Here God

Here God through a dream granted Solomon according to their same order the gift of wisdom and also gives him a future of riches and glory. And also tells her that if fulfills his commandments in addition will give you long life. Chapter 5: Here is specified as the intelligence and wisdom given to Solomon is the immense that may exist. Chapter 8: Here is it narrated as despite the desire of David, Dios specifies that Solomon will be who built the House in honor of my name. Chapter 9: Here God through his second appearance before Solomon, informs you to his warning that if he follows his laws will get all what was promised, but on the other hand if It does otherwise will lose it. Chapter 11: Here God fulfills his warning, because Solomon prostrates before other gods, and informs him that the Kingdom will be removed upon his death (has no long life as he had promised if fulfilled its laws) and to his son, Rehoboam, only leaves him a part of the twelve that divides the Kingdom. First analysis God give Solomon greater wisdom that no man before, nor in the future, would have never. And before this I wonder and ask you: what sense had to give to a man only the greater wisdom of humanity?.

Because it is not that Solomon had invented the Internet or the law of relativity and had left a legacy to the future for the technological growth of the Earth. Then why?. Although such wisdom benefited his people, this influenced a small portion of East and for a short period of time. Solomon Kingdom for 40 years, around 1000 B.C.; is to say that in these three thousand years passed, only humanity benefited in 1.33% of the total already elapsed time. Look if Dios could have spilled a bit of wisdom in this last decade on some leaders, mainly from South America, since in this part of the world is full of populist leaders that covered in the law that gave them the most, they make use of a fake democracy, precisely to circumvent the right of majorities: the right to be respected to still believe different.


Brandina owner said farewell itself to Elma and was even so, adentrando the dark night that the moon did not obtain to illuminate. Elma was estarrecida. Its heart beat immense and it, exactly taken for the fear, decided not to count history nobody, therefore she could scare its children. It was the only night where it did not obtain to close the eyes. Beyond the fear and of the racket that heard, its imagination did not leave to forget it the chains, the rocks, children. The first sun rays had appeared and entered for the openings of the walls of its room. Plus one day of work in roa it waited for all the family.

Exactly tired for the night badly slept, Elma worked with enthusiasm, waiting anxious for the visit of Brandina Owner when entardecer. Great it was the surprise when it did not appear. The chest of Elma ached and the sun, to the few, went even so. The neighbor of the white hair and the bending coasts never arrived after the eighteen hours. Already she passed of the eighteen and thirty when Elma, serving the supper, decided to win its fear and to visit it. Exactly without knowing of the mystery of the cemetary, its children and its husband had not accepted the idea well, therefore he would be plus a dark night where the moon would not illuminate the way.

Elma asked for that its husband was with it, saying that it was worried about Brandina Owner, therefore its visits was frequent, and it had not appeared. The husband, prestativo and from fear to leave it at night walking alone, folloied it. When leaving house, Elma praid and was felt encouraged by the presence of the husband. Its bigger fear, however, was that some thing could have happened the Brandina Owner in the way of house in the previous night.

Atlantic West Coast

Essaouira is a Moroccan port city of about 70. 000 inhabitants, situated on the Atlantic West Coast and 170 kilometers to the West of Marrakech. Traditionally, Essaouira has been a fishing village and one of the main maritime ports of Morocco, from where goods of trade caravans goings of desert and sub-Saharan Africa were distributed worldwide. Today, Essaouira has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country and offers lots of attractions and services. In addition to tourism, that has further developed the manufacture and trade of products of handicraft, marquetry and jewelry, the economy consists in fishing as well as lumber, textile and food industries. The medina of Essaouira is without doubt the main attraction of the city. Held since 2001 by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the walled old quarter of the city is full of charm, with its high white houses with blue doors and yellow details.

The city is at the same time quiet and vibrant. Stroll through the alleys of the medina is a real pleasure, with its quiet and friendly atmosphere, its small stalls of handicrafts, its terraces where you can enjoy traditional meal or a delicious and refreshing mint tea, the workshops of artists and artisans of all kinds, all scented by the fresh and pleasant aroma that brings the sea breeze. The old town is surrounded by a reddish wall that offers a spectacular view of the sea above cliffs. On the walls, large cannons that protected numerous maritime attacks Essaouira are preserved in perfect condition and constitute an imprint in the history of the city. The port is one of the main attractions of the city, with its innumerable fishing boats, all of them small and blue, they form a curious and beautiful S’Albufera. Also for lovers of angling, the port offers a landscape and excellent conditions for catching sardines, Conger eels and eel.

Love is Connection

Love understood from falling in love is a feeling that us allows United to each other in a special way, being in love is to feel that we are part of someone’s life and that we are significant and full of acceptance and joy in life. Having a relationship, couple, in which both members of the couple to have their own personality, and also enrich the life of the other, is a feeling of inner liberation and be in tune with life. The life partner is a decision, is a choice that is taken in day to day, is an option of life that when we confuse it with possession, dependence and suffering, is a source of pain to no bleeding soul and guts. Understand love as a possession amar is a style of children’s emotional life, in which we believe and think, that my partner is mine, that cannot have thoughts, feelings, interests and own opinions. Expert on growth strategy recognizes the significance of this. On the contrary, their aspirations have to match mine, their times also and their desires have to be only for the couple. In these possessive love control and power took a very special place in the couple relationship. Doesn’t interest me what’s wrong, the only thing I care about is that you’re in this House when I say, you leave with who I think convenient and also that you watched as my seems to me.

Therefore, if you do, you will receive a good emotional reprimand. These emotional scolding can be passed from indifference to blows to the soul or the silences ominous and full of resentment. Guilt and blackmail are not left waiting. Some couples come to physical violence, because according to these couples, they deserve to have a lesson. It is a life full of pain and suffering, because once established relations, require psychological support to be able to heal.

New Furniture Collection Vanilla Sky

Choosing a new collection of furniture, we thought that it was the smell of vanilla, delicate outline of this wonderful flower, symbolizing purity and tenderness, is embodied in each of its subject. Fresh, sweet, no pretentiousness – a collection furniture "Vanilla Sky" and cater to the modern and traditional tastes. Her air of paint gives a great opportunity to add light and space to your home. Bed, dresser, dressing table and bedside tables are carved on low legs. Smooth curves of each subject of this collection make it accurate and complete. For more information see this site: expert on growth strategy. Intricate shapes are decorated facades lines around the perimeter, imitating the decoration panel.

The collection was created from an array of tree Hevea, well combined with elements of medium density fiberboard and veneer of the wood. Scandinavian style, which created a collection, is characterized, above all, freshness and naturalness. In houses with Scandinavian interior design is always a special Atmosphere: easy, light, sophistication and elegance. You will always be cozy and comfortable in the house or apartment where the interior is in the spirit of the Nordic countries no matter what the weather outside: cold autumn slush, or, conversely, the burning heat of summer. The secret of the interior is just to fill not only the warmth of a flat or house but also the soul. When choosing furniture made of wood, can be difficult. It's so hard to understand so many kinds of wood and choose one that fits all the parameters it is in your decor.

When choosing furniture for your home is important to get to the salon where qualified will offer only quality furniture and help you find the answers to all your questions. Visiting the salon furniture 'Biomebel', which is located at: Kiev street. Naberezhnye Meadow, 2-B, you can not go wrong! It's one of the largest furniture shops in Kiev, which represents the finest collection of home furniture made of wood. Salon Consultants will help you choose furniture for your home according to your requirements and answer any emerging questions. Inside 'Biomebel' avtoskie presented a collection of furniture made from exotic wood porrod. Each of them has its own history, individual style and unique appearance.

The Poetry

To that they criticize the poetry, because they consider it a luxury, a whim or worse still thing if people without what to make; I say you who the poetry and the philosophy had reflected what you are today. Its social condition also a fact was thought, same that you are incapable to understand. The Philosophy of Carl Marx is an example clearly of its condition thought and analyzed very before you if it wants to have been born. This philosophy that was destined in the laborers, who we are not capable if that to know of its existence, and the elite who has access to the knowledge and knows of the importance of the philosophers and poets in the construction of the future and the gift had made of it a weapon against in, less the most favored. You may wish to learn more. If so, expert on growth strategy is the place to go. The poetry of Fernando Person Ode Triunfal is reflected of the industrial advance on less the most favored, the poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade raises its soul that you are unaware of.

The church said that parvo (imbecile) will inherit the kingdom of skies and stimulated to continue in the ignorance so that we fossemos deserving of this sky, while we fossemos imbeciles was easy dominating in them while the church if it esbanjava of being able and Gloria; this is an example of its thought condition. This question can be seen in the bark of the hell of Gil Vicente. Its current condition and the condition of its children are being thought the all instant, of a thing you can be certain, its condition is thought so that it continues where it is or so that it goes down still more in its it scales as participant man of the society and its good of consumption. The poets are the philosophers do not speak against ns, but they open the eyes of the elite to what he will come. If you to say who the poetry is thing of the bourgeoisie, you believe, the elite always you were with the nectar; in the ones with the bagasse. It will certainly be that an equal metallurgist me goes to read this, not.

Right Quality

Violence Human being, why? Violence is a subject ample and complicated to argue, not only for the fan that if opens to the possibilities of its causes, but for the sensation of impotence and incapacity that in the awaken one, after each debate. Many times all we have an opinion formed of many things related to this subject, but we ahead omit in them of the facts of day-by-day; if to analyze well, all the moment we force somebody, or some thing without exactly perceiving and unconscious of this we annul the possibilities of change in us or the other. Expert on growth strategy often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For Human the Universal Declaration of the Right-hander, we have right to the quality housing, but we do not live well, we come across in them with incredible conditions of survival, people without any infrastructure, coexisting animals, sewer the opened sky, hospital garbage, etc. Also for the Universal Declaration Of the Human Rights, have right the trick, to the leisure, to be happy and many times we are not; we see the all moment enslaved children being; estressante hours of working and wages we baixssimos; we have right the education of quality, right the culture, to the art but nor always, in the school we learn what we would have to learn, nor we frequentamos the spaces healthy educators and who we would have to frequentar. Visit Professor Rita McGrath for more clarity on the issue. We have right feeding in them at least six times per day, and it is not myth, that many times per day, we do not have what to eat; we have right to the health, medical attendance of quality and however, die gratuitously, for mere indifference; we have right the LIFE, but lose we it bestamente, in exchange for a clock, a pair of shoes, a currency, a dose of drips or a look badly interpreted and many times for our appearance: if we are pretty or ugly and we do not please to somebody. .

Idea Partner

Don’t worry much about defects or habits that do not disturb your partner, unless it is necessary to grow in other areas. Focus on those defects that you know that they both irritate your partner. He admits that you should change as you said, be stubborn just cause unhappiness in your marriage. Think that you can not change such or attitude which is only a sign of laziness. Everyone can change to improve. He admits that you have errors that you need to improve. If your spouse says something or striking you something that irritates him, evaluates if it is true and change. The idea is not to be a clone of your partner, or you’re as your partner tell you to be.

It is those defects of character that you know that you must change, because if you do, that cools the relationship and generates conflict that you admitas with sincerity. Changed some things you pick up a paper and pencil and write down the things you must change. Sometimes, by our stubbornness, pride and a dose of megalomania are not able to see our defects. It is very useful to ask you your partner things that you irritate it. Determines what should change and follow a plan of action to do so. Now there are books for everything, you can search by internet or buy a good one in your local bookstore to change such or which habit. Improve your communication skills.

Learn how to resolve conflicts. It improves your bad habits. Learn to control your temper. Get household chores that you don’t like to do, just to see your happy couple. Commit yourself to change. Your relationship will take a path very favorable if you do. Try it and you’ll see! Original author and source of the article

Channels Of Distribution

The distribution channels are all means of which it’s marketing for delivering products to the consumer in the proper amounts, at the right time and price suitable for both. Much of the satisfaction that the products provided to customers, is due to distribution channels, well chosen and maintained. Distribution Channels In addition to providing marketing profits spatial and temporal property to the products they sell. Both Marketing Distribution Channels are as infinite as the methods of distribution of products. In short we can say that the distribution channels are the various routes or pathways, that ownership of the goods taken, to get ever closer to the consumer or end user of these products. Channels for consumer products are divided into five types which are considered the most common: Producers Consumers: This is the shorter and faster route that is used in such products. The most used way is to sell door to door, mail order, telemarketing and telephone sales. The middlemen are outside this system. Channels for consumer products are divided into five types which are considered the most common: Producers Consumers: This is the shorter and faster route that is used in such products. The most used way is to sell door to door, mail order, telemarketing and telephone sales. The middlemen are outside this system. Manufacturers – Retailers – Consumers: This is the most visible channel for end consumers and large number of purchases that he made the general public is through this system. Examples of this distribution channel are you automate dealers, gas stations and shops. In these cases, the producer generally has a sales force to take charge of making contact with retailers who sell products to the public and make the order after which they sell to final consumers. Producer – wholesalers – retailers or retailers: this type of channel is used to distribute products such as medicine, food and hardware. Used with high demand products because manufacturers are not capable of getting their products around the consumer market. Producers – middlemen – wholesalers – Consumers: This is the longest canal is used to distribute the products, providing a broad network of contacts, and for this reason, manufacturers use intermediaries or agents. This is very common in perishable foods. Intermediaries. Generally, producers or manufacturers are not usually sell their products directly to consumers or end users, but those products pass through one or more intermediaries, which play different roles in marketing, getting their names, of According to these functions. Intermediaries are those links in the chain which represents the distribution channel, and are placed between producers and consumers or end users of such products, adding to them the values or utilities of time, place and ownership. The functions performed by intermediaries is of vital importance in the chain that represents the entire distribution channel. The number and type of intermediaries depend on the kind and type, and the class and type of consumers or end users, or market, for whom or for which such product has been designed. Brokerage Services feature to get products to consumers and facilitate their acquisition, in some way. Intermediaries are classified as follows: Wholesalers Commercial Retail or Retail Intermediaries Agents and Brokers Commercial Brokerage (both wholesalers and retailers) are those who at one time, acquire proprietary products, and then sell them to other intermediaries or the ultimate consumer.