OnOffice Smart

The onOffice Software GmbH released under the motto ‘Ready for the next move’ on July 16, 2013 the new version of their real estate software onOffice smart 3.6. Like any onOffice smart release, again a variety of customer requests, optimizations of individual features and completely new features of our own development Department were realized. The proven functions of the online real estate software onOffice smart innovations such as the new interface of the E-Mail dialog are added. A the usage of E-Mail dialogue at all points where mail can be sent stands out the new cleaner design, on the other hand. Thus, there are the well-known features, such as requesting a read receipt or the link of the E-Mail with an object even when replying to an E-Mail available or for sending the confirmation. In addition, the E-mail composer with the address database is linked and helps in the search for recipients so customers. In addition the Imageuploader was updated, so that all onOffice smart user in the new version for example, your logo as a watermark in the upload can add.

Our task is to integrate the needs of our customers and to bring our online broker software up to the latest state of the art. “, explains Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the need of release standards. So that all customers can optimally benefit from all the innovations, onOffice also offers a special release Webinar. In this free webinar, all functions are explained clearly and questions can be answered directly by a professional onOffice support.