Real Estate Market Report

Houses and condominium in the construction sector were often in a square meter price range of 5.000,-euros. Starnberg is located about 25 km southwest of Munich on the Starnberger See and is regarded as an excursion, or resort. 1226, there was the first mention, and in the 19th century, became the most important place on the Lake, which was once known as worm Lake. In 1854, the railroad route Munich – Starnberg was opened. lved in the matter. in 1912, Starnberg became the city. Today it is the home of many wealthy citizens and a popular tourist destination. (1) real estate rates and real estate market 2011 (offer data): from real estate agents and private 450 houses in Starnberg, 288 apartments, as well as 96 plots were offered. The accuracy of the numbers is not absolute, since double-counting cannot be ruled out.

Approximately 93% of the object offers come from real estate agents. Sale House Starnberg: there were 157 existing single family homes and thirty new, at a real estate price average about EUR offered 1.2 million were. In addition, 68 were semi-detached from the stock (used) for EUR 600.000,-in the medium offers, the 26 new DHH were average to 50.000,-up to approx. EUR 100.000,-more expensive. Moreover, there were still 45 rows and rows of houses on offer, here, the real estate prices were often between EUR 380.000,-and EUR 500,000. Then the look at the range of luxurious villas and bungalows is interesting. In the used segment there were approximately 70 offers with an average purchase price of EUR 2.9 million at 385 m floor space. Visit Bruce Schanzer for more clarity on the issue.

Then, 16 more party houses of various kinds of individuals or real estate agents in Starnberg were offered.