Contracting Party

Through the electronic register all incoming and outgoing documentation is recorded, returning a proof of submission to the company. The service must provide, in addition, a system of digital lacrado which ensures that the virtual envelopes be opened at the right time and not before, which implies the incorporation of functionality in the management module internal to the electronic opening of virtual envelopes. Finally, the electronic tendering service It should also offer the possibility of signing the contracts from the Internet. Tenders, service destined to the consultation of records in which a company will be bidding, prior authentication of the same. Notifications, through a system of electronic notifications, every company that is subscribed to this service, may receive all their notifications in electronic, safe and truthful way. Receipt of e-Bills: should der a portal intended for the reception of electronic invoices, in different formats, among them the format factura-e (which will be required by the public administration in our country as of November 1, 2010). Received invoices should be directly incorporated into the dossier that correspond and sent to an approval process that will receive the approvals by financial policy-makers.

More general services that should offer an e-procurement solution include: electronic publications service, which send ads and spreads to the State Contracting platform automatically and/or the Contracting Party profile of administration in particular. Electronic notifications service, which could use the platform of post and Telegraph for the management of notifications, but also should be a service open to integration with other platforms. Validation service electronic signature, integrating with the platform @firma. Service of notices and alerts, will calculate the time limits determined in the recruitment process and will automatically generate reminders and alerts for both brokers and companies. Although there is still a long way to go, we are not so far to go. The Spanish public administration has demonstrated in recent years, the interest and effort employed to modernize their organisational processes, promote new technologies and continue moving towards the optimum point in the search for the eGovernment.