Mortgage Market

Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (HMLA) reports that the share of the largest banks in the mortgage market is gradually shrinking. Agency experts have analyzed the market data and found that if in 2009 , the five largest in terms of assets issued for the period 68% of mortgage loans of the total, by the end of the first half of 2010 it had dropped to a mark of 60%. All in all, the bankers were given for the first six months of the current year, 107.2 thousand of mortgage loans totaling 133.4 million rubles. Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending in the analysis took into account the data of the Central Bank of Russia for the top 5 banks with the largest amount of assets Russian banking industry. The agency believes that in the last couple of years in the top five for this indicator were Sberbank and Russian Agricultural Bank, Gazprombank and Bank of Moscow. Experts point out that the first time since crisis, mortgage lending, falling at major players in the market fell, but still so much. The whole point is that, with the turmoil in financial markets is the largest credit institutions provided lending.

In part, this state of affairs has contributed and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, trying to save the market by relying just on the big banks. Analysts believe that this trend is caused by much more vigorous actions of small banks in the mortgage market. Thus, the report of the Agency for Mortgage Lending said that 'in the first half of the weighted average interest rates on loans in rubles (progressive total from the beginning of the year), the largest banks were highest on the market – 13.9% at the end of the first half. The lowest rates on loans in rubles offered smaller banks. " However, experts do not think that the share of large banks will continue to shrink significantly in the near future.