Housing Code

ACCOMMODATION other citizens with the permission of the landlord (if after the invasion will not be infringed upon the rights of other citizens in your normal living space). However, if you are physically prevented the universe, you can call the district or notary, to make? Act on Counteracting the universe? and seek to violate your rights with a written request not to obstruct. If your eligibility is reinstated, then questions about the universe is solved by the court, in the case positive decision, it forced the service of bailiffs. Eviction from the premises used in the event that one of the residents use it for other purposes, waste refers to the placement, systematically violate the rights of neighbors. In this case, if the warnings do not help to eliminate the violation, the owner of the premises at the request of a citizen may be expelled pursuant to a court. In addition, impossibility of cohabitation on the basis of deprivation of the court some persons may be without the provision of alternative accommodation. This type of eviction may affect those deprived of their parental rights if it is recognized impossible for them to live with their children.

Sometimes, instead of forced evictions carried out an exchange of occupied premises at other premises specified by the concerned party in the exchange. In addition to issues invasion and eviction from the dwelling, lawyers often have to provide support for real estate transactions: the purchase, sale, exchange, lease, donation, purchase with a mortgage loan and participation in share construction. In this case, the important components of processing transactions are activities such as drawing up a legally competent purchase agreement (lease, co-investment, mortgage), government registration of transactions, notarization, obtaining documents BTI, an excerpt from EGRP and a tax deduction. In this case, a lawyer who provides support for real estate transactions, must pay attention not only to collect and preparation of all documents, but also resolve all possible issues with third parties involved in the transaction. Legal support for solving housing disputes should be carried out exclusively by professional lawyers, because in housing legislation are many subtleties and nuances, and different views on the issue of dispute resolution may be several. Additional complexity of the process makes the fact that not so long ago adopted a new Housing Code, where a lot of changes compared with the old. Therefore, in the event of legal problems with real estate, we advise you to refer only to large offices, lawyers which will help you understand the situation, analyze all the options, choose the best of them, to prepare the necessary documents and bring a solution to the end. If you settle disputes out of court or a court order is not possible, then the lawyers will necessarily assist you in filing a lawsuit, but will also have representation and defense of your rights in court. Obtain competent legal assistance in resolving housing disputes to help you avoid serious problems in the future and be quiet about his own tenure.