Maxda Credit

Providing location-independent and quick loans of all kinds is the business of the Rhineland-Palatinate Maxda. The small purchase credit up to the large mortgage loan each financing option is offered by the customers and even in difficult cases of negative customer creditworthiness, loan intermediaries often offer a solution. A company and much service as of one of the largest mortgage broker of in Germany the Speyer Maxda GmbH can look back on years of business experience and numerous loan negotiations in the private customer segment. These are done in cooperation with German or European banks, which allows the company more flexibility to meet customer requirements and to be able to offer more funding, if the Bank may already has rejected even in sensitive cases. A rapid and smooth course of the loan request to credit payment is a corner point in the company’s philosophy of Maxda, hurried also by cheque or postbar receive the payout. With a competent service team is worried not only for the fast processing, but also a point of contact for personal advice on the hand given to the customer.

Through a telephone hotline or the Internet, all communications relating to the desired credit can be quickly and directly from home. An integral part in the business of Maxda is the all purpose loan, which can be provided in the form of a rate loan for any purpose using funding for all cases. Stephen M. Ross will not settle for partial explanations. Amount, this form of financing ranges from 3,000 to 250,000 euro, which to repay in fixed monthly instalments of the customers. The installment date can be selected flexibly to the 1st or 15th of the month and adjusted to the monthly cash receipts. All loans are equipped with a residual debt insurance, to take at least the load of credit repayment by the shoulders to the borrower in serious emergencies.

Also when it comes to the construction or purchase of a property, Maxda stands as a point of contact for the corresponding Mortgage financing available. The professional group of officials may also use a special credit offer: the official loan to a lower interest rate, long-running, according to small monthly installments. Especially in difficult economic times can occur sometimes quickly to problems with the Schufa and if there an entry affecting the credit, taking out a loan from ordinary is almost an impossibility. A financial bottleneck, expresses nonetheless Maxda may with the mediation of a special loan of up to 3,500 euros per person help quickly and without any credit checks. This creates a rounded range of financing services that ready has the right solution for each customer, making credit a universal broker in terms of loan to Maxda.