Book Of Knowledge

The college Is Bernardo established for the Jesuits in Porto Alegre met in the Street Of the Arvoredo, in the south zone of the city. It was a construction of two pisos, with ample windows and one drawn supported by arches. In the front he had a woody and flowery garden, with paved with flagstone ways separating to the seedbeds and the lawn. Beyond the religious rules, the professors lecionavam Grammatical, Rhetorical, Poetry, History and Mathematics. The year of 1810 ran. Certain morning in the patio of the college, two pupils talked.

Highest Bencio was called, had 18 years, wore white shirt with estufadas sleeves, black shimstocks, black shoes of round peak with black velvet buckle white and stockings. The friend of Adelmo name, of 16 years, dressed clothes similar. – As of habit, Tcio is delayed. It said releasing books on a rock bank. – IDO Must have to talk with Elvira. Bencio with absorbed air answered, observing the twigs of the peach tree under which they were.

– This romance does not go to give certain! – This is a vaticnio based on knowledge of cause and effect, or a strong desire of your soul? It inquired Benicio. – Because you say such things? You are more clearly! The frown asked for to Adelmo franzindo. – I think that you feel jealousy for your cousin Adelmo made a gesture with the hand, blinking nervously. – I? With cimes? You do not say asneira! Bencio laughed. – Calm, I am playing. But, it takes care of that the passion is a uncontrollable feeling, is born when less the reason expects and confuses. Looking at for the street, Adelmo informed: – There it comes Tcio. It stops with this and never more touchs in this subject. Estcio appeared in the esquina of the street walking hasty, loading notebooks under the arm.