XML Video

Pictures via onOffice smart real estate software onOffice smart with new interface video clip producer World Clip Experience. The use of cross-media content for the real estate brokerage of real estate prospects is increasingly required. Along with good images and optimized floor plans also moving images increase interest in a property. But how can this marketing channel to be pragmatically used with respect to an appropriate cost-benefit ratio? While video footage by a professional camera crew are usually very time consuming and costly and justify it usually only for very high-priced real estate, pictures from digital photographs here represent a real alternative. With this new technology individual photos using a special technique are zoomed down and moves in”, so that the impression of a real video.

If the video clip is combined with text overlays and set to music with background music and a professional speaker, the clip can clearly improve the attractiveness of real estate. Thus the hurdle to get started with this new technology as low as possible, the onOffice Software GmbH cooperates with the World Clip Experience video clip manufacturer. Together, the two experts around the theme of real estate brokerage have set up an interface for the easy transmission of real estate data. With one click, customers of real estate can software provider onOffice Software GmbH images from the desired object record via XML interface to World Clip Experience transfer and get after a short processing time the finished clip file and link back. To be convinced by the simplicity of the new system, offers onOffice to give its customers which represent opportunity, free three properties in a professional VideoClip in cooperation with World Clip Experience. How it works is explained step by step in a tutorial at. Enhance your website with multimedia content, as well as your ad real estate portals.