VAZ Engine

In the operation of the VAZ-21 123 coupe, I was faced with failure, with the successful renovation of which I want to share. I think that this advice is a good idea to know the owners of the WHA with the front drive, and especially the WHA – 21 123 coupe. On a cold winter day, having got the car and discovered that I had not extinguished the oil pressure light emergency. Thinking that just a cold oil can quickly begin to circulate, I continued to maintain the average engine speed, in the hope that light bulb goes off. However, rather than extinguish, the light continued to burn bright red, and the engine began to work with the characteristic iron thud. Stop the engine, I was sure that he brought him down.

Calling friends on his cell, I got some advice from experienced car owners. Picture emerges about this – knock on joints due to lack of oil pressure, which has ceased to flow to the valves. Reservation, that my engine VAZ -21 123 coupe with a sixteen-valve (which is somewhere in their design and sitting of these ill-fated expansion, I have not seen). It remained to find out why there was no pressure! The first thing that came to mind – it is certainly frost, because the pressure was yesterday. I decided to warm the crankcase means at hand, that is, the heating plate. Light bulb goes off the pressure as soon as I started the engine warmed up with a sump, and just a few seconds lost in the sound of metal valves.

Was relieved from the heart! Once in my spare time I removed the crankcase, it was discovered that the bottom of the housing was a mixture of different villi, which scored maslopriemnik. Point is that between the crankcase and maslopriemnikom very small distance, which proved to be even smaller due to the fact that he was deformed casing. Deformation occurred probably in the crankcase while there was no armor, and had to go on track – for mushrooms, or on vacation in the woods. Replacing the crankcase, I made to a conclusion – in time to change the oil, not to save on washing and not go without armor, substituting crankcase shock bumps roads!

Russian Federation Ministry

Rostov Rostov port river port – port mouth, open to foreign vessels. Since 1998, the port operates an international point of the border crossing of the Russian Federation for cargo ships. Coordinating the work of various agencies and departments to implement the functions of merchant shipping in the ports of the region by the federal government agency "Azov-Don basin state Waterway and Navigation ", Rostov-on-Don, as well as departments of the Administration entity of the Federation – the Ministry of Road, Transport and Communications, Ministry of Economy, Trade, international and Foreign Economic Relations of the Rostov region. In the city of Rostov-on-Don, representative offices of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of certain states. The structure and composition of marine-related activities diverse and covers all aspects of this activity, such as shipping, ship chartering, brokerage, full service fleet management and technical Shipmanagement, ship agency, crewing and ship repair.

Basically, all the parent company to ensure that maritime activities are located in Rostov-on-Don, have branches and representative offices in the ports of the region. Some are located in Moscow and other Russian cities, in Rostov-na-Donu their interests are represented by General representation. The administration of the Rostov region of Rostov, a draft of a universal port. This project is a river port can be the first project on domestic waterways, considered the Investment Fund. The area is going to present an investment project in Rostov universal port for the contest, as previously presented for the competition project for the construction and reconstruction water supply and sanitation in Rostov-on-Don and the surrounding areas of the investment port developers evaluate its approximate minimum cost of 6 billion rubles. Rostov-purpose port industrial area on the left bank Rostov-on-Don, according to a preliminary conceptual plan will be developed as a multimodal transport and logistics hub. It will include industrial park, three logistics centers, 2 container terminal set of general cargo, timber terminal and complex construction industry.