Review Of Predictions Of Our Economy

The Next Trillion: For some time I have been reading articles on the trends of our economy, and the author who since 2001 has predicted the Revolution of the Wellness Industry is Paul Zane Pilzer, has made based on the following: “The half the U.S. population is unhealthy and overweight “Pilzer predicts that the healthcare industry, which will be more opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies based internet business. Consumers create a virtually unlimited demand and continuous health-based products, including vitamins, supplements, foods to make them more healthy internally. Many of the products bearing this industry to emerge and be the fastest growing are still in the laboratory. The Next Trillion is for entrepreneurs who focus on weight control products, maximize your health, or for anyone who works in the healthcare industry. The greatest opportunities for entrepreneurs will include the distribution and manufacturing and health services. Today is not 2001, and is almost 2009, and recently found that a company that started its doors in 2005, they began bringing better health to all people has managed to sell its first billion dollars in 3.5 years back, and the most incredible is that this is a firm of independent distributors and has managed to achieve financial freedom and improve their quality of life to more than 1.239 people of which the least income had been $ 30,000 a year and about 45 people of them in that short time have achieved an income of $ 1,000,000 per year.

Which verifies the Prognosis of Paul Zane Pilzer. It is important that we check everything we say about this industry, evaluated companies that are offering products and services and make a conscious analysis is to determine and make a good decision and achieve our goals and dreams in the fastest time possible . Paul Zane Pilzer talks about economies Overall very successfully through this simple review of the above in this paper. And also you can see that this talking about your economy, the wellness industry by Network Marketing companies, would be the best options to earn extra money and more by learning and taking action opportunities before us.