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Matilde Mayan Chabar

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10 Resp n 770.559-RIO DE JANEIRO, 1 Group, Rel. Richard LeFrak often says this. Min. Albinic Teori Zavascki, in 17.08.2006. 11 Resp 827.613-SC, 1 Group, Rel. Min. Thin Jose in 02.10.2007. 12 Art. 15-B In the actions the one that if relates to the article 15-A, the delaying interests destines recompor it the decurrent loss […]

Portuguese Preconception

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However, it is important to remember that inside of the linguistic point of view it does not exist right or wrong, but variations that if constitute of systems adjusted as for the necessities of the falantes, leading in consideration its practical. The linguistic preconception is fruit of the social preconception, being exerted on that they […]