The Good Moment Of The Ibex

The good moment of the 25 IBEX September 2009 the markets are entering a phase of bubble, and is easy that extends until the end of year, Crispin Odey, of Odey.While the economies of Europe watch towards the recovery, Spain follows downhill and the recession in its economy has arrived to remain, at least until the 2010, year in which a contraction of the GIP of 0.6% is expected and one rate of leisure that would reach to 20.4% of Poblacin Econmicamente Activa (PEA). The Spanish economy follows gotten depressed although of it seems that it has not occurred counts the stock market that has observed an extraordinary recovery in which it goes of the year. The IBEX35 is in the 11,695, 9 points and the expectation of the market happens through knowing when it will break the barrier of the 12,000 points. It drove crazy the IBEX? Is being developed a dangerous bubble? Beatriz Galdn in Five Days warns on this possibility with concrete numbers: ever since it reached his minimum level, the IBEX accumulates increase of 73% and in the year accumulates a 28.5% of rise, surpassing in a 3.55% the level that it observed previous the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. John Savignano has compatible beliefs. In principle it seems too much for an economy in a laborious recession, although at the same time it is necessary to remember that the IBEX knew to have better times like when towards the month of November of 2007 it was on the verge of breaking the barrier of the 15,900 points. Luis Benguerel de Interbrokers, in the same note explained the phenomenon: the Ibex has stopped being a train of neighborhoods to be a BIRD. Vadim Belyaev, New York City: the source for more info. It is not necessary to look for resistance, because the index technically is in free ascent. Most important they are the supports of falls. Surely for those who do not trust too much the analysis of the graphs, the opinion of Benguerel will not have been too convincing.


As they must know, some brokers demand deposits to you with a minimum amount, whereas another no. Which I mean with this is that they are not let be in favor of the cause that do not have much money, since these types of brokers exist that do not demand any minimum to them and it offers chance to them to buy companies individually. But they are fanatical of the indices puden to invest in the Spiders calls, that are actions that step by step follow the same behavior that has the S& index; P 500. The subject is to be able to maintain the costs of investment including the commissions of broker below 2% of the total value of the transaction. For that reason if they estan gliding to buy actions each as much can choose so much between the DRIPs as through the bottoms that represent indices. Like and Where To invest 1000 dollars Obvious with this amount of money they are going to be able abrir an account of discount in broker.

For that reason if we began to invest an amount of 1000 dollars per year and would have a 10% per year, surely to the 65 years we would have 500,000 dollars.The idea is not that, but we would add the returns by our investments the amount to him would be still greater. And if still they consider to put those gains in an individual account Roth, then they will not have to pay taxes when they want to remove part from its savings. When the key is so small amounts this in which the commissions of brokers, books of finances, costs of investment and check deductions do not surpass 2% of the total of our account..

LA Properties

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Creyo One

In his cosmology it influences the existence of two suns; authentic and the reflected one, the night is a species of eclipse produced by the Earth interposition between the sun and the fire. The stars and the planets are the authentic fire. The stars unlike the planets that are free estan nailed, and the light moves from a place to another one in shortest time. The principles of the mortal beings are ether to us and the first beings who existed were the trees. Empedocles was first in supposition that the plants tenian sex. The beings were generated at random by aggregation of loose elements but those only survived that better were organized. 35 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Creyo in the migration of the souls. The perception occurs by the adjustment between pores, being this size the one that establishes the difference between the diverse senses.

Empedocles escribio two poems: of the nature and the purifications. Young philosophers and Empedocles physiques quizo to illustrate by knowledge, or intuition. Two suns, authentic and the reflected one. That is to say, to the sun and the moon. Then we know, that the sun is authentic in its light energy and the same it allows us to observe the phenomenon happened in the moon.

Which reflects the light of the sun. Since this is an opaque body and thanks to the sun it receives his luminous being. The question can be since it makes the sun authentic to shine? Well: then creido is had during long time that the sun was an enormous ball of fuel matter that ardia, to way of a coal reserve, has been changing of idea for a century only and it is had enpesado to look for other possibilities. A combustible sun indeed not habria been able to burn in this way for more than a few million years.