Any time we asked what the new trends that the world needs leadership, The world is constantly evolving, there are longer periods of "explosive" than others, but the transformation is the essence of our history, these changes lead us to evolve and leadership is a concept that must also evolve. Since childhood we are taught the main trigger events, positive or negative, which resulted in substantial changes (both cultural and economic, political or social) in humanity, in other words, who revolutionized human thought, do not care to speak of the ancient and the modern era, the impact remains the misma.Muchos scholars seeking leadership in the history of the foundations of what must be a true leader. In this journey, which starts from the leadership of the person, you come to the leadership of the company (more recent approach of the leader's role in society). It is necessary to discover the business leader as change agent and setter for the same culture, aspects very important and currently controversial, and therefore, it is essential not only to adapt leadership styles in response to changing business conditions, but also to identify managers who are leaders, which is complex inside a Organization. this effect can remember what accounted for the great empires such as the Macedonian and the Roman, to name a few, the Inquisition, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, all the struggles for independence, and more recently, the great Revolution of "Network." There is no attempt to give a history lesson, only to stress that none of this would have materialized without the presence of so-called Leader, which is often held to a second plano.El leader has undoubtedly been a key, Leadership is an art, but you have to develop it, it is not enough exercise with the instinct or charisma which is available for it.

To this end based techniques and principles, especially in the attention and work with the subordinate. In this regard, the figure of the leader described from culture and personal values, as a leader to lead others, must himself leading party, which will take you to use a positive attitude towards their leader is a manager seguidores.Un complete when it recognizes that is essential (your success will be reinforced to the extent that its ideas continue without him), so he has to prepare his relief, forming a successor in advance. The classic example that illustrates this is the leader par excellence (though it responds to a religion we can not consider him only in this field) that transcended more in the passing of time: Jesus Christ, who knew how to prepare his disciples for the day he not present. According to Santiago Alvarez De Mon: "A good leader must have the ability to delegate and know how to lead well but also to choose." We conclude that this fact has been proven in business management, management ideas apply today almost as old as man himself, but same time they are very aware of the new postulates taxed in favor of leadership and of course, culture and management style of their companies. The best leaders in modern organizations make up the fundamentals of management, leadership and coaching. They build a winning team to be supported in areas where they are weak. The intelligence of the organization is everyone's business, but managers (leaders) capital.En unquestionably assume a role we are living CFE precisely this development of leaders, ensuring that the company will endorse its slogan of "A-class company the world. "