The Boiler

A brand new product for our market – this is the boiler running on wood pellets (pellets). Although information is available about these boilers is relatively long, we can say that in Russia they are almost not represented. The reason, perhaps, the relatively high price of the boiler or the absence of the fuel widely available. However, the Boilers have a number of of advantages over conventional boilers for solid fuels. First, they are environmentally friendly because the production of pellets do not use chemical additives. Second, the calorific value of pellets is higher than usual timber (capacity pellet boilers ATMOS up to 92%.).

Third, pellet boilers operate in a fully automated mode. Fourth, the pellets are easy to store (requires less space), and transport. They are less prone to spontaneous combustion, biologically inactive – do not contain dust and spores that can cause allergic reactions. Pellet boiler ATMOS is designed as follows. In the body of the boiler built a special burner, in which the bunker with the screw enter boot pellets. The bunker is located next to the boiler or in an adjacent room and can be any size. Upon receiving the command 'strata', ie if necessary, heat, turn the screw, which pours pellets into the burner nozzle.

Pellets ignited by a glowing coil and when they are sufficiently combustion, the burner automatically selects the set output of which is as long as all system is heated. Thereafter, the burner is turned off and the pellets remaining in the nozzle, burning down. The operation of the burner is made by electronic control. Loading of fuel, cleaning the burner and ash removal are carried out once 1 – 14 days, depending on the quality of pellets. Pellet boilers ATMOS designed so that, if necessary, you can remove the pellet burner and replace it with a lid and heat an ordinary timber. And finally, the boiler ATMOS, which currently has no analogues on Russian heating market – a combined model boiler ATMOS DC (L). The boiler can work with wood, pellet, gas and liquid fuel. And perhaps alternate fuels without conversion of the boiler, depending on whether the burner is installed on it, pellet, gas or fuel oil: wood and wood pellets, wood, natural gas, wood and liquid fuels. The boiler is designed as housing with three cameras, one above the other. In the two upper chambers are burning wood pyrolysis. In the third – the bottom, lined with ceramic burner fits the selected type. Both systems are separated from each other by a water jacket and so have almost no influence on each other, so boiler achieves high (92%) efficiency of the combustion of certain fuels. At the moment the boilers ATMOS DC (L) is available in four sizes in Depending on the power – 15 to 35 kW. To protect from overheating all ATMOS boilers are available with cooling circuit. See photos of boilers Atmos>>