Mortgage Theft

I have a friend who is a thief, but tells me that he only meets with what makes the mortgage law and even our political representatives to help and support your company I guess they do among other things that my friend follow stealing under the Act. This makes me remember the custom that had my neighbors of a mortgage loan getting good of great economic value that ensured them (in part) the old age and (in part) was supplying the low retirement (if you were). But I had a problem. More information is housed here: Daniel Taub Israel. The limited mobility of my neighbors when it comes to move to another place to work. When the law, few neighbors noticed was institutionalized theft mortgage. Initially I thought that you could be considered a scam, but on the concept of this scam the term of deception and the mortgage law in Spain makes it clear, there is no deception. Thus, the ancestral custom of asking a mortgage for the purchase of a home, is take, both political representatives and intermediaries financial, and a few articles were drafted in the mortgage law that made possible the theft of your mortgaged when things come you wrong given.

Usually in Spain, there are very few neighbours who are aware of the consequences that can result in some other article of any that other law and as every time there is more laws and regulations to comply with, because that, many not bother to know them and while they may not apply you coexist with them why you want to impose the principle of: ignorance of the law does not exempt its compliance and the existence of a popular saying: If you want to sink to a neighbor, let him meet the law are sure to find a law that this false. Perhaps, the current economic crisis, has made possible many espanolitos to suffer the consequences of this theft institutionalized by the mortgage law and wake up, but is already too late, and now my neighbors are being disappointed by our politicians of shift that is escusan in the economic problems that exist, to say that now not It is time to change the law, while the financial intermediary are left with their homes and also leave them with a few debts that make it possible to seize them part of their future salaries, or they can also (financial intermediaries) have seized the homes of the parents of my neighbors who supported the mortgage on their children. I.e., the mortgage law makes it possible that my neighbor if you purchase a home using a mortgage and arrives a moment that can not afford the monthly payment, the financial institution can stay with housing for only half of its value and Furthermore, my neighbor the payment of half of the value of housing among other things. If this is not a robbery, that is stealing?. My neighbor have removed you your housing in addition to the payment of the rest of the value of a good (housing) which is no longer yours.