United Arab Emirates

Ceramic granite is an artificial decoration material, filled in the form of plates. Gres was first obtained in the early nineties of the last century, and I must say, its receipt caused the present furor among major manufacturers and suppliers, strongly selecting from a number of other ceramic flooring. Porcelain appeared in Italy, so it is a ‘name’ in native Italian – gres porcellanato, where gres means ‘stone-ceramics’, and has porcellano value of china. Precisely because of this Italian phrase manufacturers give the definition of two main entities granite: – porcelain tiles produce nearly as well as produce and pottery, and porcelain – ceramic on its external properties and characteristics can be confused with the same natural stone – granite. Initially, ceramic granite began to make known if the Italian firm Mirage, which in addition to the countries Europe, engaged in the delivery of this material is still in Russia.

However, nowadays the main country of production of ceramic granite is quite different. Large production are located in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Spain. Of course, here and China is not far behind. Factory competitors in recent years waging a fierce fight with each other for the production of porcelain tiles. Thanks to the work world designers and builders to shelves can see granite, not only imitating natural stone, and antique, different species of trees, leather embossing. Such models of ceramic granite on external indicators can be confused with natural stone, because they also have divorces and small specks. However, it is worth remembering that the natural granite has a more natural color and color blotches are irregular. In addition, the surface granite are no cracks that can not be said about natural stone.

Due to extensive use of the latest developments in the production of porcelain tiles, you can find and quite monotonous granite. In addition, this material presented in the form of Semi, polished or unpolished slabs entirely. Many of them are non-skid. All these types of granite can be used in the regeneration of absolutely any room, and give preference should be the species that meet your aesthetic preferences, as well as cash opportunities. Ceramic granite is obtained from the clay mass, which is mixed with different dyes and subsequently components of the pattern on the ceramic blocks. After mixing, the resulting mass is pressed and fired at high temperatures. With these actions have granite disappear all the pores and cracks. In addition, the ceramic blocks, despite its appearance in a very warm country, it is resistant to frost: can tolerate temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius. In our time, using porcelain tiles you can finish completely any location: production, traditional apartments and houses, railway stations, shops, banks and warehouses. Other leaders such as carrier offer similar insights. Especially it is used extensively for lining the terraces and balcony areas, as well as the steps and floor. A large variety of colors and designs stoneware helps translate perfectly into any architectural design life, to make absolutely any room neat and aesthetic appearance. Ceramic granite is very hardy, and even on the shelves stores humours look even very picky customer.