Accessibility of Rental Properties

In 2009, according to market participants, will be a year lease on the property market. The decline in household incomes and lack of access to mortgages, showed that buying a flat to very few people can afford, even though housing prices in recent months steadily decreases. Substitute for proper housing is in crisis rent, according to statistics real estate agency doki 1 to January 15, 2009 in Moscow rents for housing in the segment of one-bedroom apartments economy class fell by 6.4%, averaged 23.5 thousand rubles per month for an apartment on the outskirts of the city. Began falling rents in Moscow by the end of 2008, during this period came on the market economy-class apartments for 20-25 thousand rubles, become cheaper business class and elite segment of the lease. According to analytical data MIEL-Rent, "in December 2008 one-room apartments fell 7.99% to 5.73% two-bedroom, three-room at 4.24%. In the segment of business-class and luxury homes by the end of December 2008 the rent furnished apartments fell by 7.67%, two fell 9.43%, three-room – at 9.51%.

In December – January, demand for rental apartments dropped, the proposal is traditionally grown, but to New Year prompted business class apartments for the price pryadok lower than the average rental value of such apartments quickly found a tenant, despite a small demand. Maria (Director-General MIEL-Rent ") shared data -" In December 2008, the largest number of offers economy-class was recorded in the Southern Administrative District, an elite business class – in cao (CAO share in the structure of the sentence was about 50%). In January, demand for rental flats typically begins to grow, while this trend is not observed, so to make concrete predictions about the development of the rental market in 2009 are difficult. "Such a tendency observed in the rental market of commercial real estate, more and more companies prefer to lease offices in Moscow buying.