Housing Construction

In the past, two thousand and eighth year, the housing market in Kurgan survived as an unprecedented rise and rapid fall in the 3 rd quarter, certain economic problems worldwide and in the country. Over the previous few years, real estate Mound has developed quite rapidly. In 2008, were put into operation more than 100 thousand square meters. feet of living space, to implement comprehensive development of empty sites. Mound Builders did not experience any financial difficulties by building new homes using the best technology. Over the past year house prices in Barrow rose 35% to reach 2 million rubles. for the first apartment.

In Barrow, in two thousand and eighth year, the fall took place quite fascinating exhibition "Real Estate Trans-Urals. Questions and Answers. " At this exhibition everyone had a chance to get professional answers to many questions. Similar questions were – How to insure property? Where to get a favorable mortgage loan? And the answers to questions were given to present employees of organizations, developers, real estate agencies, financial institutions and insurance companies. Exhibition at Barrow became already compulsory exhibition. The main actors are the people who create homes and those who sell them – realtors, investors.

The situation on the residential area of Barrow rather unstable. World crisis affected purchasing power of people. Lots of people who were willing to buy a property, now do not spend their life savings on it. Banks Barrow, is now increasing interest rates and try not to give out mortgage loans. Real estate agency is not only a non profit during the crisis, but will cease to exist. In real estate Barrow, to date, there is some instability. Experienced people say this instability will affect prices and will continue for 2 years. Construction of new homes in Barrow virtually stopped, developers have no funds for the completion of ongoing projects. New Barrow, despite difficult financial situation, they are still in demand and prices are not that "sunk". In the past year has been put into operation a 10-storey residential building in the fourth district of the village "Zaozernyi", which was erected in the shortest time – 14 months. At the official opening were the Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin, handing the keys to new apartments. Housing prices in Barrow in 2009 decreased by 30%. Such explainable by the fact that states crisis in the economy. Such a forecast given by many experts. Although the real estate market Mound continues its development. At the same time reducing its scale and pace. Still, in Barrow will be built thousands of new apartments, houses and office space. These data are confirmed by the periodical press and data from the mouth of workers real estate agencies. Necessary to take into account the number of people who in the previous year received their own homes.