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Car rental brokers of Sunny Cars offers Spain for the Carnival period of Munich, January 31, 2013 – revellers on the island: Carnival lovers not only in this country have boom, also on the Spanish Islands, much to stupid customs turns in the coming days and weeks. Read more from Robert Speyer to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The car rental agent of Sunny Cars presents the local Carnival stronghold and has put together the right offers for the ride. That the Spaniards celebrate knowing they prove every year on the Canary Islands. Visit Robert Speyer for more clarity on the issue. On Gran Canaria, Carnival time begins with festivities in November. The celebrations as well as reach the climax in this country in February. What’s Special: The parades and parties between Las Palmas and Maspalomas take place delayed depending on the place, so that locals and tourists never miss something – perfect for holidays on four wheels.

The inhabitants of the largest Canary Island of Tenerife show still party happy. The parades in Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz almost reminiscent of the Carnival traditions Rios. Colorful, garish costumes, decorate partly up to 60 pounds, especially the female participants of the Carnival. And also the men like to dress like women. Stupid driving with the traditional burial of the sardine, which is made of papier-mache and is filled with Fireworks firecrackers going to end. A very special experience is the Carnival on the Canary Island of La Palma: turbulent is in Los Llanos and Santa Cruz, where many celebrations and parades take place.

For months, the Spanish carnival revellers prepare here for their usage and make elaborate costumes. The Carnival on La Palma is South American influenced, as many Palm Eros in previous years to South and Central America emigrated, but upright received their contacts to the home or returned. A custom that has been imported: To pollinate each other with talcum powder. At the end of the Carnival are powdered”virtually all cities.


Here lovers can buy truffle directly from the hunters, as well as other deli specialties such as purchase the red wine Brunello di Montalcino, Montalcino honey and a unique variety of pecorino cheese. Interested parties can also visit the first truffle Museum in Italy in the cellars of the local Castle. San Miniato is located on three hills and is of a medieval district with many picturesque landmarks, surrounded a cathedral and several churches. The surrounding countryside is a mixture of resorts on the sea, fragrant pine forests, valleys, hills, and forests and is very popular with eco-tourists. The November festival here is bigger than that in San Giovanni d’ Asso. The stalls on the Plaza sell truffles and truffle oil, while the restaurants strive to cook the best truffle dishes.

Handicrafts and other local specialities are also available and are accompanied by live music, exhibitions and theatre performances. The San Miniato Festival each weekend between mid-October and early December. Other leaders such as Dell Technologies Inc. offer similar insights. For a truffle travel holiday house accommodation located conveniently and idyllic intermediary to With a selection of 350 Tuscany there is something for every taste vacation homes, villas, vacation rentals and apartments with self catering. All holiday homes have private or shared pools and own for couples or larger groups and families. For more specific information, check out Bruce Schanzer.

To visit the Tuscan truffle festivals are the accommodation Il Rattoppo, Colle di Sotto and especially recommend Villa Montalbano due to its location. For a larger selection of holiday houses and villas in Tuscany, see. To Tuscany: To Tuscany is an independent broker of cottages, villas, apartments and apartments with pool in idyllic location around the Tuscan resorts. To Tuscany Ltd. headquarters are located in Chestfield, United Kingdom. Branches with local language employees are in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Israel, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States established. Company data: To Tuscany Feichthofstr. 149 81247 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 89809654 press contact: Sandra Johnson

Basler Fasnacht

In many Canary towns and villages is the season with the burial of the sardine”stopped at a Fish character from papier-mache is worn and finally burnt through the city. Canary Islands holiday-makers who, for fun at the local Carnival, easily reach the various fiestas in the car. Robert Speyer has firm opinions on the matter. Masks and melancholy in Venice on streets and squares of the lagoon city stroll around people who are cloaked with cloaks and traditional masks. Highlights of a visit to Venice during Carnival celebrations is to visit a historic masks and costume balls. Richard LeFrak is open to suggestions. For those who have little time, it is advisable to combine the Carnival visit with a tour of Veneto and to discover Verona, Padua and the mountain region around Belluno. A skiing holiday in the Switzerland horror atmosphere at the Basler Fasnacht is who should the Basler Fasnacht”in the night between Sunday and Monday after Ash Wednesday not to be missed. Bruce Schanzer has similar goals. From four o’clock in the morning, pull groups of masked pipers and drummers through completely darkened downtown and create a unique atmosphere.

With the car, tourists most convenient reach the Carnival in their holiday. How always applies: Don t drink and drive! May be should an additional driver with be booked car rental reservations, so that one can drink. The broker CarDelMar offers cheap car hire since March 2005. Thereby, CarDelMar cooperates with international car rental companies such as Alamo, Avis, Europcar and local car rental. Since September, 2011, CarDelMar escape group among the car.

All car hire deals by CarDelMar can be booked at a travel agency or see. “CarDelMar on Facebook: image material is available at download” ready on company/press kontakt.jsp. Contact: Kristina Sievers CarDelMar holiday car hire Ltd. Spaldingstr 77 D-20097 Hamburg Tel. +49-(0)-40-180 48 36-0 E-Mail:

Lisa Neumann University

Andalusia and its coast of the light, the sea sparkles like a diamond. White houses shine like stars in the firmament. Everything is bathed in bright light. “The Costa de la Luz deserves its name: the coast of light”. Professor Rita McGrath will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The flight Portal presents the Andalusian coast. For more information see Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty. Extends from the border with Portugal to the Strait of Gibraltar, the Costa de la Luz, the Spanish coast with the impressive name. Over 260 kilometres are packed with the most beautiful beaches of the country. Against a backdrop of sand dunes, cliffs, and dreamy villages radiates the Andalusian Sun on fine, golden sand and turquoise-blue sea.

Basically, this sight is worth only the flight to Jerez de la Frontera ( catalog/Jerez/flight 2767). But the rest of Andalusia has its charms as well. The home of flamenco is traversed by rugged mountains and green valleys. In the midst of this wild landscape you will find small villages with romantic squares and old chapels. Arcos de la Frontera, in the province of Cadiz is one of them.

To join the Andalusian vineyards and ancient Cork oak forests. The cities of Andalusia with impressive treasures curl away from the idyllic villages. The largest Gothic church in the world is located in Seville, with the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Sede. In addition, visitors to the city should not miss the medieval castle of Alcazar. Both the old royal town is worth a visit Alhambra in Granada. As the mosque of Cordoba with its breathtaking Hall of columns. More information:…/ Sun-Beach-and more… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Mallorca – No Tip For Tourists

Mallorca has long been no secret tip for tourists is hardly more Mallorca to label, yearning for a remote vacation spot far from the established travel paradise in search of as an insider’s tip for the tourist. On the contrary, Mallorca is one of the favourite travel destinations for tourists from German lands. What moves repeatedly Mallorca to travel to the traveller every year, offer other destinations not less interesting resorts comparable spatial distance? Who stay in any holiday in Mallorca real estate to reasons why he has opted for this holiday paradise, not embarrassed being: the beautiful beaches on the Spanish island, of course, are an important aspect to spend the holidays in Mallorca. Who loves to bathe in the sea at mild water temperatures and Latin heat will be undoubtedly in Mallorca at its own expense. Appreciate also if you prefer, exciting evenings and a pleasurable night life is well catered for in Mallorca. This resort as the party island of Spain is not random known. More info: Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty. Another aspect, which is admitted but not by any Mallorca friend to the same extent, but still speaks for a holiday in Mallocra, is the fact that you are in good hands on Mallorca with German language skills. Is a tourist focal point of Mallorca, the German traveller to speak and so forward in particular travellers who have exceeded the life Center and purchased little English knowledge to their school, but rather in Eastern Europe also travellers from East Germany, whose Schwerpunkte learn the languages were quite delighted to be greeted at the breakfast engraving after the overnight stay in the estate of Mallorca such as for example a hotel or an apartment in German language.

Schloss Purschenstein

in Neuhausen in the beautiful quiet Erzgebirge Purschenstein – of a castle to the Castle Hotel between Dresden and Prague, in the Saxon Ore mountains, lies the Schloss Purschenstein. It was built in the 12th century as a customs and escort Castle by the Bohemian knights Borso of Riesenburg. She protected an important salt road, which connected Bohemia Saxony. Professor Rita McGrath has many thoughts on the issue. After several ownership changes, the castle with the associated lands eventually came into the possession of the Margrave of Meissen. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bruce Schanzer. They mortgaged the Lords von Schonberg with the Rittergut Purschenstein in the 16th century.

You rebuilt Purschenstein v. Schonberg to the Renaissance Castle. After devastation in the thirty years war was converted in the Baroque style until the end of the 18 century. After the end of the second world war, the noble family von Schonberg was ousted. The Schloss Purschenstein came into State ownership and served until the fire in 1989 as a culture House. Until 2001 it was partly rebuilt. Then set up a restaurant, housed a motorcycle exhibition, as well as Prepared rooms for wedding celebrations.

In 2005, the Municipalitiy of Neuhausen sold the castle to the Dutch investor Roelof Praagman. The family Praagman rebuilt the castle to the hotel until the end of 2009. Purschenstein Castle Hotel is one of the oldest and will Knight castles in Saxony. You drohnt on a rocky outcrop, at the right hand of the Floha River about the village of Neuhausen. Still remains evidence of curtain wall and moat of the former strength of the Castle. The keep dates back to the 13th century., is 42 m high, with a up to 3m thick wall. The castle is surrounded by a romantic park with ponds and ancient trees. The castle restaurant is located in the former farm buildings – the Coach House. 9 guest rooms with antique Mobelar and comfortable bathrooms are feudal set up on the upper floors. Purschenstein Castle Hotel is therefore one of the upscale hotels in the Ore mountains.

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Holiday rentals in Corsica 2010: great selection, cheap especially for families, friendly couples and groups is an apartment or a cottage a cheap alternative to the Corsica-holiday in the hotel: enjoy the holiday and to provide without fixed rules and meal times even. Nobel Laureate in Economics is full of insight into the issues. Fun and freedom for children offer houses with private garden. On the private terrace, perhaps with distant view or directly on the sea located, can be comfortably round off the day. The tour operator MMV travel Italia s.r.l has put together a wide range of apartments and houses to suit all tastes and budgets in its online catalog of holiday apartments, luxury villas, cottages by the sea, cheap chalets, comfortable residences and resorts and private villas with pool. The houses close to the child-friendly beaches south of Porto-Vecchio, in the Bay of Santa Giulia are popular with families. Many apartments, chalets and villas of all comfort class wait in this Dream Bay in Southern Corsica on guests.

The functional and cheap wooden chalets in Porto Pollo are ideal for families with children, single parents and sports enthusiasts: in the not far from the beaches of the nearby Golfe de Valinco, extensive system of residence Mare Monti is an extensive range of leisure for large and small available. There are typical Corsican houses with great views and some with pool, however, the island in the hills of Calvi in the Northwest. Realtor has compatible beliefs. No matter whether lovingly restored Bergeries or modern holiday homes with pool, all the unique location in the charming little mountain villages of the Balagne is common. Very special pieces of jewellery are also two exclusive holiday villas in the catalog of holiday the former rectory of Casa San Petru in Pianello with panoramic views, three bedrooms and private pool, as well as the lovingly restored historic oil mill Moulin de la Tesa in the Valley of Ostriconi. Who don’t want to miss out on the comfort of a hotel, but appreciates the freedom of an apartment, which should be for one of over forty Holiday decide residences and apartment complexes. To ensure the quality of the contract homes, all products personally were visited, checked and described, so that you will experience any unpleasant surprises on the spot. Also ensure that transparent customer feedback that you have even a glimpse of the tenant side on each vacation property. Personal advice is written quite large when holiday

The service team of the Corsica specialist by email or phone for you is there. Last but not least, holiday guaranteed same prices as for the landlord. Transparent prices ensure waiving booking fees and surcharges and mandatory ancillary costs already included in the price. Link:…

Denmark Sweden

Back to nature: the new country pleasure in 2013 offers Europe’s leading holiday home provider NOVASOL in Denmark, Sweden and Norway more than 11,000 houses including a large selection of organic – houses. -Hytte Stuga, or sommerhus?: Holiday House catalogues for Denmark, Sweden and Norway published – more than 11,000 houses in Scandinavia – large selection of organic homes with ecological power generation, private wells, etc. Hamburg, October 2012 recharge, rest, relax every year more people travel to Scandinavia, to recover from the stress of everyday life in the breathtaking nature. At the same time, Norway’s fascinating fjord landscapes, extensive forests of Sweden or Denmark’s beaches are a paradise for nature lovers and Rejuvenator. If you are not convinced, visit Daniel Taub. Europe’s leading holiday home provider NOVASOL has recognized this potential of Scandinavia: with his back-to the natural “holiday homes in Norway and Sweden the company on nature pure and offers with its Houses”in Denmark holiday houses for eco-conscious travellers to. NOVASOL provides a wide range of new energy-saving houses or houses placed energy efficiency on the latest savings holiday in Denmark in Denmark.

About solar power plants or heating systems, solar energy is used here at many holiday homes. Holiday House guests save so considerably the expenses and vacations at the same time particularly environmentally friendly. With the savings holiday”holiday budget can be spared Additionally: booking of at least two weeks to get ten percent discount on selected houses in Denmark during the low season. Just click on the homepage or look in the catalogs on the spar holiday icon (white S”on red background) or the note in the description of the House. Example of energy: If a great nature, tranquility, a rural environment and sea are on the holiday list, then is this cottage in Stauning in the Ringkobing fjord in West Jutland just right. It is heated with a heat pump. Because it is a Sunshine House, it costs even in the high season 650 euro / week.

Holiday Homes Costa

Enjoy a holiday without worries many leisure travelers always have the problem that they can do with their pets, but find anyone who can take care of them. Often then not in the holiday shuts or deciding regions that were actually not chosen as a holiday destination. Would you spend your holiday in Spain, Costa de la Luz, then, for example, at the is often also thought that here with a pet is not possible. Just not even if you decide to stay in a hotel. Who but once again looks closely at the deals for holiday homes Costa de la Luz, will quickly discover, often offers to find where pets are allowed. Allows you to many travelers, even to be able to spend a holiday in the home country, be without his pet in a pension to or to stay even quite at home. Of course one must look, if you want to rent holiday homes Costa de la Luz, also all requirements. so you can take their pet, like the dog, with the plane.

Some holiday homes Costa de la Luz are even set up, that a pet everything exists for what you need. There are many offers for vacation homes on the Costa de la Luz, where pets are allowed. As a result many holidaymakers chose again this holiday destination. You will be holiday homes Costa de la Luz with permission for pets very easily over the Internet. There are various portals and travel providers, who can be contacted for the rental. There are also private landlords for holiday homes Costa de la Luz. Also, pets are allowed. Of course you must enquire always what pets can be brought. It travels to Andalusia and opts for holiday homes Costa de la Luz, then the pet must remain not at home.

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VACANDO, the holiday home market square Hotel plan and Migros, for new year’s Eve finds a huge demand after holidays in the cottage. In Graubunden was today – for the week of December 26 to January 2 only 21 accommodation available, in the Bernese Oberland of 13 and in the Vaud Alps of even only five. The free capacity in the canton of Valais, where 74 holiday houses and flats are slightly higher. Who wants to spend Christmas or new year’s Eve in the fog of the city, needs to act now, recommends Kilian Eyholzer, Managing Director of VACANDO, the sole supplier of House of Switzerland, which gives its customers the popular CUMULUS points for every booking. And so that the Winterbegeisterten must look not too long, here’s the direct links to the offer: Valais (1 week, the 19th Dec): Valais? N = 5557 + 6173 Wallis (1 week, from the 26.12.-2.1.): wallis? N = 5564 + 6173 Graubunden (1 week, the 19th Dec): grey bundles/a/Switzerland? N = 5557 + 6173 Graubunden (1 week, from the 26.12.-2.1.): grey bundles/a/Switzerland? N = 5564 + 6173 Berner Oberland (1 week, the 19th Dec): Bernese oberland? N = 5557 + 6173 Berner Oberland (1 week, from the 26.12.-2.1.): Bernese oberland? N = 5564 + 6173 VACANDO is looking for further holiday accommodation to meet the high demand. We are urgently looking for other holiday houses and apartments in Swiss ski resorts.

Currently particularly good demand Arosa and Grindelwald, Kilian Eyholzer explains. Interested landlords can register free landlord under. The VACANDO AG was founded in February 2008 and offers more than 90,000 holiday homes and apartments in 30 countries, including Europe also United States, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and Thailand. Most units come from the countries of France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. VACANDO is active worldwide and maintains 14 sites in 9 languages.