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You have already decided that spend their summer holidays at sea in the Crimea, but have not decided exactly where the peninsula you will relax!? I invite you to visit a wonderful place for summer holiday township Seaside. urban settlement Seaside is a member of Feodosia and is located 14 km from the city to the northeast on the Black Sea coast. Currently, settlement Primorsky lonely, but I have earned the resort. Duration of sunshine in the summer of 1865 about hours, hot and dry climate. The bathing season runs from May 25 to October 10. Housing prices in Seaside lower than in Feodosiya, Lviv, Kharkov, Ordzhonikidze, etal. At the Seaside sandy beaches (Seaside – perhaps the only place in the Crimea with beaches).

But there is also a pebble beaches (the central promenade). The village has a pier where boats are suitable. You can spend 5 hours in an unforgettable Boat trips on the boat to the extinct volcano Kara-Dag from landing in the resort village Koktebel, or just ride on the Feodosiya Gulf. For those wishing to see the sights and monuments Crimea arranged special bus tours. By shuttle bus from the town of Seaside to go to Feodosia approximately 25-30 minutes As you know, Feodosiya has a huge resort and tourist-excursion capability. In the city and its surroundings are focused most interesting natural, historical, architectural and cultural monuments of different epochs's best-known example: a fountain 'Good Genius', The Church of Saint Sergius (Sarkis Surb) monument to Ivan Aivazovsky, National Art Gallery.

Aivazovsky, Ivan Aivazovsky's grave, the Fountain of Ivan Aivazovsky, Konstantin Tower, the Tower of Christ (The Tower of Crisco), Dock Tower, Genoese fortress, the Tower of Clement VI (Pope), Vvedenskaya Church, Mosque Mufti-Jami, temple Panteleimon Church, the Tower of Giovanni di Skaffa (Round), the Tower of St. Thomas, the church of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, Church of the Icon of Kazan Mother of God, Theodosia museum, a literary memorial museum of Alexander Green, the Church of St. Catherine, Feodosia Museum of Money, Giving 'Milos' Villas 'Villa' Villa Stamboli, Holiday 'Victoria', rock the Golden Gate, Karadag scientific plant them. TI Vyazemsky Waterpark in Koktebel Karadag (Black Mountain), a monument to soldiers of the Kerch-Feodosia amphibious operations, a monument of the holy Apostle Andrew.