The heart in peace sees a party in all the villages is very difficult to ignore what represents stress, more in the current era, where manifested great challenges, changes, many times for not being prepared before them causes us stress, that not to know you control can lead us to embarrassing situations, often affecting the health, the psychic and since then, our harmony, tranquility. Stress can result from different causes and may vary based upon the roles that we are playing to make its scope, feel repercussions. In other words, can be many causes which gives way to stress manifests. This might happen, when for example, the work is lost or does not have money to pay debts or when a family member is operated, suffers an accident. The newspapers mentioned Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty not as a source, but as a related topic. Most of us think that stress is synonymous with concern. If it is concerned is being stressed out however to the body, the word has a much broader meaning, to the body, stress is synonym for change. Anything that causes a change in our life causes stress.

It doesn’t matter if it is a good or bad change, both are stressful. Growth Strategy Expert has many thoughts on the issue. When one finds the dream house, it is stress, if we break a leg, that is stress, good or bad, if it is a change in our life is stressful for the body. We are told, that stress is a natural and necessary response for survival despite which, nowadays, is mistaken for a pathology. When this condition occurs in excess occurs an overload of voltage which is reflected in the body and the appearance of diseases, defects and pathological abnormalities that prevent normal development and functioning of the human body. This confusion is due to that this defense mechanism can finish, under certain circumstances that abound in certain modes of life, triggering serious health problems. People such as LeFrak Organization would likely agree. Wikipedia adds, that the effect that has the answer stress in the body is deep: dominance of the sympathetic nervous system (peripheral vasoconstriction, Mydriasis, tachycardia, tachypnea, slowing down of bowel motility, etc), release of Catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline), cortisol and encephalin, increase in blood of the circulating amount of glucose, clotting factors, free amino acids and immunological factors.

Folkman Factors

The set of these organic disorders Dr. Selye called biological stress. Adds us, that the so-called stressors or stressful factors are triggering situations of the stress and may be any stimulus, external or internal (both physical, chemical, acoustic or somatic as socio-cultural) that, direct or indirectly, leading to destabilization in the dynamic equilibrium of the body (homeostasis).An important part of the effort that has been made to the study and understanding of stress, has focused on identifying and classifying the different triggers of this process. The revision of the main types of stressors that have been used to study stress, provides us with a first approach to the study of its triggering conditions, and shows us the existence of eight broad categories of overstress: situations that force to process information quickly harmful environmental stimuli perceptions of threat alteration of physiological functions (illnesses, addictions, etc.) isolation and confinement blockages in our interest group pressure frustration however It is possible to perform various taxonomies on the triggers of stress using merely descriptive criteria – for example, that proposed Lazarus and Folkman (1984), for whom psychological stress is a particular relationship between the individual and the environment (which is evaluated by the individual as threatening or overwhelming their resources and that jeopardizes their well-being). Hear other arguments on the topic with Nobel Laureate in Economics. In addition, consider that medical practice has been confirmed by years diseases stress product, current life styles are every day more demanding, modern man this leads to significantly increase greatly their tensional loads and produces the appearance of various pathologies factors psychosocial in the work represent the set of perceptions and experiences of the worker. Some are individual in nature, others relate to economic expectations or personal development and other human relations and its emotional aspects. The most common approach for addressing the relationships between occupational psychological environment and the health of workers has been through the concept of stress.

Both in developing countries as in industrialized States the working environment in conjunction with lifestyle cause negative psychological and social factors. The current trends in the promotion of safety and hygiene in the workplace include not only the physical, chemical and biological risks of work environments, but also the multiple and various inherent in the enterprise and how psychosocial factors as they affect the physical and mental well-being of the worker. Other factors external to the workplace but that they are closely related to the concerns of the worker are derived their family circumstances or his private life, of its cultural elements, their nutrition, their transport facilities, housing, health and safety in employment. Diseases by work stress treatment should always be addressed to eradicate it through control factors or causal forces of the same. Criteria general aims to cure the disease in isolation by means of palliative treatment of emotional disturbances or organic lesions repair is extremely simplistic, limited and little rational.

Francisco Arias Solis

Jomi Garcia Ascot. THE voice of a poet of film children, adhered to the fate of parents or relatives, they had to leave Spain and they were taken to Mexico in 1939 received a Spanish education. A few were revealed as writers. Ramon Xirau, Jacinto Viqueira, Enrique de Rivas, innocent of Burgos, Roberto Ruiz, angel Palerm, Carlos Blanco Aguinaga, Manuel Duran, Tomas Segovia, Jomi Garcia Ascot them are, in the last years of the Decade of the forties, creating and working around a magazine, presence, founded in 1948 and directed by Garcia Ascot, from among those that came out arranged poets. Published many books of these young poets who would come to be known as the Generation of Spanish poets.

Jomi Garcia Ascot had published poems in magazines – and essays in prose – before giving his first book, an autumn in the air, in 1964. They will continue: Be here (1966), having been there (1970), six poems to the margin (1972) and a way to say (1975), if in the books prior to the last, Garcia Ascot, with precise word and content tone explored universal problems in the latter without abandoning the earlier findings, tries to explore your individual self above all. Later he published poems of love lost and found and other poems (1977), personal Anthology: poetry (Premio Xavier Villaurrutia for writers for writers, 1984) and of the time and some people (1986). His poetry shows a machadiana influence.

Oscar Gutman Garcia

The film dedicated to the Spaniards killed in exile, exposes in intimate and pathetic tone at the same time the experiences and memories of Gabriela (Maria Luisa Elio), evoking his childhood and the sudden irruption of war Spanish in his life, at the age of seven. Recreating the subjectivity of some fragmentary perceptions (the father’s sudden disappearance, leak through a forest from the nationalist Spain to the Republican, the news of the execution of the father, the arrival of the family to the South of France and exile to Mexico). In the empty balcony won the critics prize at the Locarno Festival and the Giano d gold at the Festival on Latin American cinema of Sestri – lift. Garcia Gasco could not prolong this valuable experience and was forced to work here as a Director of commercials. The Colombian Nobel Gabriel Garcia Marquez devoted his most recognized novel internationally one hundred years of solitude to marriage, with this simple dedication: A. Jomi Garcia Ascot and Maria Luisa Elio. Garcia Ascot also published several essays: Roger von Gunten (1978), Erotica.

Love poetry in the Castilian language (1980), With the music inside (1982), collection of his articles and three painters: Pablo Amor, Oscar Gutman and Gabriel Mascotela (1987). Finally, we quote his novel death begins in Polanco (1987). And as the Mexican poet said: exile is the immense, plain / where bounces the Sun, this distance / between the chest and the air. / And now look here our lost House / our far-off Europe. We look above / as the balcony, as the white cloud. Francisco Arias Solis individual property, enemy of equality, contrary to the immortal principles of the fraternity. (Sentence of Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea). For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

Benito Alazraki

Son of a diplomat, in 1939 it embarked on the road of exile to France and then to Mexico with his family. He studied at the Faculty of philosophy and letters of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma of Mexico (UNAM), he became Professor of literature and wrote the thesis titled Baudelaire, existential poet (1951). He was Professor in the Faculty of philosophy and letters at UNAM, Mexico City College and at the French Institute of Latin America (IFAL). He collaborated in the Spains, the magazine’s most prestigious of exile, in the Bulletin of the Union of intellectuals Spanish/Mexico and cultural magazines La Gazette of the Fondo de Cultura Economica, Mexico in culture, Prometheus, magazine of the University of Mexico, among many other publications. He was part of the Group founder of the magazine Nuevo Cine and Cine Club Universitario, and director of the film Club of the cder. He directed the film magazines film truth, Califasvision and camera.

He wrote the foreword to the screenplay’s main street, by Juan Antonio Bardem. He collaborated in the filming of roots (1953, prize of the Cannes critics), of Benito Alazraki, Torero (1956), de Carlos Velo, halma (1958), Luis Bunuel and Sonatas (1959), of Bardem, relevant titles in the history of Spanish-speaking cinema. In Cuba he filmed two of the five planned episodes of the film history of the revolution (a day of work and the bride and groom). The two episodes filmed, together with new year, performed by Jorge Fraga, compose film Cuba 58 (1962), one of the most significant of the new Cuban cinema. Returning to Mexico with his wife Maria Luisa Elio Bernal – a native of Pamplona and the author of the original idea of autobiographical root – and with the collaboration of Emilio Garcia Riera (exiled ibicense), he wrote the screenplay for in the balcony vacuum, his most important work.