situation that benefits to which praises.