San Francisco Javier

Vacations in Formentera are what it was hoping but has not been decided until now. Now I am only going to give some other reasons to him by which to go to Formentera and what to make to seat that idea. Once or it has landed via marine or aerial, it can go to the apartment of vacations that has rented to have the more independence and to live one more a family stay and if is near the port of Savin can go after Berbera, enjoy this wonder and go later to one of the near coves, as it can be Saona Cove. The town of San Francisco Javier or Sant Francesc Xavier is the following one to the Savin that is about 3 km, so the church construda like strength in century XVIII in the times can be made a shutdown, be seen in which the pirates attacked the island and to take something or to eat in one of the restaurants and to throw a look to the commerce. Near Sant Francesc Xavier are the flour mills of sa Vantage point where it is possible to be enjoyed a panoramic one of the island. Also it can visit the Chapel of Sa Beautiful Tanca, a small vault without ornamentations, construda in honor to Santa Maria, were constructed in century XIV. Formentera is much more, is only necessary to discover it.


If not yet you have plans for your free days in this winter, in this article we propose different tracks to you from ski in the Pyrenees. In Spain has many and well-known tracks of ski, like track of ski of the Pyrenees Aragonese, Jaca, where you will be able to enjoy so much the ski as of the great Cultural Patrimony composes that it, like the City council of Jaca, where you will be able to visit its great cover of plateresco style. Rent apartments in Jaca, also you will enjoy its spectacular churches, the points of contact of the pilgrims that year after year realise the Way of Santiago, the San Miguel Bridge pertaining to century XV, its majestic considered Cathedral one of monuments of more important Romanesque style of the art in Spain, etc. The two great tracks of ski of Jaca are Astn and Candanch, with a distance of 33km one of the other. Astn is in a location privileged in a cross-sectional valley the Pyrenean axis, reason why it is protected of the wind currents. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Savignan has to say. Also it has slopes covers with natural grass, which increases the security of snow from the start of season. Their tracks are: 5 green, 16 blue, 23 red and 10 blacks.

On the other hand, Candanch is located in the birth of the Aragon river and next to the Port of the Somport, border with France. One is the older ski resort of Spain. It has 10 tracks verdas, 12 blue, 19 red ones, 12 blacks and 5 of basic ski. But what you look for is to ski outside Spain, we very far propose a very good alternative to you for not irte, and is Andorra that has 2 great known tracks of ski like Vallnord and Grandvalira. Thanks to rent in Andorra you will be able to enjoy these precious tracks of ski. Vallnord is a station mainly of alpine ski, is the result of the fusion of the old ski resorts of Pale Mountain Park and Ordino-Arcals. It has 7 tracks black, 27 red, 22 blue, 10 green and 6 tracks of slalom.

The sectors of Pale do not have direct connection with the sector of Ordino by circuit of ski nor by telecabina or cableway, whereas both first they are united via cableway. The option of rent in Andorra it also enjoys Grandvalira, a ski resort mainly of alpine ski also, and is greatest of Andorra. It has access from 6 different cities: Encamp, Canillo, the Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Roig and Pas of the House. It has 19 blue green tracks 39, 30 red and 24 blacks. In addition, it owns 4 snowpark, 3 zones adapted to the Freestyle and a track of basic ski. As you observe, it is not necessary to go very far to enjoy the snow, the Pyrenees offer everything to you what you look for at the time of practicing these sports and activities related to the snow.