Judge AMAF

by illegally providing the past advisory services January 15 AMAF required you formally to make it cease offering facilities of the College, and directly as such institution, legal, fiscal, accounting, employment consulting and mediation services in sale of pharmacies, charging for it, as if it were a private company as a corporation of public law competes regardless of the rules of the market and in a position of advantage and disloyalty against the pharmacy consultantslawyers as well as fiscal, employment and accounting advisors also uses assessments of their own collegiate as well as other public resources to cover such activities the Office of lawyers Dutilh, recognized specialists in competition law, on behalf of the Madrid Association of pharmacy advisors (AMAF) has charged the work of sue the official College of pharmacists of Madrid. The reason?: the activities of legal consultancy, advice, tax and accounting, management as well as numerous activities clearly business and professional not a corporation of public law and the College being conducted at its facilities. All of them aside from their statutes and with implied overspending. The Madrid Association of pharmacy advisors (AMAF) has decided Act Defense and representation of pharmacists who, in turn, are clients of the main advisors of pharmacy of Madrid, to the knowledge of the activity of interference in free market carried out by the College of pharmacists of Madrid, in its seat, on the sidelines, despite the appearance, the functions currently assigned to fulfill its functionality with respect to their collegiate, as States Fernando Gonzalez Albertos, President and spokesman of AMAF. Judge and part denunciation which evident concurrent activity that enters this institution and AMAF asked to stop performing on January 15. Consulting tax and accounting and brokerage in the sale of the College of pharmacists of Madrid pharmacies bursts into the market from a clear position of privilege, because, apart from its strategic location that keeps in permanent contact with all colleges in Madrid between competencies originating in the College of pharmacists is the procedure and the decision on certain basic and necessary records for the management of pharmacies, as you cards membership, validation of deeds of sale for transmissions etc., – turns him into judge and party, says the President of AMAF.