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High Value Goods Security

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Human society is really beginning to grow only after began to develop based on trade relations. Trading is a relationship that began with the banal exchanges, over time, could develop into a serious and a very large movement, which is called the concept of a talking freight. In the course of human history grew the […]

VAZ Engine

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In the operation of the VAZ-21 123 coupe, I was faced with failure, with the successful renovation of which I want to share. I think that this advice is a good idea to know the owners of the WHA with the front drive, and especially the WHA – 21 123 coupe. On a cold winter […]

Russian Federation Ministry

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Rostov Rostov port river port – port mouth, open to foreign vessels. Since 1998, the port operates an international point of the border crossing of the Russian Federation for cargo ships. Coordinating the work of various agencies and departments to implement the functions of merchant shipping in the ports of the region by the federal […]