Peruvian Securities Act

9. A GENERAL LAW OF WARRANTIES REDUCE THE COST OF TRANSACTION The transaction costs include information costs so we can say that when a subject that is difficult to revise the law in transaction costs are high. Conversely when a matter is easy to review by people who want to access them, transaction costs are reduced. Therefore we can say that having met the securities covered by positive law in a standard called Peruvian Securities Act, information costs are reduced, in the same direction is necessary to group all the guarantees in a single standard to information costs in that area are reduced. 10.

ATTENDANCE OF WARRANTIES must point out that when contracts are concluded that merit the creation of a security sale as buying deadlines and leasing of vehicles, not only a security but also can provide various guarantees, ie, the fulfillment of a contract can be secured with one or more guarantees. For example, a purchase contract vehicle deadlines can be guaranteed by the Registration of vehicle ownership, with the conclusion of a contract of guarantee and the establishment of a real right of mortgage. To ensure compliance with an obligation may also be considered valid multiple mortgages on several properties. Whenever there is an installment sales contract of a vehicle can be a valid property right mortgage and Registration of Vehicle Ownership. In this sense when it comes to concurrency guarantees we can refer to three cases are: for good reason, because of the individual and combined scenarios.

European Championship

Triple two of an outstanding Torrens, Lyttle and great involvement of all put the national team ahead (34-35) at the resumption and gave way to improve them minutes of Spain, which, however, did not break the shock and continued charging of fouls. Easter and Lyttle committed his third offense. In the French box Myem and Beikes prevented the Spanish departed on the scoreboard that reflected a 46-48 in favor of Hernandez’s before the final period. Lethal blow a partial 6 – 0 to France and the fourth Lyttle staff forced the Spanish technician to ask a downtime with five down (52-48) to seven for the final. Get more background information with materials from Daniel Taub. It was the beginning of an unexpected ending. Extended then to a 12-0, with Lyttle on the Park on the verge of elimination and the French with everything from face.

France exceeded in all facets of the game to a Spain sunk physically and that until a Freekick from Palau in the 35 minute did not score in the fourth quarter. The unexplained part 22-1, with three of four triples, liquidated the red team in little more than six minutes. The last quarter ended with a 33-7. Factsheet 79. France (17 + 13 + 16 + 33): Dumerc (5), Gomis (7), Beikes (12), Gruda (17) and (4) – Quintet initial-Lawson Ndongue (6), Laborde (0), Yacoubou (10), Bonnan (0), Lepron (2), Miyem (16) and Digbeu (0). 55 Spain (15 + 12 + 21 + 7): Dominguez (2), Torrens (10), Palau (1), Lyttle (11), Montanana (11), – starting lineup – Aguilar (6), Cruz (4), Xargay (2) and Easter (8). Referees: Dolinek (CZE), Jones (WAL) and Vecerskis (LIT). Incidents: First day of the second phase of the women’s European Championship. Group f. Spodek Arena Katowice. Source of the news: Spain falls to France and the pass play to the quarterfinals of the European Championship against Latvia and Croatia

Technical Products

When the reality shows that the decision of buying a home, potential buyers take into account many more factors when choosing your future property. In this way, the greatest progress we have seen in the different real estate portals of our country have focused on better sell the home itself, through a more complete information or maybe just more showy of the property itself: downloadable drawings, memories of qualities, surfaces broken down per stay have gone from artistic perspectives perspectives 3D photorealistic when not directly to pictures of the pilots. And we are also seeing virtual flights of urbanization, virtual visits to the different types of housing throughout a very expensive deployment of means that, ultimately, never replaces the classroom itself, visit given that nobody takes a decision of this magnitude directly on-line purchase without having previously been on the ground. Source: Realtor. The value of the environment but back again to the commented misconception two paragraphs back. Real estate portals focus on information that give the home itself, neglecting fundamental aspects such as those of the environment. It is a perspective of a vision of manufacturer: who manufactures a product is often feel so proud of your own product which believes that only with highlight its multiple virtues should be enough to convince potential customers of their benefits. However, this perspective forget that people buy products or services based on profits, whether tangible or intangible, that we hope that these products or services we provide.

I.e., we do not buy the technical characteristics of the products, but by the benefits or value that these products will bring. In the case of the purchase of a home, it is important know whether it is a townhouse or an apartment, if we buy a chalet or we will comply with a floor. But it is no less important to know how they will be our neighbors, how I can move at my place of work or, if I have children in school age, among which schools I can choose to take them.

Looking For Hotel In Mendoza

The province of Mendoza has a network of hotel infrastructure in constant growth and expansion. A network that includes all styles and profiles of travelers needs. As good land of diversity, with sights to the length and breadth of its entire territory, Mendoza offers the visitor, through their accommodation, the necessary comfort for an unforgettable stay. Without a doubt, there is a hotel in Mendoza to please the wishes and needs of every visitor. San Rafael, for example, offers traditional, such as departments or central hotels accommodations, and others in tune with its spectacular natural scenery.

Thus, those who wish to spend your stay next to the dam of El Nihuil dam or Lake Valle Grande, with its varied offer of sport activities and tourism adventure, can opt to campsites, cabins or aparts. Malargue proudly wears its Crown Jewel: the valle de Las Lenas. One of the most important ski centers in the country, famous for the variety and quality of its tracks, the valle de Las Lenas attracts to athletes and fans from all over the world. Your hotel offer, in keeping with the importance of the place, love for quality, originality and luxury. Already traditional place, its hotels with names of signs of the Zodiac has deservedly what what each hotel in Mendoza sucks: satisfied visitors who return again and again. But accommodation in Las Lenas options are not exhausted at the traditional hotel in Mendoza City. This incredible province always holds a surprise. In this case, in the form of the imposing Villa Capricorn, apartment complex Canadian style located in the heart of the Valley.

With direct access to all tracks, Villa Capricorn invites to live a unique experience of luxury and comfort, that combines the privacy of an apartment with the services of best hotel category. Mendoza Capital has a selection of so broad that it is possible to find there from economic hostels to luxury hotels five star hotels. Find hotel in Mendoza Capital ideally is inclined to those located in residential neighborhoods, but few minutes from downtown, as it is the case with Executive Hotel Park Suites. This luxurious four stars, located so close to the bustling activity of the Centre as the rugged beauty of parque San Martin, ranks every day as one of the main references in Mendoza City luxury accommodation. Original author and source of the article.

Labour Inspectorates

Labour inspections have ceased to be a mere process of on-site verification of the fulfilment of the payment of salaries and benefits socaires for directional its objective verification of the facts (to the way in which benefits of workers are executed). Trend: Discusses relevant issues in terms of provenance or no employment contracts, denaturation of brokering and outsourcing, and the application of the principle of primacy of the reality in the case of contracts for services locution.In addition to verification of compliance with rules on safety and health at work. Frequent problems lack of information of how it develops an inspection, how should the employer act without that this becomes an obstruction.Example the non-attendance of the employer to a subpoena for a subpoena.Obstruction to the task of inspection when the employer does not leave to declare a worker. That must make the employer?A labour inspection must always be reported, except in certain cases justifying them, not be true as it may affect the process of the inspection itself. Verification can be done in the workplace, on the premises of the Ministry of labour. The employer in summary, should allow the entrance of the inspector (previously identified as such) and provide the information that is required. That verified?They are three aspects that are verified 1.-hiring hm2.-payment of salaries and benefits socialesLa electronic worksheet is the primary source of information on the level of compliance with labour and social standards and tributarias.3.-formal obligations (example: health and safety standards).

If found missing in employer, are you hara a requirement (deadline that remedying these breaches). Failure to comply with this procedure will initiate the sanctioning procedure that can end in administrative fine more requirement that comply with infraccionadas standards. And your company successfully passed an inspection?Who knows the three designated labour aspects should let us be prepared but.Frequently is that the reason for the infraciciones is not always because the employer does not want to comply with the laws, in many cases situations such as: 1.-how to interpret the Easier2.-ignorance of the way calculo3.-a bad labour consultancy. The audit laboralUsted must be prepared, an x-ray of how are things you would help. For that there are labor audits, which are designed to correct the omissions and/or misinterpretations of the provisions at stake.

Contracting Party

Through the electronic register all incoming and outgoing documentation is recorded, returning a proof of submission to the company. The service must provide, in addition, a system of digital lacrado which ensures that the virtual envelopes be opened at the right time and not before, which implies the incorporation of functionality in the management module internal to the electronic opening of virtual envelopes. Finally, the electronic tendering service It should also offer the possibility of signing the contracts from the Internet. Tenders, service destined to the consultation of records in which a company will be bidding, prior authentication of the same. Notifications, through a system of electronic notifications, every company that is subscribed to this service, may receive all their notifications in electronic, safe and truthful way. Receipt of e-Bills: should der a portal intended for the reception of electronic invoices, in different formats, among them the format factura-e (which will be required by the public administration in our country as of November 1, 2010). Received invoices should be directly incorporated into the dossier that correspond and sent to an approval process that will receive the approvals by financial policy-makers.

More general services that should offer an e-procurement solution include: electronic publications service, which send ads and spreads to the State Contracting platform automatically and/or the Contracting Party profile of administration in particular. Electronic notifications service, which could use the platform of post and Telegraph for the management of notifications, but also should be a service open to integration with other platforms. Validation service electronic signature, integrating with the platform @firma. Service of notices and alerts, will calculate the time limits determined in the recruitment process and will automatically generate reminders and alerts for both brokers and companies. Although there is still a long way to go, we are not so far to go. The Spanish public administration has demonstrated in recent years, the interest and effort employed to modernize their organisational processes, promote new technologies and continue moving towards the optimum point in the search for the eGovernment.

Juan Carlos Unzue

The Counselor of the Racing de Santander Manolo Saiz, head of the sports area, has presented, in a surprising way, to Juan Carlos Unzue as new head coach of the Cantabrian club and has made a sketch of the sports project that wants to develop in this new stage.Manolo Saiz cited to the media for his first press conference since he was appointed Chief Executive of Racing, in principle only to speak of the present and future of the institution and did so for over twenty minutes, until he surprised everyone inviting to enter the room of the press to the new coach, Juan Carlos Unzue.Acompanado by the President of the clubangel Lavin, Juan Carlos Unzue explained that it reaches Santander to train the two upcoming T-shirt Barcelona Racing seasons, with option to continue one more year, and has committed to work with honesty and enthusiasm.Will I come to a large in times of difficulties team said the new coach of Racing and officials of goalkeepers in the Barcelona’s Josep Guardiola, who has thanked the confidence placed in him by the new leaders of the Cantabrian club.Unzue, aware of the difficult situation facing the Racing, not only in sports by relegation to the second Division, but also in the social sphere, where there is a clear divorce between the fans and the new Board of Directors, has opined that what will unite us all are the results.And added that you come racing with someone you trust, without specifying nor who he is nor if it be exercised in second. It has also pointed out that there is a template to be done, since at the moment does not know which players will remain in the team or what signings may materialize.He comes to stay long, not in passing, and we hope to give you enough Wicker so it can make an eye-catching and attack, football added Sainz.Manolo Saiz, former director of the cycling team ONCE/Liberty Seguros, who has confessed to being an expert bar with regard to football, has explained that he wants to apply to the Racing its TDM method, based on work, discipline and awareness.I want complete athletes, no lounge or beach, Manolo Saiz has been added and has overtaken the template desayunara in the Racing facilities before training and then eat there too.Also it was considered capable of sensitising to the players as he did with their brokers and apply a total discipline.

International Airport

Passengers complain that the situation is a mess. They should be paid the hotel until they can return, some on September 5. The consul of Spain in New York stays with them. About two hundred Spanish tourists raced today at the counters of the John F. Kennedy International Airport to try to return to their homes, since the passage of Hurricane Irene by New York despite the cancellation of their flights during the weekend. The Spanish consul in the Big Apple, Fernando Villalonga, who moved up there to try to calm the situation of passengers, explained that that airport had this Monday between 150 and 200 passengers of the airline Air Europe, both flights cancelled on Saturday and Sunday. It is a mess.

Have given no date for when they can fly and have offered them hotel nor maintenance, said the consul, who said he has met with executives of the airline in New York to try that Spaniards have a safe date for to fly in six or seven days. Villalonga said already this morning the Consulate General in the city responded to about eighty people affected by cancellations, most of them traveling with Air Europa, and recognized that the mood of the travellers was crepe to the impossibility that found many return to Spain as soon as possible. The consul, who said he will remain at the airport until continue having Spanish passengers there, said that despite the fact that the Spanish authorities can do little or nothing about it, yes they could manage the return to Spain of a person who was awaiting urgent medical assistance in that country. Will has mounted a little mess, people has been nervous because no us have attended, he explained to Tamara Gil, a passenger affected by the cancellations that assured that the airline has refused to pay them housing or meals during these days and has been limited to offer them fill in a claim form and provide them with a phone of help to the client that communicates constantly. People have started to out them, screaming Air Europa scammers, and not moving of desks, therefore not allowed passengers to Bill went tonight, explained Gil, who said that tension was increasing and even led to ten military to intervene so that passengers will withdraw. Meanwhile, Gil, who should have traveled to Madrid with Air Europa on Saturday night and now has no scheduled his return until September 1, explains that the hotel night is at astronomical prices, around $300. According to the passenger, who claimed that other Spanish tourists who were flying with this airline do not have ticket until the 4th and 5th of September, he said that Air Europa has offered flights to Spain before those dates, but in business class, and for an additional fee of $1,500. The consul general noted that in this type of crisis often six or seven days for that all over the world You can return to their homes if extraordinary measures are not taken. The arrival of Irene in the Big Apple, where it made landfall on Sunday downgraded to tropical storm, caused the closure of five airports that provide service to New York City, on Saturday, and the cancellation of more than 10,000 flights, although Monday the normalcy was returning gradually. Source of the news: two hundred Spaniards crowd in JFK airport waiting to get out of New York