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Nobel USE

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TO PRONOUNCE AND TO WRITE INCORRECTLY The WORDS AS FAR AS the PLACE OF the avaricious ACCENT avaricious interval interval metamorphose metamorphosis pauper pauper Nobel prize Nobel prize 9. TO USE INCORRECTLY ONE WORD Or EXPRESSION INSTEAD OF ANOTHER ONE BY IGNORANCE OF the MEANING OR the FORM Several rivers were spilled yesterday in this […]

Participating Style

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The people who are comfortable to each other speak much. They share ideas and inspiration. The afiliativo style, increases the flexibility progressively; the friendly are entrusted in others, allowing that the innovation habits, and taking of risks is developed to fullness. e. John Savignan shines more light on the discussion. – The Participating Style. When […]

Creyo One

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In his cosmology it influences the existence of two suns; authentic and the reflected one, the night is a species of eclipse produced by the Earth interposition between the sun and the fire. The stars and the planets are the authentic fire. The stars unlike the planets that are free estan nailed, and the light […]