Confidence Smile

Let’s be realistic, the shy types have no chance in the game of seduction. It is simply too difficult for someone that is full of shyness going out there. Hurts too. As a result the most timid types living a life of quiet desperation. In reality, do not enjoy their lives, its existence spend it every day in a sea of insipidity.

All of us have experienced the shyness in one degree or another. You’re not the only one who has had to face this hurdle. Shyness causes a lot of nervousness and anxiety and can appear very unpredictably and turn us into tartamudeando idiots. I hope that you have already surpassed your shyness. To make sure you’ve done, let’s do a little experiment. Hit the streets today and looking for a beautiful woman.

If you know or have you ever seen you with her, or if you regularly meet with her and you may then have you noticed she is not your candidate. Once you have selected to this perfectly stunning strange wish to leave aside your shyness and coincidentally get too close to it and start a conversation. During the conversation you’re going to tell your name and ask for your phone number. If you do not get your phone number still you’re shy. If te marchas with your telephone number you’ve conquered most or all your shyness. We are going to examine what they should have done. You should have done with her eye contact as you acercabas. Thou shouldest have ignored your shyness and focused mainly on your eyes while you were taking a small talk with her. By allowing your eyes to travel through your body you’d his interest and confidence. Given a wide smile that exposed your teeth should you have. Not a smile from ear to ear, neither, but yes a smile.