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The Land

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I find that this explains the communication between the giver and its DNA, not mattering between the two in the distance, since both are moved in the divine energy of God, the same one that we breathe that we feel and that we load in our molecules atoms prtons and nutrons, all formed of the […]

Creyo One

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In his cosmology it influences the existence of two suns; authentic and the reflected one, the night is a species of eclipse produced by the Earth interposition between the sun and the fire. The stars and the planets are the authentic fire. The stars unlike the planets that are free estan nailed, and the light […]

The Development Of Shopping Centers In Ukraine

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This is confirmed by the data provided by Colliers International: volume of retail trade enterprises, which operate in the retail trade in January-May 2006. was 33.9 billion UAH. that constant prices by 27.4% more than in January-May 2005. As the economy and growth in retail trade has been a gradual shift in the structure of […]