Novosibirsk Commercial Real Estate

And at the moment the prices are in the range of 45-65 rubles per square meter, compared with the beginning of the year where peak price was 50 rubles per square meter. Comparing the prices of commercial real estate in Novosibirsk, we can see that the price increase does not exceed 10-15%. But do not forget that the economic zone Novosibirsk is constantly in development, and if at the beginning of 2007 in Dzerzhinsk district average price of office space was about 55 rubles per square meter, then, today, it averages 60-70 thousand per square meter. The figure of 10-15% is relevant to the major economic zones of the city of Novosibirsk, such as the Central Region, Karl Marx avenue, etc. Rents are also the same has not changed significantly, and an annual increase of about 12-17%, with the exception of the Central Railway and the areas where due to the discovery of several business centers, class "A", the picture changed significantly, and the average rental rate of office space is 1400-1700 rubles per square meter. Considering the rents of commercial premises, you will notice that here there has been significant growth for the year and it increased on average by 40-50%, indicating a significant development in this area. Can not disregard and warehouse real estate, but in contrast to the commercial and office premises, tangible changes were observed in the sale and to rent because of the still underdeveloped in the development of warehouse real estate, and small input of logistics centers. And in the end I would like to mention another important factor, as the discovery of several large shopping centers in our city, such as "Auchan" (an area about 10 thousand square meters), "Big bear "(area of 46 thousand square meters), IKEA , (27 thousand square meters), Royal park (area about 60 thousand square meters), which favorably affects the economic development in our city and is an indication that the whole city of Novosibirsk is attractive to investment in many sectors including real estate.