Housing Mortgage Lending

Comes to its logical conclusion, the implementation of one of the priority national projects designed to address the global issue of all time – ensuring proper zhilemkazhdoy Russian family. Time to preliminary results, carry out, so to speak, "debriefing". If we look at legislation to clarify the question of how exactly the source of regulations, called the people "Priority national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens" governed relations associated with the solution to the "housing problem" is unlikely to fully satisfy your curiosity. The fact is that on their all the priority national projects are lishuslovnye designations do not represent any single document (eg, law or regulation) of the same name, and define a common vision, aimed at fulfilling some of paramount political problem. However, as the government carries out its functions and implements policy decisions cherezizdanie regulations, the respectively, and programs in housing, it carries through rulemaking. In particular, as a mechanism for implementing the priority national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing – Citizens of Russia "is used federal program" Housing "for 2002 – 2010 years. In turn, this program is composed of four sub-programs: 1) "Providing land to municipal infrastructure for housing construction, "2)" Modernization of municipal infrastructure facilities, "3)" Housing for young families "4)" Implementation of state obligations to provide housing for groups of citizens, established by federal law. " (To those, in particular, the routines: a) "State Housing Certificates for 2004 – 2010" b) "Resettlement of Russian citizens from dilapidated Housing Fund ", c)" Housing for participants of the liquidation of consequences of radiation accidents and disasters ", d)" Housing for Russian citizens to be resettlement to complex "Baikonur", e) "Ensuring housing for refugees and internally displaced persons in the Russian Federation ", e), and others). The program has two main areas: Housing Mortgage Lending (priority) and subsidies acquisition of housing. Only the first phase of the activities listed by the State routines were spent over 59 billion rubles.

The Transaction

These apartments are 20-30% cheaper than the market. If you clearly know what you want and realize that enough money, do not have endless view. Have a professional Realtors have that sort of rule that the customer must make their choice at 5-6 viewing. In general, it is justified. If a realtor pro, then it will only offer suitable options. In my practice, there were people who viewed more than 50 apartments. Believe me, they have the hell of a lot of trouble themselves, tortured estate agent, and eventually took an apartment is worse than initially proposed. Time passed, prices jumped, and had to take not what you like, and what's left.

Okay, apartment chosen. Now we have to pay an advance or deposit to "stake out" option you like. What's the difference. Under current law, if the party receiving the deposit waives the transaction, then it should return advance in double time. That's the whole difference.

If you refuse the deal, no down payment, no down payment seller will not return to you. But I've never seen a down payment returned voluntarily to double. Almost certainly you will have to go to court, pay court costs, spending lots of time to meetings and litigation. Therefore, the parties usually agree to return only the input amount no matter what the name of the contract. You, as buyer necessary to insist that it had been prescribed certain conditions. After all, you have a mortgage, which means increased demands on the documents and terms. First, be sure to specify in the contract that the apartment is purchased and a mortgage loan. Second, specify the list of documents that the seller should provide you with. Prescribe that the sellers agree to put in an apartment representative assessment of the company. It is also necessary specify in the contract that all documents must be provided to you within 5-10 days prior to the transaction or the termination of the contract. After all, if you get the documents on the last day, we prepare all necessary documentation to deal would be unrealistic, and the next day, sellers can advance or deposit you will not return, and again put the apartment up for sale. It's you of the provision did not come to a deal. Also specify in the contract that case of failure of the bank to provide credit for the purchase of the apartment or take out an insurance company for insurance of this apartment, down payment (deposit) will be returned in full. For hedging, the contract is better conclude the month. Documents can be collected is usually 7-10 days, plus 10 days to prepare the transaction – for 20 days and 10 days at different force majeure. Get faster – great. Have problems – you have time to spare. If you work with a realtor, adjust it to the fact that he regularly reported to the work done. Keep your finger on the pulse. Call the bank, specify the situation. With real estate agent talk at least 3-4 times a week. After the flats call bank at least 2 times a week. It's your deal, your apartment, so do not let things take their course. And how is the deal, we'll talk in the next article.

Getting a Mortgage

In a joint program of the client can get a bank's decision to grant a mortgage loan, as well as to order the necessary list of real estate services in the region of residence, and search services or selling real estate approval of the apartment in the bank, real estate appraisal, insurance, delivery and execution of the sale are the location of the property. Affiliate program provides an opportunity to use the services of the holding 'Miel' and KMB-Bank in St. Petersburg or Moscow, depending on where you live to get the full range of real estate and banking services in the market of another city. The range of services the program coincides with the power, traditionally provided by the parties and lets you save time and money of clients. "The purpose of our interaction – the dream of people who want to buy, sell or exchange property, located in St. Petersburg or Moscow with the use of loan funds – says the director of the St.

Petersburg branch of "Miel" Maria Sorokina. – Experience of holding "Miel" for the long-distance transactions, as well as experience KMB-BANK, the bank group "Intesa Sanpaolo" in mortgage lending helps to ensure maximum comfort and safety when carrying out such real estate transactions. " Holding "Miel" – the supplier intellectual services in real estate. Its principal activities are investment, development, consulting, brokerage and asset management. "Miel" in the Russian market for about 18 years. On today the network has 37 offices Holding, of which 6 are located in suburbs, 7 – in the regions.


Privatbank out an action to attract new customers and agents (all completely free of charge). Agent – a person who will attract new customers to the bank and pridlagat of products of the bank. For an agent receives a substantial payment. It does not matter whether you have a main job or not, you dispose of your time for yourself. You have no obligations to the bank. You yourself choose how much to spend time on the job. By the way for campaigning customer goes to 15 minutes, and pay an average of about 100 UAH (worth considering).

Privlikat can absolutely everyone: parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances and passers-by (the choice for you). Also, among all customers and agents are held Regular contests and promotions. Also, for agents organizovuyutsya special free courses. Everything is simple and easy. One has only to try and all will be dismantled quickly and, most importantly earn. And recall that Article Privat each agent can and it's absolutely free. Privatbank offers: to issue credit cards to attract agents to the issuance of mini cards, card issuing junior, on the issue of pension cards, issuing social security cards, issuing cards Gold and Platinum, for issuing fuel cards, payroll cards, the payment card.

Also produces Privatbank receiving payments from the population to pay for public services and taxes, grant a security mortgage and the cells in the vaults, car insurance and collateral credit and other services. Everyone is strongly encouraged to be partners of the bank, because at Privatbank wide network of branches and ATMs and you nebudet trouble finding the place where contact chto_by cashed his own expense. The Bank is renowned for its excellent staff and the ability to work with people. I chose Privatbank and recommend you to:)

Cash Loan

Among the huge variety of credit offers from banks, an inexperienced person rather difficult to choose the best option. However, despite the complexity, making it certainly will. After all, you do not want pay more extra money, paying bank interest. Of course, the potential borrower is always a choice. For example, ask for help from financial adviser or mortgage broker. Of course, their services are not can be free. Otherwise, you can always, putting some effort yourself to understand all the intricacies of the credit relationship.

Of course, we must bear in mind that some types of lending, such as mortgages, require considerably more time and effort, rather than, for example, cash loans. In any case, you need to weigh all the pros and cons in order to choose the most optimal solution for you. That regards, cash loan, this type of lending is the simplest in terms of understanding its features. Therefore, almost any potential borrower is able to understand it. And for it to be easier to pay attention to several recommendations regarding this type of loan. In the first place to soberly assess their financial capabilities, namely, how much money you can safely to their budget paying bank. Pay attention not only on the interest rate on the loan, but the various commissions, since all it increases the cost of credit.

Ask the credit inspector calculated for you monthly payment previously told him about the desired amount. After that Relate this amount to your financial capabilities. Evaluate proposals from different banks, and only then choose the highest-credit program. Perhaps it said a thousand times or you've heard about it a little, but, nevertheless, once again the need for careful reading of the loan agreement. Typically, most problematic situation arises from the fact that missed some moments when signing the latter.